1. Disney only named the movie Frozen that to change the search results when people tried to search for “Disney frozen”

  2. I can't believe there's not more outrage that we haven't heard the client list. His partner is convicted of selling children to nobody. I want the list. If it were a bunch of random rich guys we would've heard all about it. The fact that it's never mentioned proves to me that the list is extensive and full of names we know

  3. The marquis de Sad outlined this in his book "120 days in Sodom". He wrote that killing another human being is the most thrilling thing a person can experience and everybody should try it at least once.

  4. Mark Lester ( who played Oliver Twist in the 1968 movie "Oliver") says he believes he is the father of Michael Jackson's kids. This is an article about it from 2013.

  5. There's also a theory that Courage sees nothing but desert around the house, because Muriel and Eustace (if i recall the name correctly) are old. Courage doesn't get walked much, hence everything beyond his home is unknown to him

  6. World governments and intelligence agencies deliberately push more outlandish conspiracy theories (lizard people run the world, the earth is flat, etc.) to keep them in the public consciousness so that anyone trying to bring attention to more realistic incidents of misconduct and immoral/illegal activity can more easily be written off as a tin-foil hat wearing, conspiracy theory believing lunatic.

  7. People like Alex jones are controlled opposition. Make them talk aboutkizard people so that when they bring up pedophelia rings linker to politicians they can be laughed at and dismissed

  8. Ordinary lightbulbs we use in our households were weakened in quality of the tungsten filament. Why? Good working lightbulbs would last forever. They'd have lit up for decades before the chemistry would lose it's potency (Wolfram).

  9. Planned obsolescence is completely real and I believe the lighbulb planned obsolescence conspiracy is public knowledge now. The companies noticed a drop off in profit, got together and agreed to limit the life of lightbulbs for the sake of making money. There's also been propaganda about the "evils" of products that last forever and how it costs people their jobs.

  10. Blenders. Had a blender used by my great grandmother, she bought it when those tools were made to last. Only broke recently after 50 years of service. Now I'm lucky to have a blender work 1 year, maybe 2.

  11. At minimum your second part is pretty spot on. I believe it was the EU (or someone over that way) that made it a law that parts for certain things (like appliances) had to be replaceable and have replacements made. I am pulling this memory out of thin air so I'm sure I'm off the mark a bit. But yeah, planned obsolescence is an absolutely real thing.

  12. Exactly this, there were smaller lightbulb companies that were bought out by the big guys to prevent them from having longer lasting bulbs, a great example of this

  13. During as a kid, I’ve heard of this multiple times from multiple people. They would wait on side the road for tourists or by the trees and act as if they’re guides or locals and would manipulate them to get them deeper into the forest or mountain and kill them for sport.

  14. It is so true that there is a whole season in Supernatural making fun of it. A lot of people know this, but you can't stop the companies unless the government intervenes. Unfortunately, a lot of the government decisions are lobbied by the same companies.

  15. Mars company orchestrated this whole discussion on the M&Ms character because sales were poor and they need to get rid of too much product. Better to sell it “discounted” than throw it away

  16. There’s a Super Bowl in less than a month. Anytime a big brand does some weird announcement in January you can assume it’s a Super Bowl promotion and can be safely ignored.

  17. my mom and I bought Christmas candy at Walmart (like we do every year) and picked up the $3 bags of mini reese’s, etc. but we did not buy m&m’s because there were no $3 bags. Only $10. And it’s not because they were sold out/their section empty... there was no spot for the $3 m&m’s at all. We clocked it as a scam then & purchased something else so I can 100% believe it’s a conspiracy.

  18. The government was involved in some capacity in the assassination of MLK jr. Not because of his civil rights accomplishments (not mostly anyway), but because he was branching out into labor politics, which they found far more concerning.

  19. Epstein didn’t kill himself, and a fuckton of México’s government like that the “PRI” (a mexican political party) was behind the murder of colosio (they own candidate) and i can go on but i dont want to disappear for a week and apear inside of a water tank at the middle of a road… amo a mi mexico

  20. What are you talking about Epstein totally killed himself. All the cameras were totally down for maintenance and the security took a nice long break from their hard work. And footage from the day was totally wiped out due to technical issues and couldn’t capture the totally non-existent guests that visited the prison that day.

  21. Moana died during the storm. The rest of the movie takes place in the afterlife until Tifiti grants her life again at the end.

  22. They keep pushing the retirement age back to keep people from cashing in their 401ks and destroying the stock market.

  23. As in they're visiting? I truly believe there has/is/will be other life, even intelligent life out there just to be clear. I also love to think about the possibility that they come here to our earth. But do I believe they come here? I'm not so sure anymore.

  24. The US education system is designed to pump out semi-literate workers capable of enough critical thought to be useful but not enough to put big pictures together. We are propagandized to believe that employers are doing us a favor by employing us even though, by the core tenets of capitalism, we are selling our labor at an agreed upon rate. Work is a business transaction; favors don't involve paperwork. We also don't learn about union labors and how the history of the worker's rights movement got us the meager protections that haven't been eroded away completely by this point. We hear nothing about alternative economic systems except "they are bad and can't work" as if any of this was made to work for the benefit of commoners.

  25. So many school uniforms (tucked in polo shirt, khakis, plain shoes, and ID tag) look like minimum wage worker uniforms for a reason.

  26. Sounds believable. I know the guy who put into place public schooling in the US made some mission statement about not creating the next Einsteins but about creating the next factory workers or office workers or something along those lines. Essentially the original stated goal of public education was exactly what you said.

  27. That Tiktok was made by the Chinese government designed to steal teenagers information and make it as addictive as possible.

  28. In addition, its a convinient way to steel login dates with the built in web browser and key logger

  29. I think a big problem lies in the fact that we measure sentience by human standards, as in something has to fullfill the same norms of self awareness as we do. Maybe in the future it will be possible to connect to brains of animals and visualize their logical and emotional stimuli and through this see that much more is selfaware than we give credit.

  30. the doctor who killed my father with a botched cancer removal surgery that gave him sepsis also killed a man the exact same way a year prior. left holes in the stitches. dude is still working full time, has never seen a single repercussion. I wanted to sue, but my family had gone through enough already and it's so hard to win a case against a doctor. I totally believe they pick and choose to kill some people off when they're vulnerable. just another form of population control. and if they can't kill you off, they'll make sure you become a lifelong customer with medication payments.

  31. Yes, but I want to elaborate on this. The microphones of our phones run 24/7 to pick up a "hey siri/google", and can theoretically pick up everything. While there is no scientific evidence that's supports the hypothesis that this is used for data gathering, it could very well be in the next 5 to 10 years. At the moment, technical equipment in phones is getting good enough to pick up voices reliably even when in your pocket or with much background noise (those microphone exist for a while, but technology takes time to be integrated into our everyday life). So there actually is a security risk there, and with AIs getting more sophisticated, the massive amount of data that could be gathered that way, this data could actually be used.

  32. CIA assassinated Homi Bhabha (Indian Nuclear Physicist) and Lal Bahadur Shastri (2nd PM of India) to stop the Indian Nuclear Power Programme. It is also interesting to note that both the deaths occurred 13 days apart .

  33. Fox News gets paid by corporations to make fake outrage in order to distract search algorithms away from actual problem. Such as m&ms, look up m&m controversy and I bet the first search will be about the spokescandies and/or the new spokesperson, and not the child slavery that Mars is under investigation for.

  34. It’s not just FOX. Awhile back someone investigated it to find out where all the outrage over the red cups at Starbucks came from. Turns out it was a tiny nothing newspaper in a nothing little town in the Midwest. Some old ladies mentioned that Starbucks was killing Christmas. So it ended up as a CNN headline: CONSUMERS ARE OUTRAGED OVER RED CUPS. Outage sells.

  35. I think it’s most big media companies, buzzfeed is another great example. Shit, Reddit’s top subs are all rage bait and garbage too.

  36. I wouldn’t say as professional wrestling because I think the players would eventually have had said something. However, something in it is definitely rigged probably the refs, coaches, and someone else on the sideline

  37. oooo i've never heard the titanic one. I'm going to fall down an internet rabbit hole this evening i fear... What else is new lol

  38. That humans physically extend into the fourth dimension of space and that's where stuff like personality and soul and consciousness are.

  39. I don’t know if I would call it a conspiracy theory because I don’t think anyone is covering it up, but my most “out there” belief is I think it’s possible that humanity resulted from aliens modifying our more ape-like ancestors and that’s why we’re so different and mentally advanced than any other life form on earth we know of. Also Epstein didn’t kill himself any more than all those journalists who criticized Putin.

  40. Honestly, that's jsut common sense considering the sheer expanse of the universe. It'd be impossible for the chances for life to form on other planets to be zilch. I find it very hard to believe we're the only exception in the entire infinite expanse.

  41. I 1000% believe the overspending by the US government for the last 30 years has been an intentional effort to push over the US and western world economies so the powerful people can remake it into something they can control, so they can gain a new age of monarchies.

  42. That a small group of ultra wealthy individuals, specifically oil and media barons secretly have incredible influence over much of the international order. Not saying they control every detail of society, but this group invests, and has been investing, untold billions in climate denial, oil interests, and stonewalling genuine human rights, "anti-capitalist", and societal progress for the sake of protecting their money streams and amassing more wealth.

  43. I think the American military have already built working fusion generators, but wait until every last drop of oil has been sold and the planet to get dangerously hot before letting it be discovered by a public organisation.

  44. Body positivity is a psy-op by the pharmaceutical industry. Most diseases affecting the western population are lifestyle diseases. Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, even some forms of cancers can be mitigated by proper diet, exercise, and sleep/stress management.

  45. That's an interesting thought. I also think that body positivity is the natural pendulum response to the trends of eating disorders in the 80s/90s/2000s. But I never doubt that the pharmaceutical industry is scheming, they're always trying to push something.

  46. CIA pushed cocaine in South Central Los Angeles during the Iran-Contra era, knowing precisely the effect it would and did have on the community. (Edit: The conspiracy part is the second clause of the sentence)

  47. I think it is actually to create student loans that trap people in the endless debt cycle. Why else is it among the only kind of debt you can’t discharge via bankruptcy?

  48. for fucks sake can someone please tell me what the fuck a zodiac sign is and how they are assigned to people when i look it up its a bunch of fucking astrology bullshit that id rather not read

  49. JFK was murdered by CIA, Epstein didn't suicide himself and 9/11 being part of a US government strategy to declare war on middle east

  50. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, womens pants are made without pockets so that they buy purses. And I will die on this hill

  51. Indeed, shame on your spelling for being correct :p but in all seriousness you did fine, both words are correct!

  52. There is no THE cancer. Every cancer is a different type of cell starts dividing without control, which can sooner or later cause harm there or somewhere else.

  53. JFK Assassination conspiracy!! if you know anything about firearms or bullets etc. you'll be quick to notice the bullet that was "recovered" from the assassination was very oddly intact, unlike how it should've been, that being mangled and barely recognizable as the bullet it had once been

  54. Helen Keller was mentally disabled and used as a pawn by Anne Sullivan to push her political agenda. Multiple teachers tried before her with no measurable success. Even in 2023, the prognosis for someone born both blind and deaf is a lifetime of 24/7 assisted care. Well Anne Sullivan shows up and suddenly Helen has all of these things to say and what do you know, she’s a socialist too. Then Anne dies and the amount of nuance in her communication drops DRASTICALLY.

  55. Culture wars (racial tensions, LGBT, etc.) are continuously cultivated and segments of the population propagandized by mega corporations to keep the citizenry fighting against each other instead of wage suppression and wealth inequality.

  56. Michael Jordan was asked to step away from the NBA to prevent a gambling investigation and his father’s murder was likely related.

  57. 2.3 trillion dollars missing September 10th 2001 from the pentagon then all of a sudden the following day were just supposed to forget how all that money went missing who got paid for that and how was that not an inside job oh and then the missile hitting the pentagon I mean cmon I know what I saw I may have been 16 but it makes perfect sense oh and covid and everything else

  58. I don't know that I buy the missile idea, but 2.3 trillion and all of the evidence disappearing was no coincidence. I share that headline of the +2 trillion every 9/10. Think of all the money spent on military equipment and contracts as a result also. Some people became extremely wealthy because of 9/11.

  59. It's pretty proven that the Cia kills people. Examples are Gary Webb or the guy who invented a car that could run off water (can't remember his name it was in the 50s I believe) they both killed themselves after big breakthroughs they made and had no medical history of depression or other mental issues. In the case of Gary Webb it's even more extreme since he allegedly killed himself by shooting himself in the head twice.

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