1. I'm really intrigued in how they build off the momentum that NFS heat created in 2019, along with the fact that they have so many experienced racing developers thanks to the aquisition now.

  2. I liked Heat, but the day racing was so boring. Also I think there was kinda a low number of race tracks in general. They should make a bigger and a more diverse map

  3. I think the multiplayer will be better this year because that's the main reason criterion took over, and it looks like heat 2 with the health bar and the handling we've seen.

  4. I just hope they improve on NFS Heat. It was a big step in the right direction. Forza Horizon desperately needs competition.

  5. Would be great but licensing is a massive bitch. The only thing greedier than AAA game publishers are record labels

  6. If you have gamepass you can actually play Skate 3 on PC using XCloud. I did it a few weeks ago and it worked really well, you just need to have a controller.

  7. I’m hoping is Skate is good. I just wanna be able to have me an my buddies on a map doing whatever. I also hope it releases on PC so I can play it lmao.

  8. Weird that they confirmed ages ago that there wouldn't be an EA Play this year but they seem to have a bunch of content ready to show off, either way I'm interested in seeing Need for Speed and Skate. And actually it'll be kind of interesting to see how they handle Not FIFA having lost the license.

  9. Lol no. The masses will always choose FIFA over a generic football title from EA. All they have to do is hand the franchise to 2K who have plenty of experience making sports games. In fact if they really wanted to destroy EA they could make FIFA a free to play title and rake the money with Ultimate Team. EA needed FIFA more than FIFA needs EA. FIFA is football to the younger generation. Alot of you would be awful gamblers and we'll see whose right next year

  10. Reliable fifa leakers have said it does including cross play with next gen consoles and 1 market across all platforms

  11. Henderson's report notes that if players are driving fast, flames, smoke, and wind will fly off of the car. The report also compares the character models to those from the animated TV series, The Boondocks. The biggest detail, however, suggests that players can initiate "meetups", which allow players to gather together and drive around the city and start races as they please. The tracks have been described as unique, with one having a train that goes through it while players are racing around it.

  12. I’m actually curious about the new FIFA. Tom reported a lil while ago that they would have cross play finally. Plus I’m hoping that this time the PC version will actually have next gen graphics (better have).

  13. Hope they make NFS better, drifting felt bad, the excessive flames just didnt appeal to me, streets felt empty like the super street game and fifa will be the usual as always

  14. And where did that take come from. Dragon Age is set for release in 2023, they won't show off anything this summer if I had to guess, maybe at VGA or something. Mass Effect is more of an enigma

  15. Need for Speed Payback is lowkey one of my favorite games, also Burnout Paradise. I'm not to big on the racing games genre but something about those games is different.

  16. Payback is seriously underrated, though I understand many find the presentation grating - it's a good game underneath. And if you like Burnout Paradise, you're in luck bc this year's NFS is being made by the same developers. I'm cautiously optimistic, though I liked the Ghost releases more than most.

  17. EA are going to have to market the hell out of FIFA 23... Male sure everyone knows this is the last one they're making.

  18. I hope this NFS has less exotic cars and more JDM, European, American street cars. We don't need 10 types of Lambo, Porsche, Merc, Aston etc; as no one ever uses them, majority picks few and the rest is unused.

  19. In other Jest a reskin build around ultimate team to get bombarded with cards and dopamine

  20. First year in a long time I'm skipping FIFA especially as the price is now $70 for what is literally a free to play game at full price. I've just grown out of it and I'd rather spend that money on MWII this year

  21. fifa is so repetitive that i’m totally cool having a version from like 2011. need for speed i prob wont play as i’m way too into forza horizon 5, but skate 4? i’ve been waiting years for this day!

  22. This is the last year. Won’t matter though EA still own rights to most teams and leagues as everything is individual licensed

  23. And I couldn’t care less about any of them. Sorry to be such a hater, just really disgusted with how EA has been operating. Their lineup sucks. Hard to say it any other way. The off in the distance promise of a Bioware return to glory is their lone interesting prospect, but I’m not holding my breath on that one happening. I’d say it’s far more likely that it won’t actually.

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