1. I still think that season X had the best battle pass concept. Old skins remixed just like how the map had old locations remixed.

  2. Agreed along with season 7, the season X map was imo the best map we have ever had the gameplay was just trash, season 7 map was also good but planes were a hit and miss until they were nerfed

  3. I’m honestly hoping we get another battle pass with a similar concept of remixing older skins, but obviously more updated (and using skins from later chapters than SX).

  4. I think the best BP concept goes to C2S2. A team with all of the characters connected to each other, with the BP screen being their base. Deadpool hiding in the air vents was a great bonus.

  5. As in you didn't play or you played but didn't but the BP? If it's the second, why not just buying it for the free vbucks? Also, in a game where skins cost around 2k having even a single skin you like in the BP for 950 is a steal

  6. Yeah I think you’ve found the problem. There is no consistent theme in one single battle pass, like how tf are spider man and a llama related in anyway

  7. Honestly I think every single skin they've released battle pass wise in chapter 3 has sucked, the only skin I can remember is the rock tbh

  8. I think chapter 3 season 2 is probably the best pass imo because it has no bad skin other than prowler, no shit meme skin like lt llama

  9. I think Gwen and Paradigm was what made me get this BP cause I love Marvel and I do like the characters related to The Seven. Apart from that, meh.

  10. I feel like it’s pretty the same as other battle passes get like 2 usable skins out of it. Not bad. All skins isent for everyone I get it

  11. Throughout the last week of Chapter 3 Season 3 I was joking that they couldn’t make a worse battle pass, when this one was revealed I was flabbergasted.

  12. As someone who got into Fortnite a bit this season. These are all very lame and I have no desire to try and get the extra skins.

  13. I like most of them. I played Bytes almost the whole season. I've liked most of the back bling, contrails, and loading screens too

  14. I got it for meow skulls, some creative stuff sprinkled but overall bland. Imo Gwen is uninterestin the bear wouldve been better to have a hatch to come out of instead of just being there, idc bout the anime skin, i already have the older paradigm which is better and the dude transforming into a girl was an ok idea but not that interesting.

  15. Honestly, yeah it's pretty bad. I'm probably only ever going to use lennox or twyn if even that. Every other skin was an archive for me.

  16. I really do NOT agree with this, especially considering the boring shitshow that was last seasons battlepass, these ones are much more interesting.

  17. This is the first battle pass in years I didn’t buy. I kept thinking I would as the season progressed but I never did

  18. Agreed. Spider Gwen is my most used skin this season because it was the only good skin. Lennox Rose wasn't half bad but the rest can go to the dumpster for all I care. None of the other items seemed good either

  19. Out of this battle pass, my favorites are Lennox, gwen, and Stryder…and I guess the herald as well. I don’t mind meow skulls but I’ll probably never use her. Grizz and bytes are the worst ones

  20. Yeah this battle pass seems like they just took all the lowest rated survey skins put them all in the pass and slapped Gwen at the end just to get sales cause if they were in the shop separately nobody was going to buy them. Lol.

  21. Yeah, all of these skins are very weird in a lot of aspects. And it seems like they just added a bunch of bad rated survey skins because they know that everyone will buy the battle pass for Gwen

  22. Yeah I dont really like it. It's the first battle pass I intentionally haven't bought after almost 5 years of playing. Some of the skins are ok, but the rest are really lacking. I'm sad too because for as much money as I've put into this game, it is not as fun as it used to be... hopefully it gets better

  23. Unique doesn't mean good. Bytes and Grizz look terrible, Twin looks quite bad and lacks skins. Lennox is mid and has nothing particular other than being cel shaded (which isn't unique). Meow Skulls and Paradigm are fine. Gwen is collab so doesn't count.

  24. This is the only pass, ever, that doesn’t have not even a single skin that I’ll ever play as. So yeah it’s the worst for me.

  25. And just to prove different views are available, I think I'll use two skins from this pass going forward where usually I use one or none

  26. Funny how every single person has a different opinion on which pass is worst and seeing people say this is not surprising at all

  27. I didn't even get this Battle Pass. None of the skins were interesting to me, besides Spider-Gwen, but I'm not gonna grind through 100 levels for one skin.

  28. With the mask on, Paradigm looks great, Spider-Gwen is a generic crossover, Lennox is okay due to the fact there were other cartoon-y outfits, the Herald is honestly a great secret outfit, and Twin' normal style is the closest thing to a normal outfit since C2 S3!

  29. I agree, the only ones I like in this battlepass are gwen and paradigm, the rest are archived from my locker. I especially hate the emo cat

  30. Lennox and Gwen were the only saving grace for me in this one. Herald was awful though, probably as dogshit as Darth Vader + Indiana Jones last pass. Darth Vader’s walking gesture was the most lazy thing I’ve seen in my life, it was literally the normal walking animation and a song. So comparing to Gwen’s acrobatics just makes me feel like even if this pass was not that good, it was a least better than last pass.

  31. Personal I disagree, but I can understand why you'd say that. None of the skins really jump out at most players as "WOW I gotta have that". The only reason I even like it is for Meow Skulls. All the other skins kinda fall into the "rot in my locker and never touch them again" category aside from Gwen and maybe Lennox. But shit like Bytes and Twin I'll probably forget about a week after the season ends. If I truely had to pick a worst BP, it would probably go to C3S2. Genuinely not a single skin in it that I'll ever touch

  32. u mean Demi? ain't no way i mean it's probably ch. 1 nostalgia hitting me but Demi was a pretty cool skin to me. thought the dress she wears (i believe it's a qipao?) was nice alongside the robotic arm she has too.

  33. It’s definitely the worst. I only like Lennox and she’s the only one I have a preset for but even she could’ve been better… Spider Gwen was the biggest missed opportunity when they used the movie version instead of the comic version, never been a fan of Brie Larson as the paradigm personally, only thing I liked from The Herald’s set is the emote, Twyn is forgettable, Grizz is wack, and Bytes and Meow Skulls were instant archives.

  34. Fortnitebr users put more effort into finding shit to complain about in the game they know they're still gonna play and spend money on daily than finding some fucking bitches

  35. Passes have been on a Decline since Ch2 S4 In my opinion. Although Ch3 S2 has probably been the best pass Since Ch2 S5.

  36. alright, alright. we know people post this ever and such BUT CAN WE AGREE OF DISAGREE? bc I FCKING AGREE. WORST BATTLE PASS EVER

  37. Its not the worst but it is pretty trash. Forgettable skins, bad secret skin, bad past lvl 100 skin styles.

  38. I thought it was fine, and liked it better than the last season. Love Paradigm, Meow Skulls, Lennox and Gwen. I like Grizz's design, but haven't used him much. At least there was a lot of variety. I really don't give a crap if there's a theme.

  39. Last one was worse tbh. I like Twyn’s female style, the male just looks creepy to me. Lennox isn’t for me but it’s aight. Meow Skulls can jump off a cliff. Bytes sucks. Herald’s fiery style is damn cool. Paradigm’s helmet off styles can dive off the Eiffel Tower. Spider-Gwen is straight out of SpiderVerse which is my favorite movie so I may be biased, but it’s a great skin. Grizz is nice.

  40. Same, funny how in "bad" seasons, people use more than 2 bp skins fron said season, yet i cant find a single redeeming thing on this line up

  41. Nah, the one before it was way worse. Most of the ones here look ready for a fight, while the previous pass looked like a freakin' Gap catalogue that Darth Vader stumbled into.

  42. Admittedly it's not amazing, (which is definitely a bit disappointing considering it has the most Female Skins of any BattlePass with a whopping SIX if you include Stryder) but I enjoyed it.

  43. Jones was great, Laura Croft was awesome, Raz looked cool all purple, Spire Assassin looked cool. The chicken makes a good Easter skin. Sorry was it a pretty solid battle pass.

  44. I hate it at first but it grew on me. The only thing that bothered me is that there’s only ONE chrome themed skin (Bytes) in a chrome themed season.

  45. Twyn's pastel goth style is one of my all-time favorites now, so this battle pass is good enough for me

  46. Respectfully disagree. Grizz is dog water I'd prefer a peely reskin even if I might never touch it again. U at least can spare my eyes.

  47. Ok. Unpopular opinion, I liked the battle passes cosmetic wise. Lore wise, only bytes and the seven stuff made sense to me. So good cosmetic wise, dogshit lore wise.

  48. I honestly think this is the worst opinion ever, there's literally nothing wrong with it. Tire 100 is great, secret skins is good, tier ones extra styles are great. Bonus rewards are top tier.

  49. Gwen is decent (not as a tier 100, since it’s a sponsor again), Meow Skulls is ok, Bytes is questionable but can be good with the right combo, Paradigm is good with the mask, Twyn is kinda cool, Grizz is a bad attempt at a meme skin, Herald is lacklustre and don’t ever talk about lennox rose

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