1. I repair chromebooks for K-12 students at a warehouse, but in the air conditioned room. Got asked to fill in a spot in the shipping department for 2 weeks for a nice bonus for helping. I accepted and although it was miserable working in the heat standing at all times, I was fine with it.

  2. I started at a small manufacturing business in March 2020. We were originally wholesale, but opened a retail entity for e-commerce and it's been a HUGE boon during this turbulent year. My responsibilities and workload have grown tremendously and vary wildly from their original specifications when I started. Fortunately, I feel very valued and appreciated, and that isn't worth nothing. But you better believe I'm keeping all that "look at all this extra shit I've taken on over the last 18 months" in my back pocket for the next time I bring up my compensation.

  3. I was told by family when I was first starting my first job, never offer to take on extra responsibilities when asked. It rarely ever gets you ahead and people will assume that you are okay with it and start forcing you to do it/go directly to you to when they need the extra thing done.

  4. I repair heavy industrial equipment in a large facility. I really like the work but last year I got asked to help do an entirely new build and I thought it would help my career there This place isn't really experienced in new builds and there were a lot of problems and tons of really dull labor to do. I told my foreman that I hated this and wanted to go back to my old position and he said that I had no choice. I took some vacation earlier this year and when I got back I just reported to my old foreman, he was happy to have me back and nobody said anything. The guy running the new build either gives me a nasty look or doesn't acknowledge me at all now. Turns out I did have a choice, that foreman was just using bluffing and intimidation tactics. I had only been there a year and pretty much everyone there is a bullshitter so I didn't know what the rules really were.

  5. I repair Chromebooks for a high school, I've been here for the past few years and haven't grown or learned anything new and i am getting really bored with this job. Luckily a job came up and I was able to put in 3 weeks notice yesterday!

  6. Just for anyone unfamiliar with US law, you can collect unemployment after quitting a job if your job responsibilities have sufficiently digressed from what you were initially hired for.

  7. When starting one of my previous welding jobs the owner asked if I wanted to help out in the paint booth for a few weeks before I started welding. I flat out said no and that I would come to work when they had welding work for me to do. Had I started working in the paint booth 100% I would have been stuck there the entire time I worked there.

  8. Not me man. I can retire with a full government pension in 8 1/2 years (30 total at age 56). My wife said I don’t have to work anymore if I agree to cook and do kid shuttling (we have a 2 year old now). She always made more money than me so sounds good to me. Edit: I work for my State and wife is a Fed.

  9. I literally got t-boned (right into my driver's door) on the way to work after a guy blew through a red light. I'm talking to the cops and email a photo of my obliterated door and say "I won't be in today." And my boss replied "Can you take an Uber?" and then "Or maybe check and see if you can catch up tomorrow?" And ride share drivers are striking, btw.

  10. If I sent my boss that kind of picture with a caption "I'll be in late today" his response would be "No, you're going to the hospital to get checked out and I'll see you when they say you're healthy enough to come in."

  11. Even though your bosses boss is the reason your boss acts this way, I’d send that screenshot up the chain of command. You’ll be finding new employment soon anyways.

  12. I’m in my first job out of college. I work in a 4-year-old finance company which is supposed to be highly regulated but those regulations are not taught well to new employees. It’s a hot mess. I stayed because the people are nice but I feel most employees are not being set up for success to stay compliant with our own procedures. Internal controls are not communicated well. To be fair, we are trying to figure it out as a team and it is new to everyone. But still, the problems are not addressed well enough. I obviously don’t have the skills nor experience to make a judgement except on how I feel & I feel like quitting. There is a reward for getting through the tough times of a new company, but it’s extremely stressful now.

  13. I love my job, I consider quitting multiple times/week because, why not? When it's 3:30pm and I'm thinking about my garden, I'd rather not be working so I could go work in my garden for the half the day then maybe do some work-like projects just for fun, but I'd have to quit my actual job first to do that.

  14. I'm just getting sick of more and more micromanagement, my new manager saying I need to earn trust I used to have, and all because of working from home. Some managers need to see you in your seat doing work or doing nothing to be happy. Of course all this negative feedback comes right before time for raises...

  15. Just imagine going to a shop and haggling with the clerk that he needs to earn your trust for you to pay him for the product. He will ignore you.

  16. Trust is a two way street. If you don’t trust me, I don’t trust you. If you feel the need to micromanage then don’t get upset if I allocate a shit ton of my time leaving a paper trail for you to apply your metrics while putting aside the real work.

  17. Yup. This is so true. I was recently promoted to a bigger role after being under that ‘be in your seat’ type management.

  18. If you outperform your expectations, you’ll be lucky for 3%. If you do your job, you’ll be penalized because rent went up but your salary didn’t. Honestly the fact that 3% is or was ever considered a good raise blows my mind. Even if you make 100k, wtf kind of raise is 3,000 more? It’s like 90 bucks a paycheck extra. “Thanks for your hard work”.

  19. “Business leaders are thriving… which suggests they may be out of touch with their employees”. That’s hardly news really. Bosses have been out of touch with the workforce forever, and as they pressure their employees for more work for very little money, it’s hardly surprising that they’re loving it.

  20. We've been getting corporate emails monthly thanking everyone for their hard work through the pandemic and how sales are higher than expected despite the global chip shortage and how it's all possible because of everyone's hard work. They laid off a lot of lazy people for months and kept the hard working ones, when we brought up rotation so everybody got some time off, we were told we're too important to lay off. A month or so ago, after everyone came back they decided they were going to inform us that they basically cut our attendance points in half to weed out a few bad apples that were gaming the attendance system. So now, instead of being allowed almost 1 attendance point per month, we're allowed 1 attendance point every 2 months, that's how the new system basically breaks down. No pay raises or bonuses for our "hard work" and "sticking it out" through the pandemic, just nothing but an attendance rework and most of the lazy people came back.

  21. Yup. My industry is currently reeling because it’s impossible to hire anyone and somehow no one in charge can figure out why!! Could it possibly be that they want people with masters level degrees working for just above minimum wage? Surely not.

  22. The fact that they insist in working completely away from the front lines of a business is the biggest clue. Sadly, the amount of people who just shrug and take the place of those who quit is what pretty much keeps the problem from being solved.

  23. If you’re interested in ideas on how the workplace could be made better for people and all around more productive, I recommend joining

  24. You know it's really sad how unnecessarily business owners fuck every thing up for their employees. I would gladly work my ass off for an employer who paid me well, treated me with respect and offered a retirement plan.

  25. Banks are so bad for that. I’ve heard some very creative ways they try to get older staff to ‘self select out’ ie quit so they don’t need to pay severance for firing

  26. Just put in my 2 weeks on Friday. After 3 years of record performance leading my department and a total of one 2% rasie I had enough and found another job making 40% more with less work and better commute. Not to mention work from home 2-3 days a week

  27. Just did the same. 4.5 years, no salary changes, bonuses all over. Started a job moving up 2 spots, double the salary better bonuses, company with a work life balance and an attitude of we work to live, not the other way around

  28. Then again, people forget that, if your goal is to keep moving up/get more pay, starting at one company, and then moving across to another, is a hell of a lot faster than trying to move up within a single company.

  29. I keep hearing stories of everyone finding new jobs but I can't find anything that isn't a 50% or more pay cut. And I don't make an insane amount (50k) I hate my job, it's high stress, worked at a hospital throughout covid with no time off allowed and I'm just mentally broken

  30. Yeah, switching companies is the only time I've ever gotten meaningful raises. Sometimes workers don't value themselves and think they're maxed out at what their pay should be. But then you interview around and ask for more money and realize far better companies are willing to give it to you.

  31. How many times I've heard this story. I did the same thing after 3 years working my first job out of college. It's much more lucrative to change employers and negotiate for higher pay, I've done it about 7 times in my corporate career and gotten a significant raise every single time. I make 6x what I did at my first company man job, never had a meaningful raise in my entire life.

  32. Just getting into appraisal season with my employer. Que the "yes you are performing above your pay grade and no we're not going to promote you once more".

  33. I’ve been here a year and have gotten 0 bonuses and no raise. I’m not the top performer, but I’m second and operate with more specialized customers than others.

  34. Dude I put my 2 week's in last week. Leaving a company that offers no benefits for a $13/hr raise with full benefits. Such a good feeling. Fuck these employers that expect their workers to bend over backwards and work 80 hours a week for peanuts.

  35. Same! Left a job where i was pretty high up, not much room for growth. Massively overworked and underpaid. Took a job in tech this week with no experience and a 10% raise with modern benefits. Feels great to bail on being disrespected.

  36. Same - nearly 15 years and the majority were 2-3% raises unless I got promotions or changed positions…. Quit for a 30%ish raise. They offered nothing to keep me. Screw them.

  37. Congrats! I did the same back in May because of a very similar situation. I now work 100% at home, have a fantastic team and make 60k more than I did before. It feels like a dream, to be honest.

  38. You have to move on to move up. Sad state of affairs but it's been like that for a long time. Recently listening to a podcast about building agencies, the hosts discussed how management should be leery of employees who stick around in a role after two years without promotion or a significant raise. Their theory was these employees are either halfway out the door already or they have maxed out their potential and are content to stagnate.

  39. I got a new job just last week and I'm already thinking of quitting because the pay won't be as much as was advertised, and I can always find another minimum wage job

  40. Yeah this happened to me. My boss was so clueless he remember me arguing for higher salary and would hold it over my head anytime he felt I wasn't giving %110, but never gave me the higher pay correcting him was considered an excuse.

  41. I think the pandemic gave time for a lot of people to re analyse their life either by spending more time with their family or losing a loved one or being alone for awhile without social life masking their shitty work life. So for alot of people that shitty job just isn’t worth it anymore especially when some companies treat/pay their employees like shit.

  42. Time is the most precious commodity we have, and a lot of people don't get more then a couple weeks a year to experience anything outside of their normal routines, if that.

  43. This right here speaks to me. My quality of life despite pandemic isolation was so much higher last year when I had full WFH for 8 months. They called us in as numbers exploded anyway and I'm just depressed to be here anymore. The time spent waking up early, getting ready, commuting. Straight up it just sucks. I went without an alarm most of last year and I've felt exhausted EVERY GOD DAMN DAY since coming back. I miss my kids. My wife and I were in sync way more despite the stress of raising two toddlers. I ate better. I stayed up if I wanted to. I worked when I was focused and that sometimes meant 10p-2a at times, I walked once or twice daily. I was comfortable. I was happy.

  44. Why is this news? Worker's are treated as disposable by employers everyday. Why should workers treat employer's any different? Given the systemic stripping of worker protections world wide, and the continued stagnation of upward mobility what other recourse do people have? Unionize? Then they just close the site down and relocate else where. Even unions are being neutered with having the abilty to strike taken away in some cases. So yes people are considering quitting.

  45. IMO the reason it's news is now even white collar and tech workers are considering leaving. The downtrodden laborers weren't even a question.

  46. I have like no motivation for my job anymore. I don't care. There is no room for growth. There are hiring freezes in the field. The salary is 20-30K less than advertised. I am in so much student loan debt. Honestly. why fucking try.

  47. I'm just hoping to keep the hybrid schedule, only have to commute 1-2 days a week would great. Getting to work from home and punching out at 5 means I can get the chores during the week that I normally do on the weekend and I can actually rest and recharge.

  48. I had a job 4 years ago with a commute it was about a 60 hour week and 4-5 times a year the high way would be messed up and it would take 3+ hours to get home. I changed jobs 8 months before the pandemic that just went 100% remote. The pay is about 8k less then my last job but its 40 hours a week and the commute is zero.I save 520 hours a year on driving and gas and that is not including the extra 10 hours or work. getting 600 hours+ back in my life is worth losing the 8k but for sure I would never take a job not that was a little more with a commute or no benefits like I did before.

  49. I quit my job as a senior exec to launch a non profit. The whole corporate purpose trend is absolute bs. The only way to focus on your passions is to totally focus on your passions. No corporation is ever going to provide that for you.

  50. I'm going to call bullshit on the 67% of employees want more in office work. Fuck the commute, fuck the office, and fuck the managers that want me there.

  51. As a machinist, out job is important for making just about anything on the planet, yet they pay and treat us like we aren't one of the most vital parts of manufacturing get globally.

  52. You should ALWAYS be considering new work. Quitting without prospects only makes sense in certain situations, but always be willing to quit your job if there is a better opportunity.

  53. On that note, it's a great idea to interview a few times every year if possible. It's a good way to stay current with interview trends. Probably more important for certain industries but it's definitely true for hi tech.

  54. There is a difference tbh. Im open to better options but that doenst mean im considering quitting my job.

  55. Yep, always be looking for better opportunities or you won't find any. Best time to start networking for your next job is when you start a new one!

  56. Add me to that count. 15 years with the US Federal Gov and I am 1 second away from throwing away everything at any waking moment. I am so fucking done with work, with career shit, with professionalism. I just want to be happy, I want to quit and just experience the world with my girl friend and never fucking do this stupid rat race shit again!

  57. Because of shitty bosses and pandemic Ive quit my last job of 8 years and now im doing temporary work until September when im going back to school for a couple of years to get a diploma in IT. I Cant wait.. im burning up here and counting down the days until i can go back to school and learn something i enjoy doing.

  58. I'm about 2 seconds from not coming in to my union based job, and not bc it's unioned. We can't hire ppl, and this has been a problem for years. I warned our new director that the road she wanted to go down was going to lead to people quitting. She said she didn't care, and she hire people who followed what she said. Here we are 19 months later at 60% staffing levels. We were at 85-90% when she started. We've been trying to hire for a year.

  59. Always got great advice from my first mentor, but by far the best was after your first week at your new job, you should already be updating your resume and preparing for the next job. 2008 in the US showed that many companies have no problem letting go of tenured valuable employees, so why would anyone listen to their corporate jargon about job security unless you are in the C-Suite. Moving to a new company is also the only way to get a raise for many individuals within the corporate structure so no wonder people are leaving in droves.

  60. The Work Life podcast with Adam Grant has an episode on this. He argues that it makes more sense for employers to focus on ability. Just cuz you haven’t done something before doesn’t mean you can’t.

  61. With the world opening up to remote work in a lot of new areas, people are starting to have a bit more free time to assess the shit they have to go through each day.

  62. Big business picks short term gains at the expense of long term gains every single time. It's the reason why we're never ever going to try to solve climate change.

  63. My boss came up to me this morning, asked me if I was gonna leave too for . I said no, why would I? She said "oh well they're paying more". I said "oh, do you know if they're still hiring?" I'm not here for anything except the money, why the hell wouldn't I leave?

  64. I’m already looking. This pandemic has made my company put the same work load on fewer and fewer workers. Im losing sleep over the stress and can’t even relax at home. Time to move on

  65. Before the pandemic it was 53% but companies pay us just enough to barely scrape by so we cant save enough money to quit or go bank to school for a better job.

  66. If I’m going to be homeless while working a shit job at a company that doesn’t care about me, why not be homeless without the shit job that doesn’t care about me? Either way I’m fucked, but one way I don’t have people berating me all day.

  67. For me it’s going to depend on how my workplace handles the return to the office and the post-pandemic world. Things have changed substantially and the company needs to reflect that. If they don’t, yeah I’ll go looking for somewhere that aligns more with my values.

  68. I already told my boss that if they want me to return to the office I'll need a 6-7$/hr raise and 2hrs of OT for travelling. It is the only way that I'm going to do 3hrs of day wasting commute and 100$+ of gas. Where I live taking the transit is 2 hrs more per day than driving.

  69. They've found that alot of people hate their jobs and sensationalizing that they're not the only ones gets them good clicks.

  70. The push for a few months now has been largely to try to get the unemployment benefit bonus and extension removed - which in many red states it has happened.

  71. The company is either over-specifying the requirements/qualifications for the job, or low-balling the compensation for the job. Or both.

  72. I left an 80k+bonuses job to become an hourly worker and chase a side hustle. The costs imposed by the "good" job far outweighed the benefits.

  73. What is going on is it's kind of a buyers market right now. Lots of people hiring and IT actually pays ok. 70k is on the lower end.

  74. If you made 100k in 1990, you need to make 158k in 2021 for the same spending power. Sounds like a 100k+ time consuming job that’s underpaying. There’s a reason why you’re leaving after all

  75. I strongly suspect this is because large parts of the industry in the past have heavily relied on foreign workers coming to the US to fill jobs and with the pandemic that supply has been cut off. Consequently, companies where there is job growth and high corporate income are bidding up wages, and then this wage pressure is moving throughout the industry.

  76. My company is an aging dinosaur. We are only getting smaller and smaller, the company has "work force reductions" every 3-6 months, the competition has been poaching for years, people are emailing the president and CEO directly daily to allow them to continue to work from home, but they continue to try to run a tech company like a bank.

  77. The entire staff at a local Burger King walked out and quit in my city and just weeks before the entire staff at a dollar store walked out and quit.

  78. I think this study's numbers are off. I wake up every morning and consider quitting my job. Then I remember I have bills to pay and have to feed myself.

  79. This can't be anything new I consider quitting my job every single day I'm there and even when I'm not. The prospect of being homeless and starving however makes me think otherwise.

  80. It's like after a pandemic everyone decided wasting your life away to make some other prick excess wealth isn't a great way to spend 40 years of your life... Crazy to think.

  81. I did last August. Fuck corporate America. Fuck T-Mobile. Best decision I ever made, mentally and physically. Maybe not financially but I’d rather love life. Don’t hesitate like some of these other geeks. Take control of your life before it’s too late. You only got one and it can be taken from you at any moment. I was able to spend time with loved ones that are now gone. I wouldn’t have been able to do that before. No regrets and I’m happier than I ever have been.

  82. alot of these articles the last few months have not been helping my discontent with my job fucking me over ever since i got back from being furloughed during covid. have alot saved and if i take a small part time just to keep up appearances on my resume, i can tackle school again and actually focus on my health in a meaningful way. Just tired of it all. think ill finally make that leap

  83. When it comes down to either "Work all week and at the end be broke af" or "Sit on your ass all week and in the end be broke af" then most people will find another way to get by.

  84. I agree - options for all-office, all-WFH, or WFH/ofice hybrid, 32 hour weeks (for same pay), abandoning the idea that time in an office automatically = an accurate measure of how productive one is, no "always on call even outside of work hours" bullshit - but noooo, somehow, it's our fault if the CEOs want to make 500k instead of 499k, or something dumb like that, and it's somehow our problem if they can't figure out how to make it work.

  85. Well if they offered to pay more we wouldn't. Even 15 an hour isn't enough to survive, especially with hyperinflation coming.

  86. Work life has become super hectic and ever more competitive, ruining the mental health of those who let in and the self-worth of the ever-growing left out.

  87. I'm definitely considering leaving my job. There's nothing wrong with my employer however. But with housing out of price range for me and, mostly the loneliness of living too far away from family during the pandemic (I live in Texas, they live in Arizona), I really would like to move to Arizona. My priorities have changed. I lost my grandparents less than two years apart. One I couldn't go to the funeral because of covid. Increased isolation and feel really out of place in an area where everyone seems to ignore covid while I work at a hospital. Just the emotional toll has been a lot. So my employer is good. I'd say they are actually really good. But other things have taken priority and changed.

  88. Last week I went from considering to doing. I quit not only my job, but my career. It was a shitty career and I hated it. I think I saw about as shitty a side of humanity as possible from it. It made me lose my faith in people many times over, the pay was archaic, the people involved complete dickheads.

  89. Happy to have been employed during Covid considering how many below me weren’t, but now they don’t seem to want to hire people back but somehow I’m supposed to do the work of my job plus those? Yea, I’m out as soon as I figure out how to pay my mortgage.

  90. 41% of people they asked that weren’t afraid of being found out and fired admitted to wanting to quit. Fixed it. I just quit my job in retail and went to manufacturing. Best change. Much better work environment.

  91. I quit my job a month ago. Was making about 8k a month. I have nothing lined up and am going back to college to finish my degree. I’ll be pretty damn poor for a few years but I’m fucking loving my life right now.

  92. I did this a few years back to reset my life. I'm now enjoying an income I'd never dream possible; have a great time!

  93. Is this figure down from previous years? Thoughts of quitting your job has always been pretty universal.

  94. I just did it. Saved some money to live comfortably for the next couple of months, and I'm off to finish my poetry book. After that, we'll see what shall be.

  95. Who the fuck is weforum? I'm so inclined to implicitly believe the headline but I'm far more skeptical of this being clickbait hyperbole (41%? What was their sample size, and where did they sample?!), and I don't want to contribute to their ad rev.

  96. The job market is at the mercy of qualified candidates, it seems. I took the first job in my field that I was interviewed for 2 months ago. I found a closer job with better benefits and a 20% pay increase. I'll be mentioning that at my exit interview, so (hopefully) the next employee will get what they deserve.

  97. This is a weird take but I think working is outdated. Thanks to the economic boom after ww2 people say they can work and live in comfortable life. Now we're moving towards how it was before that where people would work a lot just to survive. People would rather be poor and not work instead of being poor and working. Values are shifting and I don't see this as a covid problem and instead as a societal issue.

  98. Perhaps it’s because I lack the experience of any insight beyond being a low-level project manager, but it continues to baffle me seeing companies choose to push their employees to their limits rather than sustain their (very basic) workplace happiness.

  99. I'm having to go back to a job here soon and I'm excited for a little normalcy after getting vaccinated but I'm still absolutely keeping as safe as I can as if nothing had changed.

  100. Heard from a friend that his company is doing a hybrid approach where you are required to be in office 80% the month and have to keep track of those days. He’s dusting off his resume.

  101. After no performance raise in this position for four years working in a customer facing role all through the pandemic I finally found a better job and quit. Management's response was to scramble to match my pay to try and keep me. During the call my market director went from questioning my passion and desire for my current role eluding to the fact that if my heart wasn't in it they don't want me anyway to saying how much they appreciate me. They made vague promises to improve if I stay but I've no trust they will. Good riddance.

  102. I currently have a job that made me 175k last year. I have my highschool with various job supplied certs. Im inside, In an air conditioned office with bursts of intense work periods followed by just sitting there for hours. Supplied coffee, Shit we have a "Fatigue room" to use for a nap if you feel tired......There are like 5 people all looking to jump ship from this position. I know people are sitting here thinking "Man i would literally kill someone for that job". I am angrier than ive ever been, im drinking an obscene amount of booze and its gotten to a point where its just not worth it anymore.

  103. I hope all those workers are listening to old farts like us who believed the system would work then finding out too late the system only works for the rich. Demand living wages and profits.

  104. I'm at the bottom of the totem pole. I've been noticing more meetings with 1 technician (me) and like 4 managers for 1 project.....guess who's doing all of the physical legwork?

  105. Quit my corporate hospitality job of 10 years a few months ago. 10-12 hour days for 2-3% annual increases, and “promotion” increases of 5-10%. Talk about a snails pace to retirement. Got my real estate license 5 years ago and have been side hustling since. In the last 3 months I made more in commissions than I did in a full years salary at my hotel job. Never looking back.

  106. I was so miserable in the “modern” working environment I structured my personal finances in a way that would allow me to retire as early as possible. I worked for decades in a very high demand career that fortunately offered somewhat fair pay and benefits.

  107. This is a useless statistic without the context of what percentage of workers consider quitting in previous years.

  108. 97% of them will not do it however because those bills don't stop coming just because you don't have a job.

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