1. I'm honestly surprised they haven't. They have worked on multiple versions of BGE for the last decade plus. The trailer looked promising, but I can't see them dumping millions upon millions into a franchise that is pretty niche.

  2. Rocksmith+ is an interesting one, the beta was absolutely woeful and the game was a mess on some fundamental levels. It was delayed and it's pretty much been radio silence essentially.

  3. The audio quality was the only thing people needed to take away from the beta, honestly. The jump in quality from Rocksmith 2014 combined with audio interface support? The fundamentals are certainly there.

  4. Rocksmith 2014 has been a mixed bag for me so I was hoping Rocksmith+ would be good. Shame that it seems like it was in a bad state.

  5. The last few years of Ubisoft has been such a bummer for me. Siege is the one exception and it is its own worst enemy because that is one really toxic community.

  6. I dunno dude, siege easily peaked at year 2 season 2. Everything after that was just watching the corpse rot. I've never seen a developer delete whole parts of a game because they are so incompetent that they cant program them properly to work without bugs. (Original lighting system deleted removing literally half of the maps, original recoil system and ADS changes making the game feel really unresponsive, glaring balance issues, miserable netcode, whole maps not included in ranked due to exploits and balance issues, no effort at all to ban mouse and keyboard users on console or even work with Microsoft/Sony to develop a solution.) Don't get me wrong, I had a blast playing that game but it was all down hill after maybe the introduction of Hibana at the latest.

  7. I can’t imagine a single thing they can announce that’ll interest me since they’ve done nothing right in my eyes since…Assassin’s Creed 4 maybe? Or Rayman Legends. Whatever came last.

  8. Ubisoft games are like most Netflix shows for me, stuff like Emily in Paris, insanely popular but aggressively mediocre and forgettable

  9. It's weird, but the only thing I am interested from Ubi right now is Skull & Bones, and I am expecting to see how bad it is.

  10. The last game I've played from Ubi is AC Origins, and that's because I love the ancient Egypt setting. The kind of games they've been making nowadays just all feel really bland. :/

  11. Time to not announce anything in regards to Splinter Cell again, as in tradition at this point.

  12. At this point I'd really love another Wildlands but not so repetitive. I enjoyed the coop in that game. Also I really hope to see something interesting and NEW for the divsion. We're far away from a Division 3 sadly.

  13. Strong chance that their Avatar open-world game gets some sort of showing, gameplay would be surprising but they are likely going to be pressured by Disney to at least show some of the game to coincide with the sequel movie.

  14. You forgetting skull and bones that's been in development for like 9 years, with end result that no-one asked for.

  15. Funnily enough, the only game I'm remotely interested in from them is a Switch exclusive lol

  16. Splinter Cell please...Just uhh.. Dont make it open world where I ahve to climb a tower to reveal locations.

  17. Are Ubisoft capable of creating something that's not generic and painfully mediocre at this point? At least if they did crazy hype and then failed spectacularly, that might be entertaining in a way.

  18. AC Valhalla sold like hotcakes, so clearly some people like it even if Reddit users don’t.

  19. I've been playing non-stop for 30 years and AC Odyssey is one of my favorite games ever. I loved Immortal Fenix Rising. R6 Siege is one of the most beloved shooters out there. The AC franchise is selling buckets, Far Cry is selling buckets. People are buying their games left right and center. Generic and painfully mediocre in a space with this much choice as the video game development business don't make money.

  20. I'm certain they could if they were to do something more focused, but something tells me they won't do that anytime soon since their gigantic open worlds formula is nothing but a commercial success.

  21. Another open world game series, rehashed "Tom Clancy's..." Or assassin's Creed. Something with live service because "play our game for 10 years!!!" Sorry Ubisoft. I'll pass another year. /Salute

  22. An Assassin's Creed in renaissance Spain would be awesome. They could have another Ezio trilogy if they play their cards right.

  23. Neither Kassandra nor Bayek felt like they don't have identity. I even kind of enjoyed Odyssey story and how much control I got ever it. Seeing unintended consequences for my actions was very cool (like one of the bad guys can just surrender and be spared, but if you make a certain decision several hours earlier, that path is closed for you). The open world nature of the game does limit how much the story pacing can be controlled and as a result - how much the story can be enjoyed, but that just comes with the territory.

  24. Agreed. These "announcements for announcements" are really pointless. Just let us know if there's another Assassin's Creed that isn't GAAS, or a sequel to Fenyx Rising, or maybe a GOOD sequel to Watch Dogs.

  25. Prediction: they merge every franchise into a single game (and reduce headcount by 66%) because 90% of the systems in each franchise are the same

  26. Considering the rumours (not sure if they're confirmed or not) that Ubisoft is really struggling money wise, it'll be interesting to see if they do a 180 on their decision to go all in on NFTs and Live Service projects or if they'll stick to their guns and hope it works out.

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