1. He is definitely much stronger at being intimidating. Makes me actually enjoy the storyline more because I actually believe he would ship her off to another country. With MC, im waiting for Esme to outsmart him.

  2. People are expecting him to be mad at Snarly for keeping the secret about Willow. Meanwhile I'm over here expecting him to be like:

  3. Willow has just started to look for her bio parents, I could see the wheels in Drew's head start spinning when he realized Carly never told Willow what Harmony's dying declaration was. There looks like there is some hope that this Willow/Nina maternity issue will be resolved quickly, but I am sure the writers will find a way to continue to drag out this storyline.

  4. Yeah when willow said oh I wish she would have told Carly who my mother could be…..lol but she did willow.

  5. Laura's reaction to Esme being pregnant by her son should be good. But wait til we get Kevin's reaction to Esme being his niece and being knocked up by Nik (his step son)

  6. I thought I was the only one who picked up on that. Willow actually seemed relaxed and happy when they were talking about Scout’s little friend and her dyed hair.

  7. Sometimes, when parents are incapable, kids rise to the occasion and take care of business. My sister did it in our home. Mom was a wack job. Picture a 7 year old girl standing on a chair in front of the stove cooking soup and canned corn for her siblings. I can easily see Cam doing that.

  8. At least Elizabeth fans are happy. But I liked her with Finn as friends, I just don't think it was the perfect time for them to get in a relationship after the Peter situation.

  9. Why doesn’t Willow take an Ancestry or 23andMe DNA test? It would find cousins, grandparents, etc. Oh right. That would be too easy.

  10. Why is everyone acting like antibiotics are hard to get? Joss could have gone to the campus clinic and said she had a bladder infection.

  11. I think you need to rephrase that question to wait until you find out who your twin sister is 😈😈😈

  12. I'm so glad I won't be watching live tomorrow. Especially if it's another day of shirtless Dex sweating to death in Joss's bed while Snarly & Joss rant about Sonny for the millionth time 🤦🏼‍♂️

  13. The writers have to be setting up the downfall of Nina and Sonny because all this gossiping she’s doing is going to end up coming in between them. She’s gonna pass on more bad info and somehow that’ll get him in some mess.

  14. Nik was ready to leave the country with Ava without Avery, so I'm not sure where his claim of wanting more children comes from

  15. Well I wouldn’t say where she shouldn’t be bc she owns the hotel and works there….. Carly shouldn’t be there.🤷‍♀️

  16. Nina again jumping to conclusions about affairs and secret relationships JUST because she doesn’t like someone.

  17. You'd think Nik could've hired a private nurse who would be discrete, because Elizabeth doesn't need to be involved with Nik's problem

  18. As much as she goes on about “My boys”, she doesn’t seem to be giving any thought to the fact that if she gets caught helping Nikolas, she’ll lose her license to practice nursing and be up on criminal charges of kidnapping. Who’s going to take care of the boys, then? What, Jake goes to the Quartermaines and Aiden goes to Laura? Or, I don’t know, maybe Lucky could get off his butt and come take care of his own kid?

  19. Hey Dr.Phil stfu and help her find her biological family which you already know who they are because your hypocritical girlfriend lied to your dumbass

  20. Since her storyline has become all about Finn and his wounded ego I'm actually enjoying Elizabeth in the Nik/Esme storyline.

  21. It’s oddly refreshing. I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s a “fun” secret maybe? I found myself actually paying attention to those scenes, lol

  22. I like Nina. she helped Sonny stop drinking, she was compassionate with Sasha and Ava.She did't want full custody of Wiley--she jus wanted to see him once in a while.But the writing for her is crummy. She needs to do more than creep around listening.

  23. I don’t know. This version of Nina is such a weirdo. So one dimensional and so up under the Corinthos family’s gooches. She needs a life.

  24. Honestly, I prefer the actress. Character wise -- even though Nina has done bad things -- she seems to have paid for them, or at least appeared to be somewhat remorseful. Carly thinks her shit doesn't stink, and that she is justified for her behavior ... even small things ... like barging into Liz's home. Carly sticks her nose into things ... it is accepted. Nina gets told to "DROP DEAD".

  25. At this point, I wouldn't be shocked if Drew realizes Nina is Willow's mom and still doesn't tell her just to protect Carly. 🙄

  26. Carly was in Nina's hotel. Carly could have set up to meet Brick elsewhere. Why choose Nina's hotel? Nina has the right to be in the hallway in her property.

  27. Umm Nina, Drew's two remaining brain cells couldn't grasp what insider trading is. I'm sure what you tell him will really sink in lol

  28. I agree that he’s better than Marcus but that’s not a really high bar. I submit that there are actors of the appropriate age and with the appropriate looks who are better actors than both of them. GH shoots in California, for goodness sakes. It is not a place lacking in actors!

  29. Carly said “Thank you for coming through for me”. That clearly doesn’t imply anything sexual unless Brick is a sex worker. But yeah Nina missed that part conveniently.

  30. Nina facial expression after repeating her fantasy about Brick and Carly looked like she was crappng her pants The lying cheating whore assumes everyone else is sneaking around how can Sonny take a single word she says seriously?

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