1. It also shows how those games may look like on next generation consoles or super powerful PCs. The faces in CP2077 and Horizon especially seem to have much more details than is visible in normal gameplay.

  2. Many newer triple A titles have started to include a photo mode which lets you move the camera around as well as changing things like aperture and adding filters.

  3. NVIDIA also provides a program for a vast amount of games called Ansel, that's basically a third-party photo mode. Works surprisingly well.

  4. Many people also use third party mods for an additional free camera, paired with reshade & then edit them on photoshop

  5. A lot of games have photo mode. And there's a guy that makes a custom injectable camera that supports most AAA games. If you search that on GitHub you should find it. Some of them are public and some are on patreon.

  6. I mean most likely they touched them up in photoshop as well. Almost every photographer touches up their photos in photoshop even though they say it was "taken entirely on the iPhone" or in this case entirely in game. It was taken in game yes, but touched up in photoshop for cinematic effect

  7. The file name in the Gdrive link above is just Gran_Turismo, so I’d guess GT7? Watermark is @photoingame so maybe they have a Twitter with more information

  8. You can literally do this as a job. Esport leagues/productions hire professional game photographers who take great screenshots from matches, those stills are then posted on socials as marketing.

  9. Hahaha yeah I'm sure it's a lot of people's true calling to take pretty pictures in bideo games and get paid for it

  10. I love taking screenshots in RDR2, yet finding an audience for it is nearly impossible, when you care more about photography than fanservice. While "real" photographers most of the time won't take in-game photography seriously, most gamers can't see the difference between a spontaneous screenshot and an ingame photo using photomode.

  11. There is a game where you’re a painter that paints a fairytale world called Eastshade. It was surprisingly very good but not quite the same as what you’re looking for

  12. hot take, video game photography will never catch on. Even the rdr2 photo linked..its nice..but it just doesn't do it for me. Digital spaces/bytes will never compare to the real world, too sterilized, there is no chaotic element to it. the lighting is all fake baked in crap defined by static parameters.

  13. It's not impressive when it's a digital medium imo, but cause your just taking a picture of someone else's work. The picture is stunning because of the work the developers did to create the world imo, nothing impressive about showing off someone else's creation

  14. Horizon Forbidden West has some of the most incredible vistas that I've seen in gaming, yet all the screenshots from the game in this competition are closeups of Aloy. Seems like a missed opportunity to me.

  15. I don't disagree, but there's a reason for this. Aloy's costumes and warpaint are incredibly unusual and interesting. She's also a character that somewhat defies conventional beauty norms. These aspects, in combination with the high quality of the models and textures in this game, lend themselves to portrait photography, which is a far less common kind of screenshot art than shooting landscapes.

  16. From a pure photography point of view, the lighting and composition are simple but really beautiful and balanced.

  17. As a photographer, I have to agree with you. I mean it's a fine image sure, but it lacks a real wow factor, and half the silhouette of Arthur on the horse is kind of blends into the mountain in the background, which keeps it from standing out.

  18. I like the very long focal length and the realistic lighting. The composition has more than 1 interesting point (rock formations plus the man on the horse) without feeling too crowded.

  19. Yeah I was wondering the same thing. I think its maybe the one that looks the most «realistic» but I hope that was not one of the dimensions they were scoring on.

  20. Honestly I feel like it was one of the weakest ones on that list. Though I think some of the shots might look better just, because the game has better graphics.

  21. There’s someone I follow on Flickr that exclusively posts their video game photography. They’re really quite good at it:

  22. Makes me really wish that record thing Halo 3 had caught on, loved saving games, going back and taking shots. Would also be nice to in modern game, I really would love to create a vid showing of some of the most beautiful worlds in games.

  23. I'm a little surprised Ghost of Tsushima didn't get a nod. You sleeping on your horse in the forest with the yellow leaf's is one of most beautiful scenes I've ever witnessed in a game.

  24. Where's that girl who has been sending pics into the local weather report for the past year or so from RDR2? Surely she should have been in with a good shot.

  25. If that thumbnail is the shot then I’ve seen literally dozens of photographs of the year on this thread alone in the past 6 months.

  26. I guess Jack Donaghy was right. Art is pictures pictures of horses, ships with sails, and men with swords staring off in the distance.

  27. I'm genuinely surprised the RDR2 photo won, it looks kinda... generic, I guess? I found the Gran Turismo image to be far more evocative.

  28. I mean congrats, but it’s honestly kind of lame compared to what I’ve seen from other people playing the same game.

  29. Am I alone in thinking the winning entry is one of the weakest? Feel like I've taken dozens of fairly similar shots in games, yet plenty of the other pictures leave me wondering how they are even possible.

  30. Is this really good from a photography perspective? Cos it looks pretty normal from a gaming perspective tbh. But I also know nothing about actual photography.

  31. It works well with the lighting, composition and overall colours. Yeah from a photography perspective it’s fantastic.

  32. Cool that this is a thing butI fail to kind of see what the point is if it's mostly realistic looking games? I'm not trying to hate on games that look realistic but I'm left wondering why I wouldn't just look at some IRL pics?

  33. Because there's a beauty in what man can create that can awe the mind and heart as natural creations do.

  34. Am a photographer in Second Life and take pics irl as a hobby, you guys wouldn't believe just how fun it is to waste a few hours taking pictures in games. I just finished The Last of Us 2 and had way more fun with the photo mode than with the actual game, same can be said about almost any title that lets me go ham with photography.

  35. I really like the idea of going on a photograpy adventure while playing a video game. My favorite virtual photos are from the famous street photographer sixstreetunder. He has some great shots from the insomniac spiderman game (

  36. The fact that easily the most low effort, unimpressive photo out of the lot won just invalidates the entire competition tbh. Like, this looks like literally anyone could have taken it at any moment. Meanwhile, many of the other submissions are beyond words how good they are, and just look like pure art. such a shame. That's some Oscars level bullshit.

  37. Obviously wasn’t take while playing online as the player wouldn’t have been able to just sit there long enough with all the griefers.

  38. Why was my first thought two in the pink one in the stink? I need to go to bed. Second thought: this screenshot is really cool.

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