1. Well they do have scenes coming up according to show summaries for next week. Still not sure if it's NLG or TempAlexis though.

  2. Did you see the look on his face when Finn was explaining about the seance? I wonder if he thought he was off camera bc it looked like he was about to bust out laughing.

  3. She solves the Liz stalker scene. TJ finds his grandpa quicker than the PCPD ever does anything. Let’s make her police commissioner and TJ head detective and let them clean up Port Charles!!

  4. I am normally bored by TJ, but his passion talking to his grandfather today actually had me paying attention to a scene with Marshall in it.

  5. These scenes with Liz would've been better if one of her sons were present to stand up for her against Finn's claims

  6. Why are they writing her so dumb? It’s not dumb to believe in the supernatural - to each his own - but to just flat out not take anyone else’s opinion into consideration. Did she not learn anything when she was so pissed off at Jason when she thought he had killed Franco. She was so certain and then proved wrong.

  7. Yep, Violet diagnosing the situation in a few minutes! Next let Wiley overhear Carly say Nina is Willow's mother and then he can repeat it to Willow. These two kids will be heroes!

  8. I really hope for the patients' sakes that Britt and Terry are at GH because their only other doctor is in Brooklyn right now. Also, 2/3 of their nurses are AWOL.

  9. The writers really screwed up. They should have had Marshall in Mexico playing in a Mariachi band. And instead of his normal hat, he'd have on a sombrero.

  10. Well I watched it this morning and as soon as he walked in I was like oh great we get to listen to him again. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  11. It’s late. Kevin, Laura and Liz are heading to bed. Liz is missing but where could she have gone “at this hour.”

  12. I enjoy it just because you can tell MB likes being in these scenes with CW. His face actually lights up and that's not just acting.

  13. There were two separate pictures. Violet said earlier in the episode that she had given Elizabeth the one with their whole family. The one she was drawing at Kelly's was of just Chase and Gregory and she said the drawings went together.

  14. I wish they’d have Molly find out the truth about Trina and try to get the head lawyer to ignore it. Then Molly could exonerate Trina in a big fashion and become a defense attorney and work with Diane!!

  15. Bobbie, your own kid (who you are literally speaking to right now) helped herself to your husband and here you stand like it never happened.

  16. And now he’s gone full mob. I’d like to have seen him go a little softer than so hard core. He’s a little old to be throwing robbers in trunks and telling his son he will have to beg to get back on his good side.

  17. Yeah I'm hoping this plan of Carly's backfires on her , she can't be too confident when it comes to getting one over Nina

  18. Every person who has talked about the Invasion story of Nina and who has said that "now people will see the REAL Nina" should have an article done on themselves. I doubt they would come out looking any better. What does Carly think an article about her would look like?

  19. Guess what mother/daughter duo is gonna end up at The Savoy while Sonny and Nina are flirting at the bar? 🙄

  20. When she was on GH Night Shift, she said she had a 5 bedroom house. Also she is on Sonny's secret medical bankroll.

  21. They'll never go there, but I'd like to see Michael push Sonny so far that he'll have no choice but to put a hit out on him.

  22. Don't worry about giving us answers about what's going on with Elizabeth, writers. Apparently it's none of our business.

  23. Oh so did Marshall get stabbed? 🤔 why didn’t he start fighting like he did with that mob guy unless he did and they just gave us that previews that look like he got hurt.

  24. So there’re really doing this DID? I heard someone say possession but we just rid of that on another soap we don’t need it again lol

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