1. I don't think it was him cheating necessarily. Last season he pretty much got gifted a mythic ar that quite literally made storm surge 300 times easier and on top of that a pretty busted poi. Now with the current season having a drastically different meta, a not even decent poi and zero rotations besides grappler some people might say he just got set back to reality this season

  2. He’s not a bad igl lmao he’s just immature as shit and can’t keep a duo bcuz he always snakes and now it’s catching up to him

  3. I wonder why weenerbot and bylah got back together aussi was saying they hate each other and they had so much beef on twitter even after winning fncs and now with the new anti cheats they aint gonna qual lol

  4. peterbot thought he was bugha trying to snake an fncs winning duo one day before an fncs qualifier 💀

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