1. The advantage to buying before the split is the potential for shares / NFT if they spin-off GME Entertainment at the same time.

  2. Thanks for your input. I'm a humple ape of humple means and mental ability. I'm not sure how NFT and shares interplay. I thought it was just part of what they were doing to justify the ape capital (along with greatly expanding online retail sales) -to show that they have a real plan for the invested money and are not encouraging market manipulation. But I hear talk of things I don't understand with NFT shares and things like that.

  3. You will end up kicking yourself if you miss it. People try to time the market and fail, you have a unique opportunity to buy before, don’t waste it.

  4. What do you mean? Mmm if your theory is that split immediately triggers MOASS. I see how in that looks like the play is buying now instead of what I can afford right after the split. I just see it as unit price though, if you buy the day of the split, you get what you pay for nothing is added, nothing is lost.

  5. Trying to time the market is a terrible idea, even with a manipulated stock like GME. If/When GME announces said dividend, there will likely be a price run up almost instantly. You’ll be paying a premium for shares compared to what you could have purchased now.

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