1. Nina reminds me of people in real life, she’s a little to real lol. Always think their right, never listen, keep sticking their mouse into other people’s business, aggrieved when their actions catch up with them.

  2. Nina is an immature silly goose, with a mental history. Carly is a criminal slightly more mature meddler. They are both home wreckers. But Willow? She is totally a phony goody two shoes. Nina right on the money on that one

  3. The writers have a hard on for worshipping Carly and Carly Jr. They do horrible things but are written as heroes. They go out of their way to write Nina poorly so she has no case but any way you look at it, team pile on has been the worst since the trial.

  4. And now the dumb, “hard-working” bimbo wants to be a doctor. The writers manage to insert “hard-working” for her but for a character like Cam. Riiiight.

  5. Nina is by no means in the right but even when she tries to take the high road Carly, Michael, or Willow find some excuse to throw a jab in her direction. It's no wonder she'd be jumping to conclusions because having some sort of leverage can stop them from consistently attacking and antagonizing her. Let's never forget this entire feud started with Carly and Jax (Nina's then-boyfriend) hiding the fact that Nelle was her daughter and the circumstances surrounding her death. Had Carly not thrown one of numerous jabs in Nina's direction she would've told her that Sonny was alive. Nina has made mistakes, absolutely, telling Wiley that Willow wasn't her real mommy was a terrible choice as was assuming TJ and Willow were cheating. But never forget, save from a couple of poor choices, every bad decision Nina made came from the onslaught of attacks Carly, Michael, and Willow have dished out.

  6. Yeah because Team Snarly are a bunch of saints and have never lied, cheated, or kept secrets or anything. Even as we speak, Snarly is hiding the second child of Nina's from her. So let's go to the scoreboard. That's one family member Nina hid of Snarly's to the two family members of Nina's that Snarly has hid.

  7. Why assume that, because we don't like Nina, we must therefore like Carly? They can both suck. I can love how Nina cares for Sasha, despite what happened, and also hate how she continually trolls Willow, even way before she knew Wiley was her grandson. I can love how Carly tries to get along with Ava for Avery's sake but also hate how she justifies everything Joss does. We can have all the feels, no one needs to be mad at it.

  8. All the unnecessary secrecy surrounding her illness is what led to the accusation. Unnecessary because Michael, despite all his flaws, ended up being supportive after all. If Willow would just grow up and be honest, she wouldn’t have to suffer so needlessly. Nina was right, she and Willow aren’t that different. They both want to think of themselves as martyrs. That’s why Willow lost her marbles when Nina said it. As the saying goes, takes one to know one.

  9. This couldn't have been added to one of the many other "NINA" threads that have been started in the last 24ish hours? These "Nina is the Devil" threads are really tiresome. Just add to the threads already here. One was started right before you began this one. Look at the SubReddit before starting a new thread.

  10. Willow screaming at Nina not only was the most good acting I've ever seen from that actress but it was what we've all wanted to say to Nina for a very long time.

  11. Nina's recent stunt with Willow screaming was way over the top. Today i can't stand Nina, Willow or Carly. The only thing i look forward to is Dex.

  12. I like Nina, but honestly she had no business going to see Willow even if it was to aid Sasha. No interaction with Willow, Michael or Carly ever goes well and there is no reason to think this is going to change, so she should stay out of their business and they should stay of of hers.

  13. Nina barging in on Willow was beyond unnecessary. Irl that'd been a phone call, or text, if it happened, at all. I suppose, the scene was necessary to move to storyline along "Willow is sick, Nina is her mother, Willow will need Nina's Boomer marrow, Carly knows that Nina is Willow's mother" & the fall out from all of that.

  14. It feels like the writing is so heavily biased to one side over the other. Then again, this is the same team of writers that worship at the altar of Mob Boss Sonny and his Silent Enforcer (LOL, not to be confused with Silent & Deadly) Jaysus.

  15. Yawl take this soap opera stuff waaaay too seriously. I got reported to reddit cares yesterday. That's some hard core Nina stanning right there. Log off, get some fresh air, get laid, pet a pony, something. Lolz!

  16. Reporting when it's NOT concern for someone possibly self-harming or making dangerous threats is as stupid as downvoting just because you disagree with a post. Sorry it happened.

  17. Ha!! I've been reported by psychotic Nina bashers/Snarly cult members so the other side is no better and quite frankly the biggest hypocrites on any platform.

  18. Honestly, you just gotta be the most fucked up person to just post shit. you know that the shitty writing is just to make the dialogue hate on Nina with the people that hate her and to boost up the characters that antagonize mainly Carly .

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