1. I don't think a lot of Europeans know what hot outside actually means. Especially when they criticize American usage of AC for example.

  2. Fellow American tea drinker here. Out of country travellers in the US will realize US hotels do NOT know how to do tea. Sometimes they provide tea bags in room (of laughable quality) but no means to boil water. Some coffee makers can do it but only through the coffee basket which is nasty. It tastes awful. When I first travelled to the UK I was in heaven with the good hotel in-room tea options. The same goes for China and Taiwan.

  3. Hello fellow American tea drinker. I also have an electric kettle. It can be set to different temperatures so I can have the correct temp for green tea days vs black tea days. I love my kettle

  4. I am a tea drinker and only recently bought an electric kettle. I didn’t like the stove top kettles as they are poor quality and difficult to clean.

  5. The yearly temp def depends on where you are, because here in the north-east it’s about equally hot to cold months, if not a little more cool than hot

  6. Kettle and coffee drinker here, coffee anytime before noon and tea any time afternoon is how I break it down personally. Have several versions for both depending on the time I have and how much zen I want to get out of making it. South Dakotan for those wondering

  7. We have an electric kettle and no coffee pot either. In the (rare) occasion we do make coffee, we use a French press, so we use the kettle for that anyway.

  8. We are a rare breed.. for iced tea though set it out in the sun. Suntea is the best! And in the west you can almost do it year round.

  9. I’m a coffee drinker not a tea drinker but I mainly do French press, moka pot, and pour over so I have an electric kettle and no coffee machine

  10. My wife drinks coffee and I drink tea. So we have an electric kettle we share and she has a french press for her coffee.

  11. Electric kettles changed the game, I love mine. I like to steep my green tea at like 180F so the temp options are so nice.

  12. Literally the only electric kettle I’ve ever seen in the US is the one my ex’s parents had. Her parents came over from the UK and the kettle blew my mind the first time they made tea for me. They used it to boil water for other stuff too, like ramen.

  13. Yeah as an American I honestly do not drink hot tea enough to get a kettle/teapot. I'd rather just heat up water in a pot twice a year than pull out an extra appliance from the cupboard that I barely use.

  14. I bought one of those le creuset enameled kettles that whistles when it’s hot. I love it. Old school vibes.

  15. I guess I thought tea kettles in homes were super common? We hardly ever drank tea, but we sure as heck had a kettle. Who doesn’t drink hot tea when you get a cold? Maybe my house was just was of the odd ones.

  16. I have a kettle because I make my coffee with a french press. And it's handy for tea and cocoa. I don't discriminate against any of the hot beverages.

  17. Electric kettles are the way to go imo. My wife and I are both coffee and tea drinkers and I prefer to use a Chemex for my coffee. So electric kettles make for the perfect appliance.

  18. You know you can just mix the tea powder right in the tap water, doesn't even need to be hot. Modern miracle of science.

  19. Me who drinks sweet tea, coffee, and multiple flavors of hot tea. Owning a kettle, electric kettle, coffee drip pot, and at work a keurig lol

  20. I have neither. I have a water cooler in my house that does hot water and that's what I use for tea. Think I might make some now.

  21. Funny thing is a hot drink cools you down more than a cool drink (apparently) Although it's rainy and cold for 10 months of the year in England so I'm just going by word of mouth

  22. As an American tea drinker I have both a stovetop tea kettle - which lives on the stove, a small electric travel kettle (mine can switch between voltages for international travel), multiple tea pots, and I buy loose leaf tea by the pound. But yeah - that’s definitely not the standard American household setup.

  23. American tea lover here: I’ll buy nice expensive tea and I still microwave the water. I have never used a kettle in my life for tea or anything else

  24. I believe that If you're a tea drinker in the States then you certainly tend to do it the proper way. I do not drink Lipton i buy my tea by the oz as loose leaves, i use a kettle and i don't use milk or sugar.

  25. See the ‘it’s hot here so we don’t drink hot drinks’ thing doesn’t make sense to me because Australia is big tea and coffee drinkers. You will see people sitting down at a café having a hot coffee or tea in the middle of summer.

  26. My inlaws are tea people, my husband and I are espresso based drinks people. It drives me crazy that my in laws make a big to do and need my husbands full attention to heat water for like 30 min every morning when they visit. I’m like it’s literally heating water. I’m pretty sure anything in my kitchen that heats can do the job, even the dreaded microwave (I refuse to believe that the water boiling in a microwave is any different). My mil kept buying my husband kettles before we moved in together but he doesn’t drink tea so there was literally no reason for him to have one and they always got gross.

  27. My parents use an electric kettle thing. My mom fills it up throws a bunch if tea bags in and let’s it boil. I think it’s faster then using a stove or microwave.

  28. Stupid people who don’t understand that the hot water is the same regardless of the appliance that makes it. Some idiot above even said he doesn’t see the point of a microwave for the purpose of cooking anything but a microwave specific meal as if he was confused about the fact it heats other things.

  29. What’s the difference from kettle and microwave the water still gets hot and microwave probably does it faster anyways.

  30. Electric kettle is way faster, electric kettle evenly heats the cup unlike microwave. Electric kettle boils multiple cups worth of water at once, electric kettle doesn't make your mug too hot to pick up, electric kettle doesn't require timing...

  31. Canadian here too, I have noticed people in Canada do this as well. I guess I’m not “bothered”, but I definitely go 😧 whenever I see it done. Just feels really weird seeing it, lol.

  32. Why do any of you care how other people make their tea? If you use a kettle, that's great. If you microwave it, that's awesome. If you boil water on the stove, cool.

  33. Every morning, I cut down some firewood, build a fire, harvest my tea plants, quickly ferment and dry them using sheer force of will, pool water in my hands, hold it over the roaring fire I just built, drink the boiling water, and then eat the tea leaves so that the tea is brewed directly in my stomach.

  34. Exactly. I’m making a mug of tea. I’m putting it in the microwave. It’s not my problem that British people are so chronically fucking annoying that they think I should buy an entire ass appliance for a function my microwave does better and easier.

  35. But especially in the UK it’s not just one serving most of the time, often times everyone or at least a few people in a household will have a cup of tea in the morning or when guests come round we often offer them a cup of tea and in those cases a kettle is much more efficient

  36. yeah I genuinely want to know what the point is in buying a kettle when I already have a microwave that heats up water in the same amount of time

  37. Lol I just put on hot water from the tap, once it’s hot enough I put in a cup with a tea bag. Let it steep for a little, add some sugar then pour over ice because I’m not fond of hot drinks.

  38. I'm from Michigan. I know one person with a kettle. We all just use a microwave for tea in the winter, and boil it on the stove in the summer for iced tea.

  39. Laughs in one of the other dozen accents that don't drop the harsh t and in many cases actually accentuate it.

  40. Not us brits thats for sure. Ever been to london? Nobody talks to eachother some get offended if ya try. Litterally hate one another 😆 🤣

  41. Every time I’ve tried to microwave an egg , it explodes catastrophically . No matter how low I turn the power

  42. Tell her to be careful, people have experienced really terrible burns and blindness because eggs tend to explode int the microwave and splash hot water everywhere, yes, even when they're cracked open or their yolk is broken.

  43. I have....just dont think i need to waste money or space i dont have on it when i can boil in a pot. I very rarely drink tea and i dont drink coffee.... nor do i have people over.

  44. We have 110 and they are on 220. Electric kettles don't work very well in the States. I got so used to boiling the kettle overseas that I bought one for my folks on a trip back home and the damn thing takes longer than it does to boil it in a pot on the stovetop.

  45. I'm British and I just found when I was 20 I was making tea wrong for all these years when I was told by my kiwi friend "you put in milk last AFTER you put the hot water in". 😅

  46. Yea, it takes 30 second VS waiting for a burner to go heat up all the way and then wait for it to heat the water, just to have to wait for the tea to steep. It’s so stupid to use the stove and literally does nothing different but take 10mins vs 30seconds. (Also we drink coffee bc you know, connected to South America and all)

  47. Is boiling water in the microwave different than boiling water in a kettle? Seems like a tea bag steeps the same, it’s all boiling water. Plus England shouldn’t be talking about anything, their food is shit. Seriously, best thing I ate their was Indian food.

  48. No we boil water on the stove for tea just the same as most. This is absolutely stupid and a weird way to project prejudice

  49. Have they never heard of an electric water kettle before? Or a stove pot? I’ve only heard of people microwaving water when they’re cleaning their microwave

  50. I am American and use a tea kettle. When others are over they find it funny and tell me they only see those in movies, didn’t know they actually exist.

  51. I do. I hate my teapot. Takes up shitloads of cupboard space, can’t wait to throw it out when my roommate moves.

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