1. I would say no, he can be very hit or miss. But this is years old and details for a failed acquisition are easier to come by than one in progress.

  2. Yeah, I don't buy this for a second. It's the easiest thing to say "X almost bought Y but it didn't work out" because this does happen more than we realize but it's low-hanging fruit to just throw out a name for Microsoft to buy.

  3. They don't leak if they go forward. Failed acquisitions can definitely leak since no NDA is in place afterwards.

  4. Nick is a cool guy but lately he’s been wrong on a lot of things. However this is true. I remember reading somewhere a while back that Capcom didn’t sell because of Monster Hunter doing well.

  5. I thought this was widely known. Capcom didn't sell because of the success of Monster Hunter or something like that was the report.

  6. Irregardless about how you feel about Nick I thought this was like a trade secret. A lot of almost acquisitions leak years after.

  7. If MS wants to buy a japanese publisher, It should be Konami. So Many IPs that have been left to die by them. Silent Hill And Metal Gear have huge interest in making a modern title. Please get Kojima involved to finish Silent Hills. You have such a great opportunity here.

  8. if ms wants to buy a japenese publishers, it shouldnt. so many studios under it, not 1 producing a game this year, or a good non buggy game

  9. Yeah those are my bets too. I remember reading years ago SEGA can't because they have the arcade side too and then not so long ago they sold that off or something

  10. I also corroborate this no repercussions reporting. See I’m legit. Also don’t forget to like, follow and subscribe to my…

  11. I have it on good authority that Nintendo was going to be bought by Apple but the deal fell through. See, I can be a "leaker" too.

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