1. Setty winning on the tie break because he beat Kami in a 1v1 is insane. Great rounds today really fun to watch! So glad LANs are back.

  2. Great event, really enjoyed watching it. You couldn't get Hollywood to produce a better finish than two teammates finishing level on points at the end! Have to say fair play to Veno aswell, seemed like everytime the stream went onto him he was fighting someone... Then disengaging... Then going back in for more. He certainly wins the 'most entertaining' award!

  3. Mr savage washed!? Coming in 6th?! When he’s not even grinding the meta atm!! Whaaat! Thats crazy that to me only proves that hes a goat and still one of THE best solos players out placing veno who is a fncs champion and grinds the game!

  4. Props to Archie on getting 31st place. Content creator playing who did more partying than preparation outplaced multiple tier 1 pros. And he should have even won a game if he didn’t fully milk the final 1 vs 1 against ThomasHD.

  5. That’s why lan’s are the best. Might have to comeback to this game and go pro in Zero Builds I’m way up on the kovaaks leaderboard

  6. Setty was a deserving winner. He's one of the hardest working pros in the scene and was dominating noble customs. The moment that won the tournament was in

  7. I personally found the LAN very boring, it felt more like a bootcamp than an actual lan, no official stream , no povs and everything was all over the place and not planned well , like random people were literally walking around behind desks and kids like khanada were screaming across the room lol

  8. I think the lack of official stream was the most glaring thing lacking and I was honestly quite shocked. But it’s always fun when we see lobbies with players from all regions playing on equal footing

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