1. I was never that much into racing games growing up, but NFS Heat came on PS Plus Essentials and I gave it a shot and am really liking it, hoping this one is just as enjoyable

  2. If anything, it's those generic bland safe legal track racing games that made people look racing genre as boring and nothing interesting. LOOKING at you Gran Turismo and Forza.

  3. Interested to see what Unbound is all about. It sounds like it's going for a more arcadey approach, and in a day and age where games seem to be going for a more realistic approach for whatever reason, a more arcadey approach intrigues me.

  4. It's kind of an odd one in the franchise since there's no illegal racing or cops. I liked the variety of races and the added difficulty tho, you had to pick the right vehicles and master some of the races (looking at the drift ones) to beat the bosses.

  5. Grew up with NFS, definitely believe, given Forza horizon tremendous success, that there is a big market still reachable for a good new NFS, they just need to invest more and be on par with Playground games.

  6. Itll have a small amount of cars and focus on customization more than how the game feels, have weird controls and have a rating of 6/10, just give us underground 1 and 2 the same way Tony Hawk got its re-release

  7. Well I read somewhere that for NFS 2022 they didn't put much budget into marketing which would explain why the marketing is not good.

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