1. I remember seeing her in some totally average rom-com back in the day. I can’t help it. I am one of those people who remember all the movies they have seen.

  2. From the article: When it came to the big screen, she dismissed her one major leading role, a female Cyrano in “The Truth About Cats and Dogs,” as “not my kind of movie.”

  3. Oh, also, it made ZERO sense that the Ben Chaplin character didn't recognize whom he was speaking with over the phone when he regularly listened to the radio show with that EXACT voice?? How could he think the person he was talking with on the phone was Uma Thurman's character? The movie was just so damn stupid.

  4. The Truth About Cats and Dogs was a truly awful movie. It didn't even make sense -- it was made at the time of PEAK cuteness for Janeane and we were supposed to believe she was some kind of ugly duckling who was afraid to even show her face to a guy she liked?? Meanwhile, Uma Thurman actually looked bad in that movie (I don't really understand why, as she is usually very pretty, but she was not filmed at flattering angles in that film), so it made even LESS sense that she was playing the beauty while Janeane was playing the beast. It all made me really mad even way back then.

  5. Nobody plays deadpan humored misanthropes better than Janine and I love her for it but she def sold out when she took movie roles she felt bad about trying to become a more mainstream star (the truth about cats and dogs) and labeled herself “a sellout” in other articles for chasing Hollywood beauty standards getting botoxed and lip injections to become more marketable 😑 Just because she unapologetically still does standup doesn’t mean she didn’t try many times to break into mainstream movies and tv ( there was even talk she was considered for a gothy “Phoebe” in “Friends” but it didn’t pan out💔). I think she’s just had shit luck “selling out” but not for lack of trying

  6. Kevin Smith said one of his big regrets with Dogma was putting Linda Fiorentino the starring role and relegating Janeane Garofalo into a smaller role. He wishes he had reversed their roles.

  7. I'm glad it went the way that it did. I would not have liked Dogma as much if Garofolo was in the Bethany role. And I absolutely love Dogma.

  8. Most actual Gen X celebrities did not. Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Quentin Tarantino, Winona Ryder, Uma Thurman, Eric Stolz, Crispin Glover... just a few who stayed pretty on point with their "thing" all along.

  9. I love all these Gen X celebrities you just mentioned and I think the concept of "selling out" is a self-defeating belief foisted upon out generation BUT with that said, Johnny Depp played the starring role in a Disney franchise film and following sequels that was based solely on an amusement park ride. I would say that is a pretty textbook example of selling out.

  10. Crispin Glover maybe, the others while they may be decent humans never had any convictions to sell out, they're just celebrities in search of fame and money.Thats their thing.

  11. She says that she doesn't like the term "selling out" because what's wrong with making money. It's not that simple. You're not selling out if you sign with a major label, you're selling out if you're Metallica and suing your fans.

  12. She's awesome, and if she's happy...cool. The luxury of not being 'connected' doesn't come cheap, and it's truly a luxury now, given the direction of the modern society. There's days I wish I could disconnect completely...but then I remember the parts I like (neverending cartoons? 'Free' books? YES PLEASE!) and push the thought back down.

  13. Do you remember how hated it was when it actually came out, though? The article references that. Most Gen X-ers despised this movie. It's only now that we are aging that we look back on it with nostalgia/longing and forget how much the movie actually sucked in 1994.

  14. Totally. I had some friends in a band who vehemently refused to sign with major labels because they didn’t want to “sell out”…and it def bit them in the ass when their touring slowed down and they were forced into getting day jobs and other careers because their passion for making and playing music wasn’t profitable enough to live on anymore 😖

  15. Seems a bit ridiculous to not even have a computer. I mean, computers existed in the '90s, you know? She could have a damn email. When people eschew "progress" to that degree, unless they are living in the woods and doing the off-the-grid lifestyle for real, it's honestly quite annoying.

  16. I remember being in a cashier line behind her at the Astor Place K-Mart down in the Village right after 9/11. She was a few people ahead of us so we couldn’t hear everything she was saying, but she was definitely yelling at the cashier, frustrated about trying to buy a lot of cartons of cigarettes. At first I was like, “wow, this lady really likes to smoke.” 🤪 But then it turned out she was trying to get a load to give out to the 9/11 workers still on site at the time. Looking back it seemed quintessential Gen X: she was trying to do a good thing, she wasn’t being super nice about it, it was probably a bad thing to do anyway, but it was super endearing, so fuck it. 😎

  17. Such a 90’s icon. 🥹 I tried to look for her recently. Not a trace. Good to know she’s out there and performing. Longshot: if anyone hears of an upcoming show of hers in Jersey or upstate let me know!

  18. I saw her do stand-up in a basement club in the East Village a few years ago (maybe like 2018). She was trying out some new material and it wasn't particularly good, but at the least she was aware that it wasn't good and apologized profusely several times.

  19. The whole idea of "selling out" in the '90s was fake, too. Do people REALLY believe that Kurt Cobain didn't want to be successful? It is a load of shit. People who know him say he absolutely did.

  20. Heather Mooney (in Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion) is the only model of success I have ever wanted to emulate.

  21. I made sure to see almost every set of hers at the 2017 Bridgetown Comedy Festival——-and it was everything I’d hoped for and more. I even had lovely chat with her where we compared Odd Habits of Convenience of Women Over 50 & somehow I made her laugh. I also, being 5 ft 4 , actually felt tall for the first time in my life because she is so tiny!

  22. That'll never happen. Netflix doesn't support older female comics. Jen Kirkman, who is a decade younger than Jeaneane (who is actually a cusp boomer), talks about this quite a bit.

  23. I mean, to be fair, she had better success than 99% of people who try acting/comedy. Most people have absolutely no success. She was fairly big in the 90s and has been a working actress/voiceover artist ever since. If you make any kind of a living at ALL in entertainment, you are a success. Most actors/comedians, etc., are really professional food service workers.

  24. Last time I saw her was on the Johnny Vegas sitcom Ideal about 10 - 15 years ago. She was great but it was like, huh? What's she doing in this?

  25. I've always loved her comedy and acting but let's get real. You can't say she didn't sell out when she took the staring role in Truth About Cats and Dogs while claiming it's not my kind of role. If it's not your kind of movie or role then why did you do it? It's for the money or fame or both. How is that not selling out? Also, she wouldn't have taken all 166 acting roles if it wasn't for the money or fame. She has established that she takes roles that she doesn't agree with.

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