1. Given Sasha’s probably envious that Willow & Michael are going to have a kid of their own (+ a sibling for Wiley), this new storyline is working to paint her as emotionally vulnerable after her relapse, in addition to her relying on pills as a crutch. Maybe having her character take a break like Elizabeth would be a solution so she could take the rest + recovery she needs.

  2. She has every right too, with how the writers are beating her with the pain stick. Shit, I wanna do drugs after watching how much suffering she's going through and the length that they're going through to put her through it lol.

  3. They had a whole campaign, "Face of Conception." The hosts should be mad at the segment producers for not researching.

  4. I don't really blame Carly for crying over lost money because I cried for a whole day when I lost $20 at Walmart once.

  5. No, that would be unacceptable. All Qs have to squash their personalities for the sake of family unity. Or more like for the family business. 😌

  6. The Home Shopping Network is live. People call in just like Gladys did yesterday. There's usually a 5 second delay, but it's still live.

  7. It seems like she’s contemplating the high road. This could get interesting… edit to add: Those two could be an awesome team if they had a common cause. Why do soaps always pit strong women against each other? Nina and Carly have done similar things, I think they’d be a great pairing.

  8. There is no ED or anything at GH. Just wander the prospective patient down a random hallway until you see the only psychiatrist.

  9. Maxie probably called Laura or Kevin to let them know they were on the way in. She is Lulu's best friend so she'd have their numbers.

  10. Good thing Carly is calling Drew out for wanting to put on a cape and protect her. She made this mess so she has to figure this out on his own.

  11. The Q's barn is insane. Why does it have a fireplace and furniture? There's literal horseshit 10 feet away. We just watched a marathon of Yellowstone and they have a realistic barn not the wacky what we think rich people should have.

  12. I was in a cigar bar prior to covid. It looked like a cool stables, with grouped lounge chairs in the stalls. The bar and tables were in the middle.

  13. I figure they’re going for a barn-dominion look, they’re popular in TX but there is a wall between the animal area and the people area. You may love your large animals but you’ve got to be super rich to afford to air condition a barn in the summer.

  14. Thought the same thing when I say the fireplace today! That manure must smell great heated up, not to mention the hay fire hazard :)

  15. This entire plot point is ridiculous. Why would they mix a maternity segment with a beauty segment in the first place? They are really ssssttttrrrrreeeeettttcccccchhhhhing it here.

  16. That's confusing me as well. Home shopping networks have interns that's sole job is doing background on guests. Also, why would another brand be able to sell and demonstrate a product during another product's selling time anyway?

  17. Selina to the rescue, but Lucy and Maxie should've asked someone to cover for Sasha, you know probably Brooklyn or Maxie

  18. If it wasn't for her winning an emmy I'd bet money she'd leave when her current contract is up. They're giving her shit to work with.

  19. If Drew couldn't see that Ned would probably cross him, that's on him. He never worked too find a reasonable solution with Ned, only backed Michael thinking that what they wanted was good for everyone.

  20. He only backed Mikey because for whatever reason he suddenly has a hard on for Snarly even though when BM played Drew he wouldn't piss on her if she was on fire 🙄

  21. I'd rather they go back to Britt in scenes with Great Value Chris Pratt than listen to Mildew talk about nothing while sappy music plays

  22. Does anyone do any work in Port Charles? Spencer works harder just talking to his friends at Kelly's than any adult does on GH.

  23. How is Willow just fine now after finding out she was pregnant? She fainted and looked like death warmed over but now everything is totally fine?

  24. You mean the daughter that supposedly gave him the strength to get through 2 years of being locked up in an overseas prison? The same daughter he barely mentions now? Lol

  25. Wow I’ve never been so pissed at Maxie. She saw what was in the box and let it go on. She could have stopped it right there with the worker… made it clear why this was a bad idea and then stopped it if they wouldn’t.

  26. Did anyone see ‘Shawn’ on the latest episode of ‘All Rise’? I was so excited to see him and it looks like he has a story line there!!🎉🤓

  27. My ABC station is covering a police chase. It's been going on for over an hour. The police don't actively chase or deploy spike strips. Hopefully he runs out of gas before 2. He already carjacked another car so if he runs out of gas he may grab another car.

  28. My ABC is down once again. Per usual it will probably show back up halfway through Dr. Phil or Ellen. I will try to find a working stream and keep up that way.

  29. Theory: Sasha gets sober but hates Brando for signing her into the hospital. They separate. Brando feels like he has nothing to live for so he joins Sonny’s organization.

  30. I feel Brando could have taken a few minutes to explain his viewpoint to Sasha before he let them wheel her away with her sobbing and crying.

  31. oh michael, “we’re half brothers through adoption, it’s complicated.” uhhhh you can’t just say you’re brothers/half brothers? you don’t have to spill your entire life story to a stranger. why does everything he says sound so douche-y?

  32. Lol. But Cody did ask Michael specifically if he and Dante were close. I think that Cody fella just wanted to pump Michael for information to use as leverage later.

  33. Anyone wonder if Nina will take Drew’s advice except one step further - she’ll buy half the hotel so she can be her own landlord?

  34. Today was so boring, for the most part. Sasha broke my heart but the whole thing was so stupid. Michael and Willow are as dull as dishwater. Cody is annoying as hell. My favorite part was Sonny telling Carly if she wants to use the Metrocourt pool in the future she’s be paying to because she didn’t let him help her.

  35. I assume all the Carly haters are thrilled about the possibility that she could lose her half of the Metro Court. I wonder if the writers chose to have her decline all offers to bail her out to appease all the viewers that hate her?

  36. I don't hate Carly, but I love the story for the character growth it brings (just like how great it was to see her deal without Jason). This episode felt like it was strong footage for next years daytime emmy awards.

  37. Got dammit Donna Mills! How dare you! (I don’t remember her character’s name). Sofia was so good this episode.

  38. Cheese and fucking crackers, I’d like to think if I was in Maxie and Lucy’s position I’d be able to do a little more than wring my fucking hands.

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