1. As long as that half is the poorer half, nothing will be done by governments to address climate change. The only thing that power understands is a direct threat to their power. Ostensible democracies need to wake the fuck up and people need to riot if anything is going to get done.

  2. People are more likely to riot when governments put climate taxes and regulations in place that will destroy people's livelihoods and collapses their quality of life.

  3. Collective suicide implies we made this choice collectively. A lot of us are fighting it but the choices are made by an elite few. It’s closer to genocide than “collective suicide”.

  4. Yeah the elite caused this problem. And now they’re gonna find a way to profit off of it. And the poor and the soon to be poor middle class will suffer.

  5. Except that it’s not any specific race, and millions of other species under the biome are affected. More like a plutocracy-led extinction event

  6. Lots of choices you can make in your daily life to help out. The easiest and biggest impact you can make is with your diet. Eat plant based as often as possible. Don't eat beef or dairy products. That alone will reduce your greenhouse gas contribution more than switching to an electric vehicle

  7. I used to believe that. Then I started to see comments about gas prices. People don’t really care about environment if it has any cost to them.

  8. But also consider that we’re collectively choosing to allow this. There’s absolutely no reason that people shouldn’t be rising up and using force to bring absolutely necessary change. Every politician and fossil fuel exec should be held accountable by the people, not the sham legal systems.

  9. There are 276 million cars in the US. Nobody forced people to move into sprawling suburbs. Some people/companies have an outsized influence, but there is plenty of blame to go around.

  10. I don’t care if I’m banned. I’m tired of thinking it and not saying it. Voting and wanting change isn’t enough. Why haven’t we murdered these people yet?

  11. Drivel. We could elect or otherwise install governments which will fight climate change, we could stop using cars, stop using nearly as much energy. We don't, because the individual costs are too high and we don't care enough to pay them.

  12. To put things into perspective, the first scientific paper linking fossil fuels to the greenhouse effect is about 170 years old.

  13. it's fun to say "we" when exxon mobil and other oil powers tried their hardest to hide the idea of climate change since they found out about it they funded the idea that it was all just conspiracy theory drivel until they could no longer deny it

  14. We'd have had to stop consumerism on a massive scale no technology exists to counteract our incessant requirement to consume. Tell Capitalism it needs to stifle consumption. I'm wondering what realistically could have been done to stop global warming. Radical changes in behaviour were and are required.

  15. StOoPiD cLiMaTe AlArMiStS, kEeP pReDiCtInG iT'S "JuSt ArOuNd ThE cOrNeR"! BeTtEr JuSt WaIt UnTiL wE aLl FuCkInG cOoK aNd It's ToO lAtE tO dO aNyThInG

  16. Simply explain that the half that are fucked aren't just going to die quietly and will do whatever they can to get them and their families safe. It'll be like rats on a sinking ship.

  17. the ones that are mostly responsible for this whole situation will be safe for the rest of their lives, cant say the same for their kids or grandchildren but those that can do the most to stop climate change do nothing knowing that they wont live to see the effects of it but they will live to see the number in their many banks get bigger

  18. People who aren't in the danger zone seem to think they would be unaffected. They don't realize how many people are going to migrate north. It's going to be a nightmare for everyone. Refugees by the billions.

  19. Yeah. All this is going to do is trigger thoughts of “how do I make sure I’m in the other half”. Completely ignoring the thought of “how do we stop/reverse this”.

  20. Also worth noting that the "half of humanity in the danger zone" is most assuredly not going to just sit there and wait for it to take them in some noble sacrifice for the other half.

  21. The sad thing is that the rich and powerful will just displace people living in the safe zones at their convenience. They will not suffer in the slightest. The poorer you are, the worse conditions you will experience.

  22. This is why people need to get angry and start holding politicians, CEOs, and investors directly accountable, their failure to act on climate change will directly lead to the people dying and is an implicit act of violence. Voting for green policies isn't going to do shit. Immediate collective direct action is needed.

  23. "Silly UN chief, if we take action on climate change, our Q4 profit margin won't be guaranteed. Plus being less rich is completely out of the question, we'd bet your life on it. Plus if we don't influence the government to our bidding, who will? The regular people, can't have that" - Fortune 500 Executive probably

  24. You are right that these types of companies are a big part of the problem. So something more major needs to happen for them to take notice. “Luckily” that something might happen in the form of major food shortages in the near future. Italy’s crops might very well fail this year just to name something. Starvation in Western Europe might just do the trick

  25. I know this is a joke but it just brings me even greater dread knowing intelligent life after us won't be possible. It'd take billions of years again and ideal temperatures the Earth doesn't have that time left with the Sun.

  26. You can have a billion warnings but if governments don't force the issue through (harsh) regulation nothing will change.

  27. I hate that false choice. Transitioning to a green economy could be one of the biggest drivers of growth in the future.

  28. It's much harder than that. You have to get them to commit political suicide and keep office, it's not possible unless the population are committed to serious self sacrifice.

  29. Politicians can and must lead on this issue, the same way that FDR did when implementing some of the most popular social programs in US history to pull the country out of the grips of economic depression. Amidst fierce criticism and opposition, he said “I welcome their hate” and pushed forward anyway, because it was the right thing to do.

  30. Politicians are just a representation of the people. Realistically the majority of people are not that interested in making proper sacrifice to help climate change yet.

  31. Americas secretary of transportation says it’s “good” gas prices are going up and becoming untenable because it’s forcing more people to buy electric. These politicians are so out of touch with reality it truly boggles the mind. Electric vehicles are ridiculously overpriced. MOST cities, even the deepest blue, don’t have the foundation or analytics to support the electric vehicles ALREADY ON THE STREETS. The same party that “supports” minorities is trying to tell you that gas going up is “good for climate change.” If you were struggling paycheck to paycheck, is this what you want to hear from the powers that be? IMHO, the current party being this so out of touch with the average American citizen will prove disastrous in November.

  32. Corporations rule America by lobbying politicians campaigns, doubt much will change till it hurts the bottom line.

  33. This. And we can see more and more foreign rich people buying property here in my Nordic abode. Having a property here pretty much guarantees your visa application.

  34. I stopped eating meat and bought a bike. Too bad Joe Manchin has taken more money from the oil and gas industry than any other member of congress! He’s made about 5 million off of coal over the last decade! Good for him! Bad for humanity!

  35. It's not collective suicide!? It's murder! Mass murder by the fossil fuel companies and the investors, capitalists and politicians who have benefited from their foul trade! Those are the people who could and should have stopped this. Don't fucking dare pretend that a peasant in India or even a regular worker in the West is even remotely as responsible for this as those people.

  36. I had to scroll too far to find this comment. 100% this. It's mass murder, not suicide. There is very little the average person can do when big monied interests are constantly throwing cash at politicians to prevent any meaningful change from happening. Then they misdirect all the blame onto the general population. The greed of the few will be the end of the human race. As long as they get theirs now they don't care who or how many people die. The 1% are all sociopaths.

  37. Here in India we have been facing these insane heatwaves since march. Not a peep about it. The moment it hit the west and everyone is losing there minds. Lol

  38. Money is all that matters to the global powers that currently exist. Nothing will change until their flow of money is threatened.

  39. It’s pretty bad this year, how much worse is it going to be next year? What about in 5 years? I think 5 years from now if you don’t have AC and can afford it, you’re dead.

  40. 5 years from now people will start dropping everything to migrate north to avoid the heat. How on earth could a place like Texas remain a functional society when so much of the population is at risk of heat death from an undependable power grid? It will be utter chaos. Fuck, we've actually hit the point in this crisis that we are seeing movie shit; scientists seriously discussing methods to directly interfere with the sun and atmosphere to mitigate climate change. And if they succeed? You can gaurantee the billionaires and politicians will simply take that as permission to take their merry old time switching to green energy and will try to exhaust all the fossil fuels they can and FUCK our ecosystem beyond any kind of repair, even more so than they already have. I still remember when I was 12 years old, shitting my pants while watching "An Inconvenient Truth". What have these assholes been doing in the years since the public became so aware of this issue? Power and profits is what will destroy humanity.

  41. “Yes, the planet got destroyed. But for a beautiful moment in time we created a lot of value for shareholders” kinda BS vibes here

  42. We're seeing our first "refugees" here in Virginia. Lots of wealthy folks from California coming this way. My step sister and her husband just bought a crash pad out here in Richmond because smoke season in San Fran is fucking their respiratory systems. The rich will come first. Won't be of any inconvenience other than fluctuating the real estate market. Soon the less privileged will be making their way out here. That's when folks are going to start kicking and screaming.

  43. We need unilateral support for this, or did you think moving gaint plastic balls the size of brazil to the l1 point was going to be easy.

  44. It is GENOCIDE! Not suicide. This is being caused by the major corporations and the wealthy who had the power in their hands for the last 50-80 years to avoid this catastrophe. They chose money instead. They are the guilty party. Not humanity. The rich and powerful have committed GENOCIDE against everyone else.

  45. I got a vasectomy years ago, it was obvious even a decade ago that this was going to happen and nothing would be done. I decided that it would be cruel to bring a child into this. How many people reading this have kids? And for those that do, did you not think about the future your kids would have? Genuinely curious. Did you just not realise that climate change was happening and the future it would bring? Or do you still hold out hope that somehow we will turn back over a century of greenhouse gas emissions?

  46. I silently question those that have willingly brought children into existence over the past ten years and why the hell they'd ever do that. All they're thinking about is themselves, I've concluded, and how they feel in their little bubble. Other humans are there as NPCs to serve in their story and yes this includes their own children (who are also very much complex beings). I used to think that way back when I was less self-aware and narrow-minded. They never grew.

  47. The majority of people still isn't willing to suffer an inch reduction in their quality of life to solve a future problem for poor people halfway across the world. They want bigger cars, houses, and to flex on instagram. They'll just say well china is still opening coal plants so why should I pay 50 euro a month more for green energy?

  48. We the people are completely responsible. Massive corporations get away with doing a lot of bullshit because we enjoy their products enough and people like to yell about politics constantly online but that doesn't translate much to actually getting involved with the system at the base level.

  49. We're all fucked until this current generation of leaders does off and we get folks with intelligence in power who are able to put the needs of the planet first and their own wallets last.

  50. I love seeing articles like this because as a person just trying to live my life there is fuck all I can do. Voting is suppose to be "our most powerful tool" but that hasn't done shit to fix the issues that have been thrown in our faces for the last 50 years.

  51. Its awfully curious that europe and north america absolutely sold itself to China and on the issue of climate change feels they can solve it without chinas participation while we actively destroy our economies in its name. Its almost as if China has influence over our politicians and media for its benefit but the propaganda was perhaps too thorough to explore on a bot gatekept social media platform like reddit.

  52. You know who doesn’t care. All the old farts in Congress who will be dead before it gets bad. No one in Congress should be over that age of 65.

  53. “Humanity” is a lot of fuckin people. Capitalism remains the root of the problem - the social elite and wealthy corporations continue to exploit people and the environment for profit and personal gain.

  54. Why are the idiot politicians who are causing this shit for their personal gain still in power?? Wtf, we're literally on the brink of extinction in the next few decades and they're doing nothing but dooming our race. We need new, uncorrupted politicians and elite. (sorry for bad english it's not my first language)

  55. They're not doing it for personal gain, don't be ridiculous. They're still in power because most people like cheap energy and they don't give a shit about the effect on the climate.

  56. Collective suicide my ass. It's all about the simple folk "reducing their carbon print". Most havent even travelled on a plane but billionairers and politicians will travel three times a day with their private jets, but WE ARE SUPPOSED to save the Earth.

  57. It IS the collective, including the wealthiest and most powerful, who are obviously more responsible on a per Capita basis. But it's also a function of our fucked up standards. Building our cities to force driving. Looking down on public transport ad being for the 'poors'. Taking Sunday drives just because, or cross country road trips, or flights because we fancy a trip, or a cruise to Alaska or the Gulf or Bahamas because we "deserve it", or eating meat 3 meals a day, or driving 2 hours to hike for a few hours because you like the view, or leaving the AC at 68 instead of 75, buying trinkets and disposable trash to salve our emotions.....take just the US and a couple of hundred million people making these decisions every day makes a gigantic impact. It's all of us.

  58. Reading through the comments and it sounds like most blame politicians and wealthy/greedy individuals. What a joke. If people really cared then they would vote those politicians out, riot in the streets, stop buying gas guzzlers, the list of what we "could do" goes on and on.

  59. “Just vote harder” is such a stupid thing to say. Democrats are literally in power in the US and aren’t doing shit. Who else is there to vote for? Republicans? Many of them literally deny climate change is real. Independents? Like they’re going to win.

  60. No one takes it seriously because the loudest folks are some of the worst offenders. They have mega mansions, yachts, and private jets. They say things like "we need to do better" or "we need to contribute more". Their answer is to raise taxes, charge carbon credits, give tax dollars to wealthy companies, and impose stringent laws on everyday items. They chastise us for not buying 50k electric cars or installing 20k solar panels. They make us go back to work vs telework even though science has shown that emissions were more than cut in half during covid.

  61. NO! You - anyone's very life matter! Like I could be all alone in all existence, I typing this message, I only ever knew what I knew with living as me, I could be seeing empty shadows around me for all I know. But. I would like to think maybe you do actually exist and therefore would not leave you behind, that's my religion, to believe that maybe you actually exist, that anyone else exist. I never lived as anyone else, I cannot logically say I am not alone as I only ever lived as me.

  62. I’m in New Zealand. Our conservatives and climate deniers here always use the argument that our impact if we were to make real changes would be negligible when countries like the US are doing shit all. Last week I read an article out of the US where their conservatives and climate deniers were saying that their impact if they were to make real changes would be negligible compared to countries like China and India. It was very disheartening.

  63. Doomism like this is more harmful than any other form of climate change denial, as it causes more people to give up out of hopelessness than it inspires to action.

  64. You have an excellent point and I agree with what you’re saying here. Too much news like this does make people scared and hopeless. I would know, some bad things happened near my home recently.

  65. "Wildfires and heatwaves wreaking havoc across swathes of the globe show humanity facing “collective suicide”, the UN secretary general has warned, as governments around the world scramble to protect people from the impacts of extreme heat.

  66. So how does the UN propose to stop this when the largest emitter, China, emits more than the next two worst countries combined and is only increasing its CO2 output and is regularly caught releasing horrific emissions?

  67. I am constantly reminded of 9/11 when I watch these videos - I can't believe that this massive disaster is 'actually' happening in front of our eyes, and we can't do anything about it :(

  68. Jfc, when I was young I never thought that rich people would decide that money was more important than a planet to live on.

  69. We really fucking living in that robocop/running man world. Soon prisoners can fight for their life to calm the angry masses.

  70. “But think of the CEO’s and shareholders?! How are they supposed to make money without raping the Earth?!” - climate change denying idiots.

  71. Its more of genocide actually , its not exactly the every day people that make the the choice , its the rich and their profits regardless of harm . And even if you try to help , production of lots of things destroyes way more then we can recover even if we try our hardest .

  72. It's the 'worker bees' that are in danger, not the 'upper class'. We didn't make enough for just day to day living, let alone an emergency, to keep our heads above water before inflation! Wages have been stagnant for years, but those corporations are still bringing in record profits every QUARTER. Not annually, Quarterly.

  73. ‘Collective suicide’ would make it seem like the majority of the earths population has any say in climate policy. We know that isn’t the case. Those decisions are being made by extremely old men with millions/billions to lose because the of reduced profits involved in cleaning up this mess. Those old basterds have no intention of stopping this madness because most of them believe they won’t live to have to deal with the results

  74. I love how corporations pump chemicals into rivers, earth and the atmosphere, but somehow I’m the one at fault. Like, I already exchanged my plastic straws for soggy paper ones, what else do you expect me to do?

  75. Theyve been saying this for 50 years and its coming true. Hell, even exxon admitted they were screwing the world. It's kinda like when Trump touted his vaccine he made and none of his moronic followers wanted it anyway.

  76. Are you living under a rock? More heat waves, more droughts, more floods and stronger storms, everything has been predicted exactly as it happens DECADES ago. If gas is your only problem wait until the food runs out...

  77. While I am worried about global warming, I am up north... imagine going to war with upper Canada or Siberia because they're the only temperate zones left;

  78. It will be difficult. People will die. Humanity will survive however. Please stop referring to this as the apocalypse, there is enough negativity already.

  79. NOTICE THE TREND,,, everyone blames someone else for the worlds problems, politicians, big companies, government etc.

  80. This kind of baseless alarmism is irresponsible from a person in Mr Guterres' position. We are looking at 2-2.5 degrees of warming until 2100 according to the IPCC report which might be a drag on economic growth but living standards will continue to increase globally.

  81. It's not about the average increase in temperature globally, dude. It's about the extremes of temperatures, as well as the much worse weather and other natural disasters like massively worse wildfires and their knock on effects.

  82. All of those 'world organizations' like to dramatize things, not to get them fixed but for control. The amount of money that they receive versus the actual amount spent into funding and research is mind boggling.

  83. This is what happens when huge profits comes before morals. Humanity is fucked, no amount of regulations, sanctions, or carbon tax laws can prevent this new apocalypse. Unless you can get the whole planet to have 100% clean energy in a year's time, then you better strap in for a dismal future filled with war, natural disasters, famine, disease and civil unrest.

  84. Let me guess this is my fault for being forced to drive a car to work when no other infrastructure is present and only increasing my taxes to 90% while leaving oil companies untouched will solve the issue

  85. Getting rid of billions of poors and then just moving to the many beautiful but previously too cold lands of the far north. Honestly sounds like a good deal for the elite.

  86. Ironic joke. The collective suicide is by none other than the anti human climate alarmists who will condemn billions of people to famine and freezing due to the planned energy crisis.

  87. Half the problem is the literal psychopaths running most of these corporations or high in government. They have no empathy toward others, and only care about money or power. Nothing is going to happen as long as they remain in charge. The human race along with life on Earth will only end up wiping itself out that much faster. And their solution isn't to fix the problems, but to eliminate large swaths of the population through war while making money on war. We are quite literally screwed.

  88. All the Americans who said "I can't breathe" in a mask during COVID should be rioting for when they will be saying "I can't eat or drink water" under climate change.

  89. Planet is at its natural warming cycle we happened to physically catch, just like we missed the cold ages. We have ACs.

  90. We're currently in the ice age that started about 2.2 million years ago. The ice age has glacial and interglacial cycles where the ice caps expand and retract.

  91. Funny how many people still don’t understand this basic concept…. Look to California for a perfect example of idiotic forest management.

  92. Based on the american right wing's climate change denialism and attacks on environmental regulation alone...they should be removed from the governmental structure. Unfortunately, they're still allowed to lie to their misinformed voters.

  93. Yeah, it´s humanity who faces this challenges but only a few select first world countries the ones who caused this, with China and USA being the main culprits.

  94. More than likely if you were someone to come up with a potential solution, you'd be removed/taken out/quietly disappeared, before you could finish. And if you were already in the public eye, a few fake or exaggerated documents here and there and you become the nutcase that "died/disappeared", and the majority of the world would simply go along with it.

  95. And half of the population, still doesn't believe in it? We are sssssoooooooo fucked. So my bet is collective frying suicide.

  96. So let me gets this straight. Humanities going bye bye coz of greed? Ain’t this wonderful. We are going to be killing people and practically wiping out human kind just coz of greed and selfishness. That’s great

  97. Folks in Cameroon and other parts of Africa have been migrating for years due to unbearable heatwaves. Deserts will form and masses will overcrowd cooler regions causing a scarcity in food resources. Probably not "collective Suicide" since its no ones will to die but decrease in life expectancy.

  98. All the problems in the world currently are caused by government. It's not coincidental that the only solutions offered are more and more government. Any tribalism or party preference you have, exists only because marketing made you think it.

  99. I hate to be cynical but it is too late - we don't "face collective suicide", we've already cut our own wrists and we are sitting in a nice warm tub with a bottle of chianti and a bubblebath while we bleed out. The best we can hope for is that the collapse will not cause mass human extinction.

  100. i worry about this every single day and feel utterly powerless as one single human being to make any significant impact other than choosing to never procreate. i have read that

  101. The greatest achievement the right has ever had was convincing millions of people that something as objective as planetary science is a “hoax”.

  102. Research shows Earth goes in cycles of cooling and heating. Then, there is the sun and it’s flares. What would the solution be then? There is no solution yet there are many things humans can do to protect themselves from extreme weather. We have populations in deserts and Antartica. Sure, we all can use a cleaner environment but i have yet to see people give up their cars, houses made of wood and fossil fuel produced goods. I hope this is long enough?

  103. I'm sick of everyone blaming governments and corporations for global warming rather than blaming themselves. We have the power to get together and change how we live. We don't have to wait for our the powers that be to decide to be eco-friendly.

  104. Imagine looking at 100 years of climate data and extrapolating that out in a linear and confident manner with “predictive” modeling. It’s a complete anti-scientific joke.

  105. 100% of humanity if the recent report on the extinction of plankton is true. We have roughly 5 years to completely reverse course with the oceans or its lights out by 2050.

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