1. I knew a girl who told me the same thing in 1985 when she was 15. I was 12 when I heard the story. I believed her then and do now in retrospect.

  2. Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx had a bet over who could go the longest without showering and still score with a groupie. The band’s exploits with groupies has been well-documented, but this might be the most fascinating detail: Lee and Sixx’s wager to see who could go the longest without showering and still hook up. The wager ended after an unfortunate incident involving a girl vomiting up pasta all over Nikki Sixx from the smell which would prove to inspire the title of the Guns ‘N Roses album The Spaghetti Incident.

  3. I remember this story...and it fits. Nikki Sixx was probably the biggest PoS of that entire band - at least from the stories I've heard - and that's saying something.

  4. Jesus Christ. If this isn’t proof positive grunge had to happen, I don’t know what is. Crüe sucked so hard aside from the first two albums.

  5. I try to talk to my daughter about how crazy the bands of our youth were. It's hard to even start. Bands these days are so boring and sanitary. How do you even explain the Crüe to a 17 year old?

  6. I don’t think this is true… The Spaghetti Incident” was a fight between Axl Rose and Steven Adler and it had to do with Steve’s drugs and a food fight. I’ve never heard any story when it had to do with Nikki Sixx’s stinky dick.

  7. When I was 20 and in much better shape than I am now, I was propositioned by an extremely popular (at that time, and still is today, kinda...) female country music star.

  8. I ALMOST lost my virginity to Engelbert Humperdinck in the early 80s. After his show in Phoenix I was over at his hotel and he took me up to his room. We were standing up making out right inside the hotel suite and all of a sudden the door opens and this young woman (likely my age at the time) walked in and saw us and she started crying hysterically and she left. I said to Engelbert that “I need to go … I don’t want to get in the middle of that” and he said something like “oh she’s ok … let her go” but I still walked out. She was in the hall crying her eyes out and as I walked past her I said “you can have him.” But had I gone through with it, I would have lost my virginity to Engelbert!

  9. Lita grabbed my ass at a club show in 86. It was packed and apparently, I was in her way to the ladies room. I heard a woman shout, "Move, I gotta piss!" Then a hand grabbed my ass and pushed me out of the way. I looked and there was Lita's beautiful face two feet away, smiling. I was still in shock when she came back five minutes later and whispered, "Nice ass," as she walked by me again.

  10. My friend’s sister shagged Errol Brown from Hot Chocolate. I asked for details but that was all she knew. Never found out whether he was any good 🤷‍♀️

  11. Love this content , so I had a friend in high school who was a groupie , I had to drive her to Denver to hook up with Winger. I was extremely impressed with her ability to know where, who, what and when hair bands were in town.

  12. I had one of those friends, too. I use to drive her to Vancouver (BC) and Seattle (Wa). She was absolutely incorrigible when it came to pursuing them, and she was virtually always successful in her attempts. She always seemed to know who to talk to and how to get backstage.

  13. I waited on her once back in the early 90s when she was dating Donovan Leitch. She was gracious when I told her I’d seen her at the Santa Monica Civic and the Greek!

  14. 15 year old me is super jealous! 46 year old me is still somewhat jealous. Way better than the 16 year old kid I lost my virginity to, while listening to Poison!

  15. My sister was given a pic from the guitarist of Cinderella that said “back stage”. I don’t know if it actually was a back stage pass because she said she didn’t try but she was 14 at the time. 😬

  16. I shared a cigarette with a dude that looked a lot like Eddie Vedder at a Free Tibet concert.

  17. Either a ton of people shared a cig with Eddie that day, or I keep seeing you on various threads. Either way, I’m jealous.

  18. That is a terrifying apparatus to lose your virginity to. I think many of us girls had a similar dream about assorted hair metal boys, punk boys, or other assorted long haired musicians of the era.

  19. I once spent hours in a comedian’s hotel room after he was brutally yelled at, talked over, etc., and since my friend and I were the only ones listening, he sat at our table and did the rest of his set. Then my friend started kissing him (I didn’t find him attractive at all) and I ended up wandering around the Drury Inn while they hooked up. I wonder if it was Conan sometimes.

  20. I saw Carrot Top outside of a local dive bar after he did his set. He was surrounded by a group of beautiful college co-eds, and they were lapping up every word he said. He looked like a rockstar out there, but was the dorky dude you remember. That made my heart smile. The nerd was winning out!

  21. If it had been Conan, you'd probably know by the furry boots and the giant sword. And he probably said "Oh Crom! Oh Crom!" during sex.

  22. These girls in high school would flirt with me and call me Tommy Lee because they saw me drumming in band. I didnt have sex with them though

  23. I gave Emma from Lush a litho print of mine with my address and number lol I also choked talking to her the first time I met her.

  24. My best friend’s girlfriend slept with Tesla’s rhythm guitarist. I was 16. That’s my claim to fame.

  25. You know what, I exp this with the guy who I gave my virginity. Dumb as rocks, but a python in his pants. I foolishly thought they were all that big…

  26. I'm betting he was so drunk and high, it's more likely she took advantage of him and by the time he woke up he didn't even remember her plus from what I read in his book she probably wasn't the only girl he boned that night.

  27. Frankly I’m disappointed in lack of details here, up to and including what you were wearing including eyeliner/perfume choices. I was only 11 in 1987 so you would have been my babysitter/cool girl down the street, and these sort of details are what I crave. :)

  28. Speaking as a dude who worked hair metal tours in the eighties, I hated the typical girl look, what with those giant swooping Jersey-style bangs, and bad makeup and all. There were a lot that I just got into a shower as quickly as I could to knock that shit down.

  29. I finished off to Adina Howard’s album cover, back in 95, and then to Lil Kim’s 96 Album — Hardcore. That’s my confession.

  30. Not quite the same, but I met a girl while out one night in San Francisco. I lived there at the time. This was around 2007. We fucked and had breakfast the next morning.

  31. Well that sounds like a toxic relationship I hope you and said girlfriend parted was or she grew up to not be a jealous psychopath. To start a fight because you knew another pretty girl. That's crazy to me. Sounds like the type of girl who would consider masterbation cheating

  32. I tried to have a go at Fanny’s keyboardist, Nickey Barclay, but she wasn’t into me. Shame, I was really into her.

  33. Ha! Knew 2 girls in middle school whose main aspiration at the time was to bang as many "stars" as they could. They went to every concert and hockey game that came through our grungy little town. You always knew there was a show that night because they'd get all sorts of tarted up for the opportunity. Had to get to the event right after school so they could start schmoozing/blowing security and hanging out. They were probably, what, 14? 15? at the time.

  34. That is crazy sad actually. The closest I got to anything with a star was Rick Springfield kissed me when I was in 8th grade at Tower Records. That was 1983.

  35. Hahahaha…a good friend in high school flashed her boobs after a show in ‘85. She got on the bus and slept with Mick. She was 16 as well. They dropped her off in Fresno with money for a return trip. She also slept with a roadie for David Lee Roth to try and get to him. While she didn’t get to sleep with Dave, she got to have breakfast with him and the crew.

  36. Probably not. And even if it was, in the 80s we saw the the government telling teenage women who they could and couldn't have sex with as misogynistic oppression, so we didn't tend to judge people negatively for it. 'My body, my choice' and all.

  37. They're all banging thirty-something influencers now, so tell your wife she probably would have just ended up partying with the Crue's crew.

  38. Worst concert experience of my life when I was 14. Took my girlfriend and her friend to a Motley Crue/Ozzy Osboune concert the day after she won first place in a "Looks That Kill" contest sponsored by a local radio station. The contest was judged by all 4 members of the band and took place at a local record store. She won two backstage passes for the show and of course she took her friend backstage with her after Motley Crue opened for Ozzy..." Bark at The Moon" tour. Didn't see her again for three days. We broke up a few weeks later for completely unrelated reasons.... and then proceeded to hook up every time we saw one another at parties.... but never reconciled formally.

  39. The 15 year old girl who told me about her sexual encounter with Motley Crue in 1985 was confiding in me because I was a couple years younger, smart for my age, and a good listener even at age 12. Within six months of this sexual encounter she was sent to a (deliberate quote and unquote) "rehab". It was a Paris Hilton type of set up. If you don't know that reference, just Google it. She was berated as a troublemaker and bad girl, and nobody in the 1980s, no person with a legitimate qualification within the realm of Psychology or Psychiatry ever explored whether or not she had experienced sexual abuse and was acting out trauma.

  40. Not only did those motherfuckers make hardly any good music but their old asses stole the girls our age away from us en masse. Sure Mick Jagger and Jimmy Page did the same thing but the difference is they were talented. /s

  41. You’ve never seen the proof? My roommate at the time bought a copy of the tape from a vendor at an offramp, who normally sold oranges and newspapers.

  42. I had a close encounter with a member of the Klezmatics one time! Wasn't a virgin, though. I was already in my late 20s by then. Actually, we just went for coffee.

  43. So, Tommy Lee is a rapist, got it. It would not surprise me if he was on the Ghislaine Maxwell list they refuse to release to the public.

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