1. I would honestly sleep better to king of the hill than futurama if that rowdy ass intro song did not wake me up every 30 mins. Futurama has frequent enough outbursts and yells and noises that you can play it on low volume and still catch jokes. KotH is mellow and the BAM! That next episode intros and then mellow again...

  2. Yes! Those are two of my favorite shows to watch while going to bed. Except I ALWAYS skip over the hot tub episode of American Dad. The songs always wake me up.

  3. Absolutely. My girlfriend constantly falls asleep to that True Crime show on A&E, but I find it a little depressing, so I’ll ask her to put on Family Guy.

  4. Yeah what is it with girlfriends and falling asleep to serious shit. I want adult cartoon comedy lol

  5. Yep. I switch it up between Futurama & American Dad. Have some of the weirdest dreams! Half asleep/half listening to the show; waking up slightly when the characters say over the top stuff. It's actually a pleasurable way to nap.

  6. Yes! All those and some live action shows like Battlestar Galactica, Better Things and oddly Better Call Saul. I rotate between shows every so often.

  7. King of the hill, Futurama, YouTube “watch later” videos. Usually of stuff like WoW lore lol

  8. It started with Family Guy, then American Dad!, then Futurama. Something about Futurama makes it my most frequent sleeping show. King of the Hill is another great one.

  9. Home Movies, Bob's Burgers & Dr Katz especially- it's written so well I can listen to the conversations. Seth mcfarlane shows r too negative & violent to enjoy while falling asleep

  10. I sleep to some kind of TV show every single night, have for decades at this point (just now do it with my phone and headphones as opposed to a TV in the room when I was younger/single).

  11. Venture brothers, bobs burgers, american dad, but venture is my no 2 almost my number 1, up thwre worh futurama

  12. You guys should also search for "generative ambient" and "fractal zoom" on YouTube. Let the randomness soothe you to sleep.

  13. I switch off to either Simpsons S1-S9 or KOTH. My gf is super sensitive to noise, so I now put in one airpod, turn the screen down, and drift off to sleep (where I'm a viking).

  14. Not those shows, but I like Rick and Morty, Solar Opposites, Inside Job, Regular Show, Bob's Burgers, and Close Enough. I actually just got back to Futurama. Sometimes I just have to change it up, as I am sure a lot of us do.

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