1. I can live with Cam feeling betrayed. I just hope he’s not made the scapegoat to justify her cheating. Cam is a decent and mature person who doesn’t act out anymore. He’s centered, bright, confident and he has family and Spencer to support him. He’ll be fine and someone better will come along.

  2. Or not ... she is Carly's mini-me ... and Carly slept with Jason, AJ, and Tony within days of each other. She slept with Jax when she was married to Sonny. She slept with Sonny when she was engaged to Franco. So most likely Joss will string both Cam and Dex along ... because she has grown up thinking she is the most important person in Port Charles, and if she wants them both ... by God Mini-Carly should get to have both guys.

  3. They haven't broken up, yet. They had sex a few days ago (or yesterday considering the wonkiness of GH timelines) and while Cam was happy and thought they were 'back on track', Joss confessed to Trina that things were off with them. She's got one foot out the door, I just hope she breaks up with Cam before she does more than a few smooches with Dex.

  4. They did not break up. Cam saw Joss making eyes at Dex, and then Joss had sex with Cam, for the second time ever, after declaring what they mean.

  5. Haha, I'm laughing at your post as Joss is cheating on Cam. She recently kissed Dex, so it's definitely not an emotional affair. I actually like the chemistry between Joss and Dex, but I find it crazy how judgemental and self-righteous she is.

  6. Joss came to the conclusion that she and Cam have basically grown a part since the sex tape scandal. On their second sexual encounter when she spent the night at Cam's while Liz was out of town, the morning after, she came to this realization and voiced it out loud at Oscar's meadow when she went to visit him on his birthday. She still hasn't told Cam she's feeling this way as of yet but is carrying on an emotional affair and now physical affair with Dex since he's kissed her. So, she's cheated on Cam and is not being honest with him.

  7. The number of people on this post defending cheating because Joss is in college is...alarming and disgusting to put it mildly. Obviously, yes it goes without saying this is a soap, NOT real life. But judging from the very real responses on here, the people saying it's ok to cheat when you're young would still defend it just as much if it were actually happening to real people in the real world (which, it obviously does, and often).

  8. Joss is scum because she's hypocritical not because she's cheating. She should realize that she's no better than Sonny or Nina....but no she'll be written as blameless like her terrible mother

  9. Well according to various sources, Will Lipton (Cam) was born on June 2, 2003 and Eden McCoy (Joss) was born on June 10, 2003, meaning that they are almost exactly the same age. Garren Lake (Oscar) was born on January 21, 2003, so he is a bit older albeit only by a few months.

  10. Haven’t read every single comment due to all the “trash” talk lol but what people are failing to mention is Joss is trying to love Cam but any intimacy they once had together was violated by Esme and that sex tape. So what she’s so obviously having trouble talking to Cameron about is that she just doesn’t feel comfortable being close like that anymore. It’s obvious by the looks on her face. Cam moved past it since he was kinda pushing her to want to be intimate again, but she was holding off as long as she could, not because of Dex but because she just doesn’t feel comfortable being with him like that anymore since it was essentially ruined for her. Dex is new. She doesn’t have that traumatizing past to dwell on like she always will with Cam. Can’t blame her really.

  11. I think both Joss and Cam handled the sex tape scandal differently in that Joss may have felt more victimized than Cam because she's a girl and maybe people thought that Cam might have been more sexually experienced since he's a

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