1. Marty (whose known Lucy for about a year) being shown to be more upset about Lucy than Scotty & Kevin (who've known her for decades) makes zero sense

  2. I guess she wants to make sure both Esme and baby survive. It'll also be harder for Esme to try and manipulate them with a medical emergency.

  3. After she found out what happened to Finn's wife and her part, she's kinda changed..it's still weird though and she acts completely comfortable with it. Btw I hate this storyline and hope the baby ends up being someone else's.

  4. I am hoping he is in on this with Holly and setting some kind of trap for Victor, otherwise he is dumber than dumbed down - he already knows she is working for him.

  5. Him drinking with Holly on the job while guarding a notorious multi million dollar necklace did it for me. She just revealed to him she works for Victor and she will do anything to keep her son alive who is kidnapped by Victor, and he trusted her enough to take shots while waiting for the briefcase handoff.... dumb!!

  6. She’s risking her license, her freedom and the custody of her minor sons by helping Nikolas keep a girl hostage. Going to Spoon Island every few days is the least of her logical fallacies of late!

  7. Yep. And all of them are still dragging on at a snails pace. I remember a time when the A, B, & C storylines would all be hitting their strides no matter if it was or wasn’t sweeps time.

  8. For me, it’s the way the episode was shot. There was no cohesion. They should have spent more time with certain storylines rather than jumping all over the place.

  9. So do we think Heather is Esme’s momma? She fit Ryan’s type (blonde and pretty) about 20 years ago. I’m betting Ryan stalked her then realized she was batshit crazy (too crazy for even him).

  10. I’d prefer Heather being Esme’s mom to Felicia being her mom. Of course, the timeline doesn’t fit in either case, but I’m sure they’ll hand wave that away.

  11. Laura asking her about working before the holiday or taking a ride share out of town before the holiday. Isn’t Holly British? It’s not a holiday for her, just Thursday.

  12. That was the best part of coming home. I remember the bars being so crowded, you would run into practically everyone you ever went to school with that night.

  13. And that scene between Ava and Ryan. Delicious. Her tiny jaw drop when she says, "The audacity." That she almost whispers it and in dead pan too. Luv it. I could watch her all day. And, I like every scene with Dominic - except when he's with Kelly. There are just some actors that make everyone better and some that are scene vampires.

  14. Which is fine if they are going to make her Evil Liz again. But also stupid because Nik just had a whole bunch of evil henchmen in the mansion.

  15. I really don't care that Trina is a target of the hook, I'm more surprised that the storyline didn't get shocked.

  16. Victor at best is playing Nikolas, he's going to search that north tower and pay off any man Nikolas has on his payroll

  17. Nickolas could've easily hired a private nurse, but no for some reason Elizabeth felt like it was her duty to help Nikolas in his latest mess

  18. She changed her name from Kali Miller to Willow Tate after she left DOD. She didn't want Shiloh or anyone to be able to find her. Now how she legally changed her name, so that she could get the teaching job at Port Charles Elementary is just one of those GH mysteries that will never be explained. I always always ALWAYS thought that Sasha is somehow related to Britta. The actresses just have too similar a look/ coloring to not have been hired to be half sisters or cousins or something. I wish they'd explore who Sasha's parents are and that we'd find out she's somehow related to Liesl/Britta.

  19. But he has to bc then that will be our conversation/posts on here: what was heather gonna tell Scotty? Or did I miss Scotty visiting heather? 🤷‍♀️

  20. Its totally unbelievable that Liz would be in the room with Esme unescorted. Esme could easily push her down and get away. Liz wouldn't fight back since Esme is pregnant.

  21. Today, I was loving the pace...and the story lines. No Drew, Carly, Sonny, Nina, Michael, or Willow. It's not that I hate those characters, but I'm just over them and their storylines. Today was quite refreshing and I loved watching Ava, Kevin, Elizabeth and Laura on the screen. Hell, even Dante was doing his thing with Heather.

  22. I don't think I'd want Ryan's stinky looking ass laying in my bed if I were Esme. Hallucination or not 🤷🏼‍♂️😂

  23. There’s a whole system where Ryan can blink out letters and make words that way. That’s not new. But, Ryan’s new caregiver must be a mind reader because it took Harmony and Ryan hours to compose a sentence from his blinking. Now, Ryan is blinking out sentences rapid fire, somehow.

  24. Also, loved the little detail from Ken Shriner as he left Heather's room in the mental facility. A little hot foot outta there, just in case she tried to grab him. I was feeling it as she followed him to the door.

  25. Not necessarily since we didn’t have a show Thursday or Friday plus it could be Thursday and the show could still be boring lol

  26. Ryan wants to find esme bc he is worried something bad has happened to his daughter and what better way to team up with his love Ava to find her and permanently tear her and Nikolas apart for good!

  27. For some reason, Dante has great chemistry with Heather. I dont mean like sexual chemistry but they seem like they really enjoy each other. He is so calming with her.

  28. By the way, so much for the prevailing theory some of us had going before the weekend that Holly and Robert were pulling some kind of sting with the necklace to get one over on Victor. Robert really let himself get slipped a mickey.

  29. Not a fan. Loved the stand in. They ought to pull a Franco and find another character, another Cassadine, for him to play. He's not awful. Just not Nickolas.

  30. We still haven’t seen Liz listen to the baby’s heartbeat, so I can hang onto my “Esme is having a hysterical pregnancy” hope.

  31. I just recently realized the last time I really loved Elizabeth was with Lucky! They were an epic young couple, especially the scene where they said fake bows and said it was a “permanent lock” I still remember that! I’m

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