1. newer videos are pretty shit but their older videos were informative and amazing, like the up to speed etc but now they are just making weird tik tok style hacks or reacting, even their fans started to unsubscribe and complain on

  2. It's entertaining and informative. The entertainment part helps to keep it interesting. I learn much more from their videos then reading a Wikipedia article on desmodromic valves. That's why I like it

  3. It’s more than likely an expanded horizon story like the top gear one which links in with the playlist for points.

  4. It will probably include all the cars from the current hi low series, truck and car included as well as the money pit series.

  5. YouTube channel about cars, they have a formula drift car, I don't remember which one, but there is a donut sticker on it in Horizon 5

  6. I personally predict it's going to be a series and horizon story, like the update that added drift club. Considering there's going to be 6 cars and the fact they teased about getting their faces scanned in, that would likely be 5 cars as rewards from Series 12 (or 11 if they really want to put off the Street Race themed one) and 1 car to get at the end of the story. I honestly don't get why people are even coming to the conclusion that it could even be an Expansion, like what kind of map would they even do?? Expansions aren't even directly based on real world locations anyway... (also side note the day I was shown a tweet about this, I was daydreaming about driving Lo-350Z hours before so that's pretty silly)

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