1. No confidence in its actual road life, but it's still a pretty big deal to have a commuter vehicle with that kind of range at that kind of price. This would be mindblowingly popular in the states if it could last at least 5 years before completely falling apart.

  2. I feel like a I gotta point out, westerners writing about how poor Chinese quality is from a device that was almost certainly partly or wholly built in China is pretty hilarious.

  3. I don't really know of any chinese car makers that have managed to make it into the states? Likely when adding all of the required features/safety/testing/shipping/tariffs costs, a 5k car quickly becomes a 25k car.

  4. Dacia Spring sold in Europe is very very tempting. ~13-15k depending on which country you're in.

  5. It would not be popular. There was a similar low priced car offering in India with excellent emission standards. It was called the Tata Nano. It didn't really sell as well as people thought it would.

  6. Will never happen at that price point in the USA. Why sell a car for 5k when you can sell it for 15k. That type of competition does not exist in any oligopolistic industry. Industry is not trying to drive down prices to the consumer. They’re trying to increase their bottom line.

  7. They should build them with high quality requirements, so they last years upon years with only small easily affordable repairs.

  8. Yeah, I figure some version of a Smart car would be coming along as an EV like this. Probably would be good for dense cities. I think I have seen larger tires on a golf cart though. Not sure I would feel terribly safe in it. Proof to be able to make options that don’t have to start at 40k can help with competition and better options though.

  9. China has made cars before that we’re not able to be imported into Australia because to get the low price they cut out all the safety features. I certainly would not get in one

  10. I wouldn't be so sure about that. If you drive this car, people will know you're driving the super cheap budget car. Essentially, you're telling everyone "hey I'm poor, I can only afford this car", which is not exactly what people want.

  11. This would be perfect for people living in cities. So many people are worrying about highway performance but if you live in a city and don’t need to travel far, this is a good option.

  12. Since it's manufactured by SAIC-GM (GM as in General Motors) it's possible that it could potentially be upgraded to meet western (North America/ Europe) standards. Unlikely, but possible.

  13. Almost certainly. Innovation starts at low price points, not high ones. No US automakers have any interest in building a truly affordable EV.

  14. I also don't understand why people think it's so important 'that it makes its way to the US' or wherever. If this is a huge hit in China that would be way bigger then making its way to the US.

  15. Especially with most people being child-free until their 30s, something like this is a good mobility solution for the young.

  16. That's what I'm not getting. People are talking about the road worthiness/desirability of the car and ignoring the comically low battery price. The average home uses 30 kwh per day and you're telling me that for $5,000 I can buy the car just for the battery and meet that capacity?

  17. This car in China is called god’s car, because it is small, cheap, reliable, performant and upgradable. Lots of young people bought it and shot funny TikToks. Some videos showed it did wonders in places where bigger cars couldn’t do thus it got this reputation.

  18. Nobody wants a car that looks like this outside of china shit looks like a golf cart and probably has less safety features than one too.

  19. Are you saying it’s hard to imagine wanting a gas car in the face of this option? I mean… why is that hard to imagine? A lot of people don’t want cars this tiny

  20. I think it looks great. 33, no license, just haven't had a desire for a car because of just how expensive they are in all, but this car makes me want one... lol.

  21. This is a game changer which will help less developed markets transition directly to electricity. Before cheap evs not only compromised on looks, like cheap cars, but also range, unlike cheap cars. This puts cheap evs on a much more equal footing.

  22. Good, maybe the US automakers will actually compete on price, if people are expected to buy all electric it has to be cheaper…

  23. Interesting. Hopefully they work better than just becoming a massive amount of landfill material that represents a large portion of Chinese low end items.

  24. Here's to hoping these aren't incinerators with wheels.. or they're amazing and cheap because what authoritarian government wouldn't want a fleet of cars with sensors everywhere

  25. Rest assured, tons of parts from these will wind up in the great pacific garbage patch don’t worry. I’ll take my bike anyday over some piece of shit car that funds the CCP

  26. 41hp, 60" wide, 117" long. Top speed is 62mph. Range is "city" range - it'd be adequate for tooling around in a city, but would be very limited on highways in the US due to top speed. I bet the highway range is going to be more like 120 miles. Personally, if I were going to an urban destination and needed to use a car to scoot around a little bit, but didn't need to go out of the city or anything, I wouldn't terribly mind something like this.

  27. These little cars would be great in golf cart style communities or rural towns to putter around in. Unfortunately for my size, I would look like that tall guy driving that little car in the Simpsons.

  28. Top speed is 60 mph. It might be somewhat suicidal to take that thing out on the interstate. Hypothetical as I highly doubt that car would be permitted to be marketed in the US.

  29. That is not aimed at the American market for sure. In China though it's a completely different story, because unlike American suburbs most Chinese live in dense downtown style buildings and live within 5-10 km of where they work and ICE commuters there will be randomly not allowed on the road once a week.

  30. This car is meant for use in Chinese cities or villages where it’s extremely unlikely you’ll be hitting 60 mph anyway. In Hong Kong where I go to school it’s like a 24/7 traffic jam in the places most people work so this kind of thing would be perfect.

  31. The car is probably a third of the weight of most compact cars sold in the US, so the power to weight ratio might not be as bad. Besides, you get those 40 hp from the start.

  32. It might come with a ‘Flintstone mode’ where the bottom opens up and you can run for an added boost or if it starts struggling up a hill. Even better - it forces this mode if it detects that your BMI is over a certain percentage, if you try and override the closure of the underfoot panel, it’ll prevent it from happening and shout out some encouragement “Oh no you Yabbadabbadon’t!!!”

  33. Sorry man, I was feeling salty from the day. I made a comment that was not in good spirit. Hope you have a good day.

  34. It's an upgrade on the range and speed, from 120kmg and 170kmg to 300km, which is a game changer I think, and makes it much more practical for more people. Keeping it at the same price while increasing the range is amazing.

  35. Please whatever you do don’t pay any money upfront. No Deposits etc. if that thing is good you can buy it soon enough…

  36. safety is irrelevant in China. driving such a tuna can would expose you to insane dangers. for that price you can't buy even a big toy car for kids

  37. But then you end up with Chinese car, that's made basically out of chinesium, and you'll lose all your money when buying it.

  38. They’re cutting a lot of corners to get it that cheap. Some people are so desperate for a car that they’re willing to compromise their’s and everyone’s safety.

  39. Never owned anything that doesn't fall apart or breaks from China so as good as it sounds, with them making it, I'd be worried

  40. It's a two seater cheap car, so it's tough to design it to look nice to be honest. The only thing about it is that it's not streamlined but I think that's kind of their trademark, all of their cars are higher square top.

  41. Cheap cars are designed to be ugly so people who can afford something more don't buy the cheapest car possible.

  42. I'd honestly drive one of these things if it could do 70 - 80mph, but I'd never pay $5000 for one when I can get a decent second hand internal combustion car for $1000. But I can definitely see in 20 years time, most cars will be these little box things with 2 seats, but there will also be heavily taxed and expensive big EV pickup trucks too - the market for showing off / "male compensation" will always be there.

  43. More microphones than a news room and the 300km is how far it will travel on the boat back to china to be repaired each week.

  44. I’d love this, but we don’t have kilometers in America, so I wouldn’t be able to use it. I hope they come out with a model for miles

  45. EVs require specialist maintenance and I wouldn't trust Chinese tech companies to stay solvent for the lifetime of the vehicle tbh

  46. The future of cars is LESS cars, especially in cities. That gimmick of a car is already useless.

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