1. I started watching in the mid 80s. My high school friends were all into GH back then so I started watching too. That was back when the PCPD would actually catch the bad guys.

  2. I started in 2018 when my mom had a heart attack. She had been watching for years, and I would come over to the house to check on her. At first, it started with the show being on and me not knowing what was going on. It progressed to me pretending that I came over to watch it with her to make sure she was doing okay. Then I actually became invested, to my surprise. I never thought it would happen, but here we are :)

  3. Late 80s/Early 90s. The mob storyline with Sonny, Jason, Carly got me hooked. Plus Robyn and Stone storyline. Really good villain characters. Plus I liked the Elizabeth, Emily, Lucky, Zander characters. GH had really good writing then.

  4. I started in 2002. I moved to United States at the age of 9 with no English. When I’d get home after school around ~2:10 PM GH was the only interesting thing on. I believe I learned English because of it! Then, at the end of 2003 Sam came in. And she was my favorite character until probably two years ago.

  5. I started watching in 2019 when I heard that Michael E. Knight was joining the cast as Martin Grey. I grew up watching All My Children with my parents and was familiar with Michael and his long-running role as Tad Martin. When I heard he was joining GH I was curious to see him play somebody else after watching him play Tad for so many years.

  6. I started watching in the late 80s to early 90s with my great grandmother. Luke, Laura, and Lucky were just about to leave the diner they were running and returning to Port Charles after being in hiding from Frank Smith for so long. I was an on/off viewer for several years before picking the show back up in high school during school breaks. The Spencer/Cassadine war and Carly/Jason are truly what pulled me in and brought me back for more. Not to mention all the antics of Edward Quartermaine when it came to who ran ELQ and Lucy Coe with the Nurses Ball and how quickly she always seemed to lose her clothes at some point.

  7. I started watching in 2012. I used to watch Guiding Light and As the World Turns religiously so when those actors started popping up on this show I started to tune in when I can. I still watch daily but it's not a fun show like it used to be and I haven't been watching all that long. I really miss As the World Turns.

  8. 2018 and for the same reasons. I miss the actors from CBS soaps so I started watching GH. (I tried to watch DOOL after the time jump thing but couldn't catch on.) ATWT was phenomenal and I miss it too. I just deleted 8 episodes of GH, 9 Y&R, and 8 B&B off my DVR. The writing lately makes it a chore and not an escape.

  9. My mother was a lifelong fan. As a kid I had to set the VCR and rotate the tapes. For the younger people, on EP a tape did 6 hours.

  10. I started watching on Ava's first day. What helped is the Soap network was still a thing and they were running episodes that were a couple of years old, and that helped me understand the current show a little more easily.

  11. Maura West is such a treasure! I hated her up until the phantom of the fire storyline, but she has always been such a great actress even when we were at odds. I didn't know her, but what a pro.

  12. I watched it as a kid with my mom. She watched all the ABC soaps & so do I. So I guess you could say I've been watching since 1965, lol.

  13. Same. I would have started watching at the beginning - but most likely don't truly have story-line memories until around 1965. I know I loved it before I ever went to school - because even as a kindergartner (there wasn't pre-school around here at that time) - I was bummed it would cut into my GH time.

  14. My Grandma retired in 1977. We hung out at her house, every day. At 3pm, it was General Hospital. She kept us up with the stories when we had to go to school. She checked us out of school for Luke & Laura's wedding. I've been watching, or keeping up since.

  15. In 2010, a coworker at a former job was moving and asked me to watch one of her three soaps and update her on it. GH sounded the most interesting as Lisa Niles was just going crazy. I’ve watched every episode since and later watched back to Olivia’s first scene in 2008 on YouTube.

  16. I started watching during a school vacation week in the early 90s. I somehow specifically remember it was when Mac first came to town as Robert's brother.

  17. I watched with my Grandma when I was little. It was always our show together, and something we enjoyed talking about. I just kept watching. I miss her, and I miss sharing GH together.

  18. I had a friend who had watched and talked about it. I wasn’t working between between semesters of college (summer 2002) and started watching. It definitely took me awhile to figure out who everyone was. There was no Reddit so I’d go on message boards to talk gh. I was intrigued as to why Alexis had Ned lie about being Kristina’s father when she was pregnant.

  19. I started in high school, when Lucky came back from the dead and was brain washed by Helena. I’ve come and gone from the show many times, came back for the 50th special. (Gotta love a wild Cassadine plot!) and then again in 2020 with the pandemic

  20. I'm 48 years old grew up mid 70s and 80s, my mom always had gh on, can't say I paid much attention back then but sister would watch also, but probably wasn't until recording was made easier now streaming it so mid 2000s or so I got hooked on the whole coronthos Jason line if that was then I'm sure it was.

  21. I'm 48 years old grew up mid 70s and 80s, my mom always had gh on, can't say I paid much attention back then but sister would watch also, but probably wasn't until recording was made easier now streaming it so mid 2000s or so I got hooked on the whole coronthos Jason line if that was then I'm sure it was.

  22. I am 47 and have been watching since I was little. I remember staying home from school in kindergarten with my older sister, pretending to be sick, to watch Luke & Laura’s wedding

  23. I started watching in 2017. We bought our first house and I packed a little everyday while I watched The Chew. GH would come on after and I would be busy packing so I would watch it while I was still packing. That turned into recording it when I couldn't watch it live and now I don't miss an episode.

  24. My mother watched it my whole childhood. She was pregnant with me when Luke & Laura got married. My first memories of watching were when Robin was kidnapped by Grant Putnam. I was her age at the time in 1st grade and I would watch with my mom after school. I remember being obsessed with this story line. I’m 41 and still watch almost every day. Now instead of watching after school on TV I watch after work on my phone.

  25. 1968- we watched everyday in the TV room of our dorm my first year of college. Wasn’t able to watch much when I worked full time but now retired and rarely miss a day.

  26. I always watched with my mom, but I wasn’t really interested until the Elizabeth, Lucky, and Nikolas teen scene stuff because I was around the same age.

  27. I started watching in 2014! I’ve watched Y&R and B&B my life but I started GH when Michelle Stafford joined the cast. It was a treat being able to watch Maura West. I loved her when I watched ATWT in the summers and her stint on Y&R was just awful so I was ready to see her being amazing again. (It was also fun getting to watch “the woman from GL with great hair” 😂)

  28. I’ve been watching since the 70s. My mom watched when I was a kid so I watched. When she stopped watching I kept with it. I took a break sometime in the 90s after I was recording shows and didn’t have time to actually watch them. I picked it back up though a few years later and have been going strong for over 20 years nonstop.

  29. I started watching I think about 5 years ago, I grew up watching young and the restless on and off, and with so many actors I liked from y&r ( Billy Miller, Maura West, Michelle Stanford, Emme Rylan) on GH I decided to check it out and got hooked especially with the Nelle storyline

  30. I started last summer because I was getting out of work earlier around when GH was getting on/over. I remember sitting and watching the episode where Maxie was running from the fake nurse. I also watched one where Jason was talking to Elizabeth about Finn supposedly killing Peter. I have been hooked since then honestly!

  31. My mom watched GH, One Life to Live, and All My Children (and Port Charles when it was running!) my entire childhood. I vaguely remember various storylines from the 90s but I really started watching the last 30 minutes of GH when I got home from school every day in the early 2000s. I got super into it in high school because my love for Scott Clifton and Brandon Barash was deep and abiding 😆

  32. I grew up with it on in the background while I was a kid growing up in the 70s. The first stories I really remember are that of Luke, Laura, Scotty and Bobbie and the Burt Ramsey stuff. I loved the early 80s stories up until Frisco and Felicia showed up. I loved their story and characters, but damn, Felicia said, “Oh, Frisco” oh so way too many times. It should’ve been a drinking game. I started tuning out of GH though when the first Carly/Jason/Sonny trio started eating the show. I would read the daily synopsis and rarely watch the recording. I only watch it now to keep up nana’s tradition with my mom.

  33. I started watching in 1969, when I was 10 years old. I was what is now known as a latchkey kid. I came home to an empty apartment after school. Dark Shadows came on at 4, and OLTL came on at 3:30. Eventually I started watching GH, too, which came on at 3:00.

  34. Early 90’s after my dad retired and my parents spent every day from 1pm-3pm watching OLTL and then GH. Before that my mom had watched both since before I was born but with both parents watching it, you kind of had to as well, LOL.

  35. My mom and I watched AW way back in my childhood. I remember when I was in the Peace Corps my Mom would write me what was happening on the soap.... my friends thought my family was falling apart LOL.

  36. As a kid, if there was no school on a weekday, I had to turn off the SNES so GH could record for my mother. I'd also have to turn it off when she watched the recordings. Rather than go outside and do something with my life I watched GH to pass the time until I could boot up the SNES again. The earliest memory I have is Tony Jones kidnapping Michael in 98. By the time 2000 hit with Sorel after Sonny and the chemistry between Luke and Felicia, I was sucked in.

  37. Around 1975 when I was in elementary school. My older sister watched the whole ABC daytime line up and we only had one TV so that's what I watched every summer.

  38. I started around then, too, maybe ‘74. Pre-Laura and Luke. In the summer my mom paid me to iron (probably 50 cents an hour, but I was about 12!) and I watched the ABC line up of GH, OLTL and AMC. Took breaks a few times when I worked FT and was busy with kids. I DVR the show now.

  39. I started in the late 1970’s when visiting my grandmother with the rest of my family. GH was her show and that’s what was on tv so we watched it together. OLTL was my moms show so I was already familiar with soaps and we only visited Grandma maybe once or twice a year (10.5hr drive) so during the summer when school was out I’d watch OLTL and GH. Some years I’d watch Days or even half of the episode when Port Charles came on years down the road.

  40. When I was still in school. I remember it was on after I got home from school & the Brenda/Jagger/Karen high school storyline

  41. I started watching mid-90s maybe. My mom started watching it really early on and the tradition just kind of stuck. Have seen all the different Carly's. Saw much of Helena's campy awesomeness. And suffered through much of Guza's reign and his obsession with the mob.

  42. I started watching it with my mom while she was recovering from a car crash. This was a few months before Laura joined the show.

  43. Mid 90s. My best friend kept going on and on about how cute Jonathan Jackson was (she wasn't lying), so I basically recorded each episode to see him. About six months or so after, OG Carly arrived and got me more intrigued. Then my hottie Stefan and OG Nik came on during toddler Lulu's aplastic anemia storyline and I was hooked.

  44. I started watching in 1984 when I was in grade 4 , I always watched Another World and GH with my Nana after school. By 1986, my friend group and I would run home every day to watch. That was the highlight of the Luke and Laura years and the Cassidines were plentiful. I grew up with Robin and Stone, Sonny and Brenda, Jason and Carly. Carly had Micheal the same day I had my first daughter...lol. it was so much better back in the day...I still watch every day though and complain the whole way through!

  45. I became a die hard One Life to Live fan in 2002 so I caught GH occasionally. Started watching daily in 2012 when they brought the Mannings over. Watched consistently until about 2016.

  46. I don't remember the year, but I first watched a bit with the Nurse's ball explosion with Robin being presumed dead. I also remember the love triangle with the kids (Spencer, Emma, Cameron) and Patrick and Sam were getting together. And when Maxie got pregnant with Georgie after miscarry Lulu's baby.

  47. I was born in 1983. My mom always watched in the afternoons. So I'm really not sure exactly when but since sometime after that. I stopped watching when I got older and busier but kept abreast of stories and just started watching religiously again a year ago.

  48. I was born in ‘81 and my mom watched the whole ABC lineup, so I have watched them all for 40 years. GH was always my favorite. But, for the first time ever, I am considering just giving it up. There is almost nothing left to enjoy.

  49. Oh gosh, it's been like a decade now. When I started watching it, I remember the first episode I saw was when Michael told Morgan he kissed Kiki. Michael was the reason I started watching it because his actor, Chad Duell, was really attractive, but not so much now, lol. I slowly learned everybody's relationship to each other and was proud when I was able to start watching it fully and know exactly what was going on. It took about 6 months.

  50. My great grandmother watched from day one, so it has been a family tradition. I used to tape it in my VCR every day and watch! Ha so glad for DVRs

  51. I started watching GH in fall of 2006 when I was in seventh grade. My mom had been watching for awhile and I got interested in the mob storylines and Sonny/Carly/Jason/Sam. By the time the Metro Court Hostage Crisis was in full swing in February 2007, I was totally hooked and I haven't missed an episode since.

  52. My grandma used to babysit me in the 80’s and she would watch it everyday. I watched it off & on in my teens & 20’s. Then I got back to watching everyday again in my 30’s.

  53. When GH was on in Australia for a short period. Michael’s sentencing for killing Claudia those scenes were awesome. I kept watching til this day. Despite being difficult to access the show these days.

  54. I started 10 years ago when I was 13. My mom used to watch all the ABC soaps when I was a kid then continued watching GH after the other two went off the air. I was in the room a few times while she was watching GH and I started getting really invested in the characters and storylines. I still watch daily!

  55. I started watching in 2007. I went to Disney world with my aunt and our afternoon hotel break was watching GH. I stopped watching in 2009 and started again about a year ago once I became a SAHM.

  56. I start watching in high school. 1993. It was the only soap that started at 3pm. It was during whole Sonny Brenda Carly era and I was hooked. It was also “medical” based which was so intriguing for me because I was so I interested in becoming a doctor - and I did . Watched GH all through college, med school, residency and still watching after a long days work at the hospital

  57. 1981 I was 12. My dad got me hooked. He was home due to a bad work accident that nearly killed him. I'd get home from school just in time. He was crazed over watching the wedding of Luke and Laura. Was great fun and bonding for us.

  58. When it started! My great-grandmother watched all 3 networks and someone had to change the channels -- my sister watched other shows with her but GH was only one I was interested in.

  59. My first episode was when Spencer met Trina at the pool and she found out he wasn't Victor. (I found their chemistry off the charts and generally got into the whole show!) Still rooting for Sprina as a super couple! I switched over from Days of Our Lives.

  60. Last year... I would watch periodically in 2009-10 when I was out of school just to have something to watch. My mom started watching GH a few years ago. She would end up telling me all the stuff that would happen so eventually I was intrigued enough to start watching it. Our choice of soaps were ATWT and GL before they went off. Luckily, all those years of reading the soap opera digest paid off so I knew the basics of who everyone was.

  61. It was always on in my home. My mother and i both watch. I remember being excited about the Casey the alien story. Lol but John J. York is why I started watching all the time. So early 90s? He had done the show Werewolf in the late 80s and I loved it. Mac was and still is one of my favorites. Plus irl he is the sweetest.

  62. Early/mid ‘90’s as part of a college psych class. One of the first episodes I watched was when Bill Eckert died, with Luke witnessing it. Luke picked up his glasses to give to Sly & Sly broke down saying that his dad would never need the glasses again. My grandmother has just passed weeks before I saw that episode & for some reason, I had the same thoughts. It was weird to see my reaction on screen. (I could be misremembering, it’s been a while.)

  63. around 2009, the spinelli/maxie storyline sucked me in lol. i was a freshman in high school and my mom and i would watch the episodes after school and bicker about characters ahaha

  64. I started watching at the very beginning in the 60’s. My mom never watched but I remember turning on the tv in the kitchen and watching when I got home from school. Obviously most of the plot went completely over my head, but I suppose there’s a correlation to watching it and wanting to be a nurse when I was a kid.

  65. I started watching in 1980. I started watching One Life to Live and saw commercials for GH and it looked good. The first episode I ever watched was when Luke and Scottie had a fight in the yacht and Luke fell overboard and found by Laura and they went on the run. I was hooked ever since!

  66. I started watching in the mid to late 1960’s. I’m not sure how I got hooked since my mother didn’t approve and felt soaps were stupid. Thankfully our den had a door I could close so she didn’t know. I was happy when she went back to work so I didn’t have to hide my addiction 😂.

  67. Back in 2003, I started working for a company where I was allowed to take a late lunch. I was really hoping to catch up on "As The World Turns" but my office mates were more invested in "One Life to Life" which I did get hooked on.

  68. I started watching in 2002. My mom would watch at night when SoapNet was just becoming a thing. Sonny and (TB’s) Carly had me hooked. I liked Alexis a lot too. Now it’s always nice to just have 35 minutes that are disconnected from pretty much everything else in my life each weekday.

  69. I started in the early 90s- my babysitter watched it religiously, as well as OLTL and AMC. Stopped for a long time, then picked it back up around maybe 2006. Would take a few months-long breaks here or there but have watched daily since shortly before the introduction of Nell.

  70. I started watching over the summer when I was in middle school. The Jason/Karen/Jagger/Brenda storyline was the first one that got me hooked. I’ve been on & off but always at least kept up with recaps if I wasn’t watching.

  71. I am also "relatively" new. I started watching in 2015 out of curiosity. I had always watched CBS soaps growing up and I was still watching Y&R. I got hooked and now it is the only soap watch. I find Y&R to be unwatchable now. I actually really miss ATWT, FWIW. I grew up watching that with my mom.

  72. Early 70s. Mark Hamill was on at that time, and I thought he was cute, so I started watching during lunch (summer storylines!).

  73. I can’t remember not watching it! My grandma was a longtime fan and she watched me so it was on in the house as far back as I can remember. I’d be glued to it all summer lol.

  74. I started watching in 2018 mainly because of the show’s historical significance 60 years coming soon. My interest was the Twin studies, the hint of Sci Fi = memory transfers. Anna and Alex, Kevin and Ryan < my favs> Drew and Jason

  75. I’ve been watching with my mom since I was in elementary school. She used to record it on VHS and we’d watch when she’d be cooking dinner. 30 yrs later I am still watching as I prepare dinner for my kids and then I’ll txt my mom and have a convo about the days episode. Idk what we’d do with no GH 🥹😂

  76. Started watching in early 2000s as a middle schooler. It aired at 3 pm in my area so I would watch it after school. I wasn't a huge fan it it became routine.

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