1. Chase and Brooklyn have taken too long, this pop star storyline is dumb and I don’t care for their stupid storyline/snooze fest.

  2. Agreed. They've drawn out this will they won't they storyline so long, that at this point I could care less about them getting together. Who at their age does all this contemplating? I'm over it.

  3. I'm new to this subreddit and I like reading everyone's opinions so I'm not sure how unpopular this is ....I can't stand Carly she is completely self centered and juvenile. Compared with the other Carly's through the years she is whiny childish and bratty. I wish Sarah Brown was still Carly.

  4. Sarah Brown was the best Carly, imo. She had a good heart but man, she could be a bitch when needed. I stopped watching for a while after she left.

  5. The way I see it, Laura Wright's Carly is a totally different person than the Carly Sarah Brown created. That's okay as soap writers are forever changing characters' personalities. And the dramatic intensity SB brought to the role is pretty hard to match. I like LW's Carly but I miss SB.

  6. Trust me, there is nothing unpopular about that opinion on this sub. My feelings about Carly are not strong one way or the other. I've wondered whether the writers are responding to all the Carly hate by having her make a big financial mistake, then trying to redeem her by having her refuse all offers to bail her out.

  7. So happy there are other people out there that can't stand Carly. I agree that Sarah Brown was the best. I liked LW when she took over the role but over the past few years she has just become unbearable!

  8. This Spinelli story is a total bore and is going to be like what we got with Curtis’ father’s secret. All this mystery for zero reward. Also, I’m tired of seeing Sasha suffering.

  9. Mine, and it's only because of 'learned experiences' from this writing team, is that Carly won't have to struggle long. Drew will swoop in somehow to save her and it will launch their 'love story' and Drew & Carly is a relationship that neither character deserves. It's lazy writing. Okay, some of this isn't unpopular, I realize. LOL.

  10. Isn't Society Setups for professionals of an upper income bracket? How do they justify letting clown Cody who crashes on friends' couches in? If Cody is looking to date Britt I guess that kills my theory that he is another son of Faison. I wonder what his interest in Faison is if he isn't related.

  11. It's supposed to be a high end match making service, I'm pretty sure Cody blackmailed Spnelli to make him Britt's match. I'm not sure what his angle is or why he wants to be with Britt after Dante told him how horrible she is.

  12. If Katherine is Cody's mom, then maybe he's interested in him because of the fact that Faison helped Helena cover up Kat's murder back in 1999

  13. I liked the actor on OLTL, but I'm not into Cody at all. I don't find his backstory or presence interesting/charming and his wardrobe is atrocious. His fancy pocket men's jeans from 2003, too tight Ts and giant belt buckles (because he likes horses!) makes me want to put him out to pasture. Britt has chemistry with 3 out of 4 people and the spark is lacking here. I hope he can find his groove, otherwise it's going to be a long summer.

  14. Why oh why did they give Britt this story line! She's brilliant, beautiful, one of the better actors--and she's stuck with dumb Cody and a dating service someone who looks like she does would never need.

  15. I was actually proud of Carly for telling Drew that it wasn't his fault she lost her money. I enjoy watching a vulnerable Carly and was thrilled she turned down Sonny's offer. Frankly, I have cried at losing way less money than that before, so I am impressed she hasn't had an actual breakdown by now.

  16. I agree. Anytime anyone complains about this sub, I want to ask (1) how long have you been in online fandoms and (2) have you ever visited any other subs? We can be blunt, but we are posting opinions. Downvoting for posting opinions, as YOU know, is ridiculous and happens a LOT in this one, but what are you gonna do? I really enjoy all my interactions with everyone in this sub. It's literally like watching the show with your friends and agreeing/arguing about characters and storylines. It's fun.

  17. Wow, I don't see toxicity here at all. People that say that should go onto Twitter or Facebook. Soap fans can be brutal

  18. Im just sick of the down voting because someone like a charactor many dont. Its stupid. Dislike whoever like whoever but down voting and shit talking because someone likes someone different is so gd childish. Whether its worse elsewhere or not.

  19. This Sasha story is so boring! How many times has this type of story been done before? Edit: referring to the secret drug issues story

  20. I love Brooklyn and I love Chase but the writers missed the ship on this. They should of gotten together when they let go of Bailey. Now it's evolved into some juvenile storyline about being a pop star. It's really boring.

  21. I don't hate Carly, more so there's so much Carly that when she's not in an episode it's like finding a four leafed clover. With that being said, the only thing I like about her losing the Metro Court is that she keeps telling people that she caused this mess and this is her mess alone. She's a Spencer and knows how to bounce back, she doesn't need a man to save her if she makes a major mistake, even when she was told that she made a big gamble even before the the ELQ meeting went down.

  22. Tbh I don’t think your take on Drew and Michael is unpopular at all (at least on this subreddit). Ned was trying to be reasonable and Michael was an ass to him.

  23. I agree. And Carly with her back to the wall is the best kind of Carly. It allows her to show her strengths (and it allows LW to act a little, not just pull smug faces or yell at perceived enemies). I'm looking forward to seeing Carly struggle, only to work her way through her problems and I am HOPING that she won't once again get rescued by a man (Sonny or Drew). Let Carly stand on her own for a change!

  24. If we have to see her everyday, I hope they let her suffer and don't just wrap it up in a bow. The last time I was this interested in Carly, she was in trouble for "pushing" Nelle down the stairs.

  25. They are making the Sasha character weak with this extended grief over the loss of an infant. Traditionaly on Gh you get a month top of grieving and move on, with periodic cemetery visits. Carly lost her baby n less than a month later her son is shot in the head. Liz lost a baby and went right back to work although Rick lost it and kidnapped a pregnant woman to steal the baby. Sorry about your loss Sasha….it’s been seven months

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