1. I know Victor is keeping Ethan hostage, but at the same time, I'm having a hard time caring about that. It's the same issue with Luke dying at the hands of Victor. With no Lucky or Lulu around and just Holly, Ethan being rescued doesn't seem that much interesting.

  2. I hope Blaze sticks around; I really like what the actress is doing. Maybe she gets a modelling job with Deception to promote an album once this Link thing is (finally) done?

  3. Joss and Dex are a better romance than Joss and Cam, and it gives William some drama on his way off to try out a music career

  4. I don’t think many people think Joss and Cam are necessarily great? It’s more just that Cam is arguably way more popular than Joss, and people don’t like seeing him hurt.

  5. I’m torn on how I feel about what’s happening with Britt. On one hand, she’s one of my favorite characters and she’s consistently dealt a rough hand, and it’s sad to see it get worse.

  6. i’m hoping she goes off somewhere to be part of some clinical trial to help with her illness or even to live her life & work on her bucket list. we are in the holiday season & gh giving us willow with a terminal illness, britt with her terminal illness, the anniversary of liam’s death, & sasha not doing very well. oh boy.

  7. Oh I hadn’t heard that theory. I was hoping they were sending her off to a clinic so they didnt kill her off…which I was very happy for. Leaves room for her to come back.

  8. I liked the mob stories, when they had some zip.I liked Nina til the writers made her the insufferable busy body she is now. Why can't Sonny and Ninahavea mob story, something dangerous--anything but Nina creeping around spying on people and Sonny trying to reconcile with Mike. Does Maurice want an easier work load?

  9. I want Esme to successfully escape and gets away from Nik. I do not enjoy pregnant women being held captive, being denied their right to prenatal care, and having a man dictate whether the woman gets to her baby or if he will take the baby away from her. And if he kills Esme, I will forever hate Nik. The killing of a baby's mom is unforgivable. I am incredibly disappointed in Liz for willfully being an accomplice in Esme's kidnapping. I understand her anger towards Esme but as a woman, as a nurse, and as someone who has had babies, Liz's actions are horrible. Kidnapping Esme doesn't make them any better than Esme. Esme has done bad things so has everyone else in that stupid town.

  10. Nik’s Fatal Error. He believes Esme is pregnant with his child. Funny one minute she can’t be trusted. Stunning How many people accept magically Esme was ovulating the one time she had sex with Nik. A popular soap trope btw. Elizabeth confirms she really is pregnant? She said she was recovering from her fall off the parapet during the months she was gone. She lied 🤥

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