1. I kinda miss lulu….yeah I know how it might sound, but I think her and maxie balanced each other out somewhat. Though, if I were to choose, it would be Julie instead of Emme, they both were good, but Julie had more fire to her personality

  2. I agree; I wish Lulu would come back ; Maxie’s scenes haven’t been that great especially the one she visited Liz 🤔 ; and also I wish Julie would come back.

  3. I want Ms Wu to be the Stillwater Group that purchased the hotel. Brad running the place extraordinarily well with a reluctant and crabby Olivia.

  4. Genie Francis is so warm and lovely--but I wish they'd give her a more fiery story. I remember her when she was a rebellious teen, and I wish they'd go back to that a bit.

  5. Nina's father supposedly made a lot of money in real estate investments. It would be fun if Nina is the one who purchased Carly's half of the Metro Court.

  6. I'm hoping that it's Valentin who does this. Does he have anything to do with the Stillwater group that was buying it back temporarily? If Nina wants that she can buy it for herself, she's pretty wealthy. I am wondering if the inability of the merger to happen is going to lower all the stock value for Aurora and make all the shareholders lose lots of money, even Drew and Michael?

  7. I want Elizabeth to be haunted by the ghosts of Franco, Harmony, Peter, and Nelle and must do the bidding of whoever takes over her will one by one and wreck havoc on Port Charles.

  8. Definitely not in these past few months. But I don't know what the competition is like. If GH earned it and was truly the best, God help us all when it comes to the future of soaps

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