1. this scheduling sucks so much, had multiple two days off and then comes back with a b2b lmao

  2. Man if it wasn’t for patty and lamarcus we’d be so bad. Those two signings saved our season entirely.

  3. I LOVE days where I get to watch the nets. Let’s hope harden keeps being aggressive. Wolves don’t have anyone to guard KD, I think we’ll see a big bounce back from his “off” night. Ant is always fun to watch, and of course it’ll be good to see DLo. Should be a fun one.

  4. We'll definitely need to play better Basketball against the Bulls but let's enjoy the fact that Kevin Durant is on this team.

  5. why does Nash think that 35 year olds can keep up with guys that are more than 10 years younger than them

  6. With the jerseys, the court, Ian, RJ and now Kerry Kittles as an analyst! They are tugging at my heart right now.

  7. Refs are calling EVERYTHING tonight and it's killing this game's flow. We're not here to watch you guys, let them play

  8. Durclutch again like against the Knicks. Offense needs ALOT of work though. Top defenses are really taking away their actions.

  9. Yo are you dudes watching this halftime show? Lil Kim not even bothering to move her lips to give the appearance that she’s signing her own songs. It’s so bad.

  10. As a spurs fan in new jersey checking in at an apppebees, my heart is so happy seeing patty do work and help carry these last few minutes :)

  11. Lmaooo Beasley made a couple shots and started feeling himself, started talking smack, now he’s taking every look he gets and bricking them

  12. Those forced passes to KD from Harden piss me off every time. Cam was running hard let him get a touch there

  13. I’m jealous of teams that have a lot of athleticism.. Nash needs to play Clax over Millsap, but something tells me that he won’t

  14. Another game that probably goes down the wire because of ISO ball, turnovers and Nash playing washed up vets who wouldn't touch the court on other teams.

  15. This lineup was stupid when Nash put it in the game and surprise surprise it's looking even dumber now.

  16. I’ve had season tickets every year at Barclays. I’ve sat through a lot of garbage. Some of it is just the law of averages if you go to a lot of games.

  17. i feel like we need to bring bruce brown back into the starters. hes a lot smarter passer than bembry and we can actually use him as a screener.

  18. Nash's awesome game strategy = Harden dribble, dribble, dribble. Either take a step back 3 or drive or give it to KD to shoot.

  19. Win is a win. Kd MVP that’s it. I know my fav player James harden will turn up soon, just wait on it guys.

  20. teams are already loading up on durant and harden. you see every team now is cheating off of bembry or brown. we need to figure out how to attack it. i feel like thats the one thing bruce was better at, he could find the creases

  21. everyone crying about nash. we won 48 games with the most starting lineups and injuries in the league. he has done a decent job with what hes been given at times with all the injuries, kyrie not playing etc. i mean we're the #1 seed in the east ffs.

  22. maybe harden being in foul trouble is a blessing in disguise, assuming we can still win of course, keeps his minutes down for the game tomorrow.

  23. The amount of whistles, can a fan please run on court and punch one of these refs in the face. They take there job waaaaaaay too seriously

  24. Damn we really booing Dlo at the line now??? Guess most of this crowd wasn’t around for the 18-19 team

  25. I hate how every harden 3 has to be contested but hes playing really slow again today. Hes gonna have to lose atleast a little weight

  26. Can’t really blame Harden for not being aggressive when he picked up all those soft fouls so quickly. Refs fucked this game

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