1. whether the mermaid is white or black, these people complaining 100% weren't gonna watch it, "it's a little girl's movie", so why the fuck is sunglasses inside for their facebook pfp all snowflake about what race a character is?

  2. Unfortunately for these people, it's not really about the product that is the movie as it is more the far fetched implications that white people are somehow expendable and replaceable with minorities.

  3. TBF, Motoko and Batou and several other characters are not intended to have a Japanese ethnicity. But, point taken.

  4. That one was so silly and over the top I honestly didn't care that much. There was one with a similar title that Ridley Scott did and he was like "I'm not gonna hire a Mohammed what's his face" or whatever and that pissed me off more.

  5. Honestly, I don’t even think live action Ariel looks that out of place. She has very Disney facial proportions (wide mouth, high cheek bones, big eyes). She pulls the fantasy Disney mermaid look off regardless of race.

  6. Ha, I never noticed that, but you can really see it in the side by side here. You could trace her facial features and it would be a perfect Disney princess. Yet another reason the outrage is gross, as I guess even idealized proportions are unacceptable to them as long as it's a poc.

  7. Also, I've seen people getting upset on behalf of "underrepresented redheads" but like, she still has red hair. Absolute nonsense.

  8. That also came from how a tribe gave him honorary membership cause they thought he's cool. Which is neat but still not actual heritage. One tribe can be like "yeah totally fine cause depp is rad and we're being acknowledged" but that doesn't help the rest of us who are upset when we get whitewashed. It's the classic issue of how one tribe or native person does not speak for all of us.

  9. Who's the second guy? I'm intruiged by an Arab comic character that isn't just a stereotype in a niqab or "harem pants" (COUGH COUGH Dust and Qamar and all the rest).

  10. Ra's al Ghul, he's a villain who runs the League of Assassins. It's been a while since I read the comics but to my memory he's the poised mastermind type of villain and he and batman have a kind of mutual repsect for each other's intellect.

  11. While you're at it, please make the movies good. Fuck the people raging over this casting choice, but this movie most likely is a piece of shit, like every other live-action remake. Disney doesn't give a fuck about POCs and is willingly creating division for

  12. I’d make the exception with snow white and cast an albino actress for her (regardless of race) but yeah, what happened to “casting the best actor for the job?” She’s clearly a talented singer

  13. This meme is missing Bane, a Latin American character who was played by a white actor and Black Adam, a Middle Eastern character who's being played by a Samoan man

  14. The Tibetan one really pissed me off because Disney whitewashed the character specifically to avoid Chinese censorship

  15. That really sucks; I love Tilda Swinton and thought she performed well in the role, but a Tibetan actor playing an explicitly Tibetan character would have been a huge improvement. I didn't know this was the reason for the change, that's super lame and disappointing.

  16. I'm a white guy, I probably won't watch this movie but hear me out. I never really liked little mermaid, and I haven't been impressed with the live action adaptions so far. I hate going to the movies alone and etc. Long story short I don't wanna watch it, but I see the reactions of young girls with darker skin and their absolute joy of someone like them being a mermaid princess and that reaction right there is why movies like this SHOULD exist. Sure there's probably some exec making bank with no care at all other than meeting a diversity quota but if this movie succeeds it'll be because the people behind it front and back saw the impact they could make and worked hard to make it.

  17. You don't understand, in those first 4 examples, they clearly just hired the best actor for the role. But in the 5th, they made it political - there is no way a woke actress can be good! And after all, the life-action Disney remakes are of such impeccable quality, that casting A Woke will absolutely ruin any of them.

  18. Suppose it makes more sense this way. Brings a whole new meaning for king Triton warning her to stay away from the surface law enforcement.

  19. Man, I’m glad I don’t hang out on whatever part of the internet that this represents, because that does sound annoying. I was under the impression there was actually a lot of outrage, at least concerning Johnny Depp playing Tonto and Tilda Swinton playing the Ancient One. The big difference of course is that Johnny Depp and Tilda Swinton don’t really have to struggle to find work, and being barred from these roles wouldn’t realistically affect their career prospects.

  20. Everyone forgets that Bane is famously Latino. Like the guy has futbol scores memorized so that he can think of them in the event someone tries to read his mind. Hell half of the reason he never takes his mask of is because he’s a fucking luchadore

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  22. Reminds me of those people that complained about the new saints row game because they had to switch gender and color of the main antagonist from a black lady. Given the option to be a white dude, but it wasn’t the default

  23. What hurts the most about this movie is if I say I'm not looking forward to it, frothing racists think I'm on their side.

  24. This really shows how absurd and sad any argument from these douches crying about Ariel are. The only explanation is racism.

  25. Big facts. And also while we're at it let's talk about how tf is Tom Cruise the last mf samurai?!?! What kind bull shit is that?!?

  26. this posts just illustrates how hollywood will cast white people in ethnic roles 99.9% of the time. like is this meme creator aware that their meme advocates for a black ariel, or are they just that fucking stupid?

  27. I admit that personally I don't care about this type of whitewashing too much. But Depp as a Native American is an insane casting decision, how much cocaine does one need to come up with this

  28. The director of Ghost in the shell swore up and down that his version of Motoko wasn’t Japanese and even gave her a whiter sounding name, but the twist was that his version of motoko was japanese but they put her brain in a white robot body lol

  29. In the comics it's shifted back and forth a lot. Their heritage was just used as an excuse for some 'crazy gypsy magic!' type stories in the made-up region of Wundagore (which has now been retconned to be around Latvia) and a sexy esmerelda-type outfit for Wanda in the 90s. Them being roma was just part fo their characterisation as weird, shady anti-heroes who were foreign in a nonspecific sort of way.

  30. Wanda is not always Romani. That was a few different comic arcs. The MCU version is specifically from a fictional Eastern European country, Sokovia. Since her country of origin is fictional, nobody from that country could play Wanda. This makes it impossible for her to be whitewashed. The others I agree are whitewashing though

  31. That logic is sorta weird. The franchise that white washed her also invented a fake country for her to be from so that's not white washing? Huh? I mean, in the comics I'm pretty sure her mom was Romani and a concentration camp survivor.

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