1. When I was pregnant, this song came on the radio and I was so hormonal that I actually cried because I started thinking about how these guys had to move these microwave ovens and other people get money for nothing (and the chicks for free) and that I was never going to get money for nothing and I was going to have to work until I died and I was full on sobbing in my car.

  2. When I was pregnant, I once heard an NPR piece talking about how one part of the country was revitalizing their previous mining industry to some sort of tourism and it made me cry so hard because these people WORKED SO HARD TO RECREATE THEIR LIVES!

  3. It was WAY longer for me. I just didn't know, realize, understand that singers and musicians would appear on other singers and musicians' albums.

  4. George Lucas went back and redid the digital effects. It's the same but Marc's guitar explodes and his headband is the explosion ring

  5. I was a kid, and I heard "that ain't workin'" to mean that something wasn't working right, and I was confused.

  6. I am kind of bummed they are censoring the original lyrics. I actually think the original lyrics are still relevant. It is all about how the working class disparages people like musicians and will question their sexuality based on their perceived lack of masculinity. It would be like censoring the N word from To Kill a Mockingbird. The slur is actually a relevant part of the cultural reality of when the song was made.

  7. Thank You!!! I can't stand when the song comes on the radio (well Satellite radio these days) cuz I know they're going to edit out that entire verse. It's not a directly homophobic verse. It's all about context.

  8. This is why the version you hear nowadays edits out this verse. You really have to search to find a version that still has it.

  9. I agree with everything you say, but this was a choice by the band, so not much we can do about it. I remember that Mark Knopfler would even edit it on their live sets back in the '80s, using the word "trucker" instead.

  10. Mark Knopfler agreed to let Weird Al do this parody only if he got to play lead guitar on it. Weird Al said "Well, if you really feel like you have too"

  11. Excellent costumes. “I shoulda learned to play the guitar, I shoulda learned…to get play them drums…”

  12. The lyrics were actually taken from a delivery guy that Mark overheard at an appliance store in NYC. The TV wall in the store had MTV playing and the delivery guy thought that being a rock star was easy, hence the “that ain’t working” line

  13. idk, DragonCon has a fairly large GenX demographic. It's one of few places where you can whip out old school cosplay referencing the 80s and get a ton of recognition - this past year (which is where I think the photo comes from) there were also people cosplaying SNL skits like Toonces the Driving Cat and the Ambiguously Gay Duo.

  14. another band whose biggest hit marked the end of their career. Dire Straits had been a ginormous influence throughout the 70s and did have a few minor hits but when this hit MTV they blew up and only did one album after this. Several bands of this time frame are like that, Whitesnake comes to mind also.

  15. I was there when this pic was taken. It was after the 80s Cruise in 2018. There were SO many awesome costumes that night (it was a theme cruise with tons of 80s acts and costume nights, etc) but this couple (it's a lady inside the small character) blew everyone away. We couldn't figure out how they got those things onto the ship! I have some pics of several others I'll try to post sometime.

  16. Nah man that's DragonCon. I have been in that exact parking ramp lining up for the parade, and these folks march in the parade whenever they decide to go to DragonCon. I wouldn't doubt they would also break out the same costumes in other spaces, because they're amazing costumes and why wouldn't you wear it everywhere you can? but that specific photo is DragonCon. And not DragonCon 2018 because they would have been right in front of me, I marched in the 2018 parade from that very spot.

  17. I hated this video back in the day. Thought the animation was hideous, and I hated the synth-guitar sound Knopfler chose to use for the main riff. (Nothing to do with the lyrics; I thought the attempts to ban it were kind of tone-deaf in terms of what the song is actually saying, obviously, but was tempted by the potential relief of not having to hear it anymore.) Dire Straights peaked (quality-wise) with Moving Pictures. Never cared much for Brothers In Arms in general, then or now.

  18. I recognize the staging area for the DragonCon parade! I was in that exact spot 4 years ago in my pirate outfit. Someday I will be back there.

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