1. Agreed. Also In terms of no build I do think blake and scoped have a chance of placing very well. They came second in the last trio no build cup. So I won’t be shocked if he can get himself a top 10 in no build.

  2. Who cares, shit like this is what drives esports. It's cool as hell to se former pros "anointing" the next generation, and then seeing those kids succeed.

  3. I think it also goes to show that pros really have an eye for true talent. Benjy played with Veno in trios when he was a rookie, same with Mongraal and Mitr0 picking TaySon as their third in trios, Bucke and Mackwood swapping out Khanada with Peterbot, etc.

  4. 😂 laughed so hard at this! Why do you think they’re pros it’s literally probably one of the hardest games to be a pro in they damn live in there rooms

  5. That’s none of their business lmfao theyre literally kids and it’s not their job to do that and I’m sure none of them even want to get involved in that considering they’re only there to play a video game,meet ppl, and have fun/make money

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