1. I have a 2.5 year old daughter who is currently obsessed with lawn mowing. She's gonna flip her wig when she sees this, hahaha.

  2. When my little brother was younger. He would tail behind my dad and I during our lawn care days and mimic whatever task we were doing. It was really cute to be cutting the front yard and when you got to the end to turn around and cut another strip, my little bro was behind with his little toy push mower we got him.

  3. Same issue here. Been trying to launch it and it just closes as soon as the screen goes black. I was hoping someone would have an answer but no dice yet. Anyone found a solution yet?

  4. I got some of the dogs wrong twice (I'm not a dog psychologist, okay?) and had to select living rooms. Also oddly specific and difficult.

  5. I sent it to my son. He works lawn care in the summer. I told him it would keep his skills up in the off season.

  6. I always made fun of these Simulator games, I had no idea who these were for or why anyone would play them. Then I played Powerwash Simulator and it all made sense to me. I don't think I need this one, but I regret the way I talked about these types of games before.

  7. So uh, is the Steam link for the weirdos who would rather pay for the game on Steam than claim a free license on EGS? Is it maybe for people who want to read the reviews?

  8. This and power wash simulator have consumed so much of my life, and looking back I can't say I would have spent it any different. Great games. Though the dino dlc is really... It needs some patches.

  9. Not at the moment as far as I know, but feel free to reach out to the devs on Twitter, maybe they'll consider it (see sticky comment for link)

  10. Hi I have the solution for the game Lawn Mowing Simulator does not start on epic games , Initially with the "everything" app you have to search for the game files "C:Program FilesEpic GamesLawnMowingSimulatorK96FI" after "Lawn Mowing Simulator_Data", "Lawn Mowing Simulator_DataPluginsx86_64" and delete the following plug-ins:"steam_api64.dll, GfxPluginNativeRender-x64.dll, xaudio2_9redist.dll". Thanks.

  11. Which one of you guys want to come over to my house and cut the grass weekly. I won't pay you but I'll issue bonus points!

  12. The way the grass looks after its cut is not satisfying at all, this game would be way more enjoyable if they redesigned that.

  13. I played it on Steam shortly after release but the lack of savegames while active mowing irked me. I wasn't ready to finish each garden using the fully alloted time just to keep progressing. So I hope they now have included quick saving.

  14. As I sit in my chair at my desk watching the flames burst on my lawn outside, I am guessing that I'm 99.9 percent I will not be playing a game about mowing my yard...

  15. Well, isn't that cute. It appears in Humble Bundle and less than a month later it's free.

  16. They pushed a fix but it still isn't working. Earlier I could launch (but major controller issues) but now I can't even launch the game. Anyone else still having issues?

  17. It's been happening for multiple months lol. Humble always has a game that's soon given away on Epic, Steam, PS+, GamePass, etc.

  18. It's not ironic, people often want the Steam link to check out user reviews. I'm aware that EGS also displays opencritic reviews on the game page, but the Steam page has a better UX.

  19. was actually looking at this on steam but apparently they only support logitech wheels and not thrustmaster which is pretty stupid. glad to get it for free but probably won't actually touch it until they have proper wheel support

  20. Man, this is the last thing I need after mowing the lawn all afternoon with plenty of heat and gnats. Snow shoveling simulator would be great.

  21. Happened to me with Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Got it in the Humble Monthly in March, stayed on my virtual shelf, and got offered for Prime Days. And since it was an account link and not a code, can't even give away a free copy. Feels bad man :/

  22. Is it just me, or does it seem that the fact that this is even a thing suggest somebody is taking the piss?

  23. Like someone else already said, there is a player base for sim games. So maybe it's not for you but does not mean that everyone else is on the same boat as you.

  24. Lawn Mowing is basically adult coloring. In real life it's kind of relaxing sometimes (when it's not 100 degrees out.) Simulator games can be relaxing/fun as long as they strike a nice balance between sim and fun.

  25. Anyone having issues with it launching? Just downloaded it and every time I click launch it just flashes black and goes back to the Epic launcher.

  26. has anyone else had problem in getting in the game bc i cant get in the game bc when i click the game it starts has black screen and then crashes and the black screen is on like 1-3sec

  27. The devs are aware of the problem, they'll push out an update tomorrow that should fix your issue

  28. The devs are aware of the problem, they'll push out an update tomorrow that should fix your issue

  29. The devs are aware of the problem, they'll push out an update tomorrow that should fix your issue

  30. Every time I launch the game on the epic games store it opens for a millisecond the crashes and I don’t know how to fix it

  31. The devs are aware of the problem, they'll push out an update tomorrow that should fix your issue

  32. There's an issue with the EGS version, the devs are working on it and a fix should be available tomorrow (see sticky comment on this thread).

  33. Not gonna lie, games like this crush my will to indie dev. Like, if this bullshit is getting made and flooding the market, even a half decent indie game has 0 chance of every getting off the ground.

  34. This downloads to around 40% for me then jumps straight to verifying at 95% and finishes the install. Then I get the same issue as everyone else. I don't think it is installing properly. Doesn't show as installed in Windows either

  35. Trying to install the epic games store on my steam deck was such a hassle lmao, but now I get to play this while actually mowing the lawn!

  36. Not my type of game so I'm skipping it . I'm skipping alot of games from epic cause I don't want to bloat my library and also I'm not interested in the games they have been giving recently.

  37. I downloaded this game and played for a few minutes. Then realizing my PC was chugging along I felt depressed a "lawn mowing simulator" was causing my once $3,000 Alienware PC to chug I stopped playing.

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