1. Came here to say this. Back to back baby. The gaps between the Cats and the rest of the competition is really significant. Likely too big to make up quickly.

  2. Back to back is absolutely possible, would like to see a decent grand final next year. I think the reason the swans were so lacklustre was because Collingwood battered them for two games in a row. Ultimately won but I think those games took their toll physically and psychologically

  3. IMO we can go back to back but others will be hungrier. I think without Joel we will need big step up from a lot of players but by the looks of it they are all ready to take it.

  4. I doubt it. Doesn’t mean we will win it again without everything clicking into place. If you’re not improving then you’re going backwards.

  5. Yep. Cats should definitely be looking at it fresh. Expect the season to be bumpy but it’s all about how it looks going into finals.

  6. I think it was the steeliness and determination that really set us apart this year; obviously game plan and personell are huge factors, but we just looked tougher, harder and like we wanted it more. Every plan looked like it was executed perfectly because of that.

  7. ‘I think it’s very possible we could be worse and still be the best team in the comp’. This is a really good point. We were miles ahead of everyone else so maybe we can wear a slight drop and still come out on top.

  8. Very well said. I think players in the afl are of the highest calibre across the league regardless of team (I knows there are always exceptions). You’re second last comment is what I truely believe separates us from the others. The players believe in the system the entire club is united, the external elements management / coaching I think are the biggest factors they’re the drivers of our change success.

  9. I feel like there’s a bit of a hole between our older players and the younger stars as far as age goes, which is why picking the next captain is tricky. We haven’t yet lost many of the older guys, but an awful lot will depend on whether they are all able to keep going at their best. We know Danger needed a bit of management through the season, and I suspect a bunch of the other guys may get a bit of a rest next year too.

  10. I think next year is our last chance for a while, once tomahawk goes we will be significantly weaker and not sure Scott stays much longer after that

  11. No o don't think so, enough young players that were not in the side like Holmes that will want to lift the cup. We will have the drive and the experience, plus the right player management to get it done next year

  12. Patty wants a norm so bad it hurts him inside. He'll drive standards. Him not getting the norm is the best thing that ever happened to us. XD

  13. There's no reason we should slide next year. We now have an awesome game plan and we'll have the talent to do it all again. We may have lost Selwood but Atkins is more than capable of replacing him. He's Selwood mark 2 IMO. The hunger should definitely be there especially to get one for Holmes. I'm tipping back to back.

  14. I'm not going to make prognostications one week after we've won a flag that everyone, including myself, thought was impossible following an 80+ point drubbing in the prelim 12 months prior. We can't know. Let's enjoy this and be hopeful for 2023.

  15. One thing I sort of worry about is some of the senior players without Joel not having as much drive? It's a stretch and I know they are professionals but I felt the way Dangerfield has spoke since the game in particular is more about relief of finally getting it done (which is 100% understandable). I hope I'm wrong but just something I've observed since the game, has anyone else?

  16. It's definitely not a given. There's going to be a drop in on-field motivation with Sel gone. Not that the rest of the team don't want to win but when things aren't going our way I don't think there's anyone in the team that can replicate that steely gaze and a quick few sharp words to get that last 5% of energy out of the legs the way Joel could.

  17. I think we have a chance of going back to back, but obviously it depends on a lot of things. Even without Joel I think we can make top 4 for sure.

  18. I feel like we’ll be hungry to prove we can do it now that Selwood’s gone, but it could also go the other way now that there’s a pretty big void in the team that’s gonna take the young blood and old guard some time getting used to, so we’ll have to see

  19. Depends. If we are blessed with a good run on injury again & afforded the ability to manage players like this season, then 100% we can go again.

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