1. Gosh...should also added Ava. Wonderful actress, and her clothes are to die for!! Would love to drink a martini with her! 🍸🍸

  2. Me too! I've been watching since Laura and Scotty got married in that park with the fountain that they overused as scenery in those days. I love Laura.

  3. Anna because her character had a lot of agency over the years and it made an impression on me as a kid. Other than the Peter storyline, she usually had pretty good judgement and I'd enjoy hearing about her adventures. Britt, Brad and Maxie for the laughs and hijinks. Epiphany, Terry and Liz for cocktails with the hospital gals. Curtis for hugs.

  4. In my dream land it would be Austin and Britt. Austin because he would be fun to be around he has a good sense of humor and Britt because she's grown into a very mature adult and would be the kind of girl you could either go out clubbing with or stay in for a night of board games she's just a really fun character.

  5. Oh I want to hang out with Austin (he's Todd to me) Valentin Scotty Robert Liesl Ava Alexis Anna Diane Tracy and Britt! All my favorites 😊

  6. Elizabeth, Sasha, and Brando are the only characters I can think of. 🤔 There is Maxie but she seems so busy. 😁 Cam, Trina, and Spencer are nice but they are a lot younger than me.

  7. Brook Lynn & Chase seem like they'd be fun to hangout with. The Davis girls when they're all together. Terry, Laura, and Anna all seem like they'd be solid friends.

  8. Scotty and Diane- both fun characters and you never know when you need a good lawyer ( especially in this town!)

  9. Brando. We're both vets, into cars and have no kids. He's less holier than thou than Dante. Although Sasha is a mess, she's livelier than Sam. Drew is a vet, too, but he's a Q and I'm not in that orbit. Plus he seems destined for Snarly World and I'd rather not be associated with that.

  10. I actually like Brando, Sasha, and Gladys - even with their somewhat unconventional beginnings, loss of Liam, Sasha's addiction/depression, that Brando has a different job for a soap/but very normal for real life, and that Gladys has transformed into a good mom/mother in law --- most of the time.

  11. I haven’t been watching as frequently in the past few years, so this answer is based on when I diligently followed the show:

  12. Firstly Anna, but also Terry, Kristina, Molly, and Britt. The youths are quite a bit younger than me, but I’d also want to be friends with Trina bc I absolutely adore her.

  13. I would be Esme's boyfriend. Obviously because she's super gorgeous (I love her hair!) but also for the thrill of sleeping with her knowing that there's a possibility of me not waking up the following morning! 🤣

  14. Esme, she would be a lot of fun and I would be afraid to eat or drink anything around her so I know I would lose weight :)

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