1. I don't really like my neighbors much so I could definitely keep and feed him. I would be a little bit concerned though, I have 3 cats already and I don't think I'd be able to squeeze into bed with all 4 of them.

  2. look how hes sitting too! I've gotten to play with baby lions and they are just like giant kittens 🥺

  3. I have often joked with my hubby. Why do we buy our kids toys when they play more with the boxes??? Spaceships, helmets, robots, sledding on the slope of wet grass…? My kids are older now. One in the Navy, and one just graduated University and has moved away. I miss those days of yore. I have no idea what toys we bought them, but the crayons & markers, duct tape & the boxes …( sprinkled with imagination & a blanket or two) …. I can recall the beloved boxes more than anything else with a wistful sigh…

  4. I'm not a cat and I keep nice boxes in one of my closets. Because they might be useful sending items or returning defective products etc.

  5. It’s all in how you raise em’. My neighbor’s aunt has a tiger and he’s a complete sweetheart, wouldn’t ever hurt a fly. Did you know tigers were initially bred to be nanny cats?

  6. His forever home can be right there. If I take him home he's going to make my forever home on his stomache until I'm forced out the other end. No way.

  7. My 80lb dog eats about 120 bucks of meat a month...multiply that by a 300 pound cat aaaaaand my wallet just ran away.

  8. I'll take him! I'm sure he'll get along great with his human big brother (that's actually called) Tiger (but in Swedish so like Teeger)

  9. Cue the giant robot mechas. We have the technology! Now, we will pet the extra-dangerous cat2.0 and it will be glorious!

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