1. Yes, please!! I don't mind when a story stretches out for a little while, it keeps me coming back, but when they drag it on and on for months it just gets to a point when I don't care anymore.

  2. Mo didn't seem to need the cue cards. Really well acted between the two characters. You could feel Sonny's concerns and Spencer's frustration in not being able to confide in him.

  3. There was a rumor that the actors playing Michael and Willow were dating. I wonder if it is true and what their relationship status is now.

  4. Maxie sure never wants to be alone with Austin. Well, Maxie never wants to be alone, period. Can we just scrap these two? It doesn't work.

  5. That's so funny! I'm still laughing and I noticed she did that and thought ok that was odd to show that why was that written in lol

  6. So she got all these people willing to help her and she too stubborn to accept it? She deserves all she’s about to get

  7. I think she should at least take up Sonny on his offer of 50% of their community property when they were married. No shame in that.

  8. Ya’ll are cracking me up in here. 🤣 Seriously, out loud laughing. I need to spend more time in this sub. 😂 Port Charles, Alabama. Levar Burton. Too good.

  9. I look forward to reading this subreddit after every episode. Reading through everyone’s hilarious comments is like having dessert 😅

  10. No I mean yeah lol but they wanted us to think she was gonna tell sonny she’s pregnant. Lol now off to tell Carly and maybe Drew

  11. Spinelli isn't interested in Britt. He wants her to be happy because Jason cared about her. He respects Jason too much to ever make a move on any of his women.

  12. So we're possibly bringing legacy characters like Jeff Webber & Jimmy Lee Holt just to make them villainous bastards? Thanks Frank.

  13. There is an actor who played Paris's boyfriend on Gilmore Girls who was also a character on General Hospital (before I stared watching GH)

  14. RoHo? Is that you? And now it's the 4th of July in Port Chuck? Also, TempMichael is back! Yay! so far I'm enjoying this.

  15. I just said that earlier wait till Nina finds out Carly is doing the same thing again, Annie Dutton might rear her head again and kill her michael myers style

  16. Just curious why not? I'm glad Trina has moved on from Spencer and I'm glad it's with a good guy so far. I get Spencer is trying to help her behind the scenes, but she deserves so much better than how Spencer treats her. I like nu Trina with Rory and old Trina with Spencer.

  17. Don’t get too excited snarly because grandma Nina bout to grandma of x2 grandkids and 2 Twins 🤣😂😆😏😈🔥🤦🏾‍♂️

  18. So Michael is in business -wants to run elq but do want understand what happened to his mom and the metro court 🤔

  19. Fuck if Nina bought the MC. Carly v nina is so tired. And a-fucking-gain, nina will NOT have thought it might put her in a bad light with her grandson's family.

  20. She’ll pass out again or get weak and go back to the hospital and see TJ. Maybe her test are done and they forgot to call her.

  21. Why does the guy sitting with the blonde chick on the picnic blanket look exactly like the guy that is dating the woman that checked herself out of shady brook? Are they 2 different people!?

  22. The actor who plays Austin - guy on picnic blanket with blonde chick, is the same actor who played the (now dead) husband of woman who checked herself out of shady Brook.

  23. Rory being a cop doesn't mean he doesn't have anything to do with drugs. My dad before he died was disabled and unable to be unsupervised and drive but he always had drugs and my brothers are both state troopers.

  24. Probably to just make him leave the alone. But since she first met him she HAS been physically attracted to him and she seems a bit shallow (in the short time I've been watching this show lol) so it makes a little bit of sense if you look at it that way. She has been attracted to him already and he has been pestering her like crazy (not a good or healthy way to start a relationship) but she just decided to go fu*k it. I'll let him have a date, and because it's a soap, she'll most likely fall in love with him and have a love/hate type of feeling towards him and will have a mental dilemma about dating him.

  25. This Carly situation is stupid. She may not own her half of the metrocourt but she owns a huge chunk of a media conglomerate. She should just go work with Drew and Michael at Aurora and give them an office set.

  26. Oooh Cody said something about how Spinelli matches people up. Does he use his hacking skills to learn about the people more to match them up? So he doesn’t want to be known as the owner of the company cause then people would suspect so?

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