1. Will probably sell my current setup and start a fresh build in the T1, maybe even watercooled. If i win that is.

  2. I need another t1 for my new parts water cooled pc n.3 T1 : 5800x / 6800xt Meshlicious: 5900x / 3060ti fe T1 v2? : intel probably..

  3. If I can get my EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 XC3 into the T1-Reference then I'll move my PC from the NCASE M1 v6 I have now.

  4. Just joined and saw this giveaway. Looking to build my first true Mini ITX build and I've been tirelessly researching cases. Would love to buildup a T1 in Titanium! Just scored a 3080 FE after almost a year on the hunt!

  5. With the T1, I'll be making a new build for my brother as he recently showed interest in building a computer, and an sff at that for his first custom. It would make for a fun project for us to do together.

  6. if I won, this is the best case I ever had, I will buy the new intel 12th gen motherboard and cpu to put it in.

  7. I will transfer from the TU150 to an actually SFF case and use it for modelling, rendering and games.

  8. If i won this case I’d pass my v1 t1 down to my brother whose going to need all the space he can get in his new college dorm! Good luck to all.

  9. Build a travel-friendly SFFPC that holds its own on its specs and poison my friends to start building one as well.

  10. Im building a sandwich style no RGB gaming machine. My 30'series gaming X Trio only fits in the V2. Don't have insta though. Titanium + sandwich gang

  11. T1 V1.1 was already great and I did a dual radiator custom loop with some decent gaming hardware … But now, with T1 V2.0 I am going to push the limits to the extreme - My dream build:

  12. I dont know if I posted already or not so ill just do it. My goal is to build the ultimate pc in the smallest form factor possible which I deceided to be the t1. im able to fit my 240mm ek aio in there and I already purchased my motherboard and psu to go with the case.

  13. Move my pc into a smaller case so I can easily travel with it has been a dream for a while, but now as I look to moving out do to career opportunities I want a pc that isn’t an huge thing.

  14. My plan for building my very first PC has come to a halt due to the rising price of graphic cards. Shortly after, I discovered T1. I am really amazed by the novel design of this system unit and glad that I had a second thought on rushing to build a PC. Therefore, if I am fortunate enough to win a T1, I will use it to construct my very first PC.

  15. I am currently using my first case ever, Corsair 4000d airflow with 3080 fe and 5600x with 280 AIO. As I have not used a SFF case I’d like to dive into this, but I’d like a suggestion as to which design to go with. But, I’d then want to create content on pc components even if not to grow and become this popular content creator. Most importantly just to record my journey for personal purposes related to why I ever got into PC gaming in the first place.

  16. I've got a 2080 and 8700k + waterblocks and two 240 radiators already. If I win one, I'd build a dual radiator watercooled system in sandwich configuration.

  17. It's time to give my system a proper home, my diy case, mostly made from scrap wood, doesn't really do it anymore. Maybe i get lucky and win one.

  18. Make it into a good travel pc so I can still get work down and stay longer while visiting family and friends in the home country!

  19. I just found out about this case a few days ago and i love it. Would be great to win one for my next pc build.

  20. I know it is not the most recent hardware, but i just recently got a good deal on a 1080ti and a 8700k. Just missing a nice case now :)

  21. Would move my current hardware to the t1 and finally try my hands on water-cooling. I wanted a small, watercooled pc for a long time now, the t1 seems like a great contender for that.

  22. Hopefully if I'm lucky enough to win, I'll also be lucky enough to get my hands on a 3080. It'll be my first ever pc build, but I want to go SFF because I'll need to move it weekly.

  23. Missing 63 more followers. Tell your friends, brothers, sisters, uncles, cousins, your boss, your wife/husband, ...

  24. I’m about to enter university to study engineering, I would build a 3D workstation for all the CAD work I’ll do! Hopefully 30 series cards will be more available soon for that as well.

  25. I am an architecture major and am currently working on a very render demanding NFT collection. I will turn the new T1 into my workstation PC for content creation!

  26. If I would win the case I would be unbelievably happy. As it would be the first time winning a giveaway. Furthermore I would love to build in such a high quality and premium case. As my love towards ssf computers and computers in general has hugely developed since the pandemic. Also I would downgrade (or upgrade if you want) from a nr200. Good luck to everyone!

  27. Transplant and then upgrade my current pc when I can get hold of a gpu. Probably try to mod the case to cram the largest air cooler possible.

  28. Current Formd T1 got to many battle scars due to constant been upgrading my system. I’m also quite tired of the side panels always failing on me when mounting them on. If I win, I will make a YouTube video on what to expect if you’re coming from the T1 version 1.1.

  29. I always wanted a T1 for my Ryzen 5950X build, but sourcing one proved (close to) impossible. I didn't have many options, so I made it work with a Jonsbo A4, but it feels way too large. The T1 V2 would look amazing on my desk. Hopefully... one day... the (close to) impossible dream will come true.

  30. I will build a "dream" all AMD open loop 1440P high refresh rate machine. 5600x / 6900xt ultimate, its going to blow minds.

  31. If I win this, I will watercool my pc components in this case and make it the cleanest setup I can possibly do!

  32. I'm going to wrap my computer up into a case finally! I had to move it out of the M1 because the GPU didn't fit with the side panel on, and during the wait for this V2 I've been using an Xproto. I've always wanted to go smaller (despite how small the M1 already is) but thought sandwich was performance-compromising and didn't really want to move to liquid cooling because it would require even more research. After a while and seeing other T1 builds I realized this was the case for me.

  33. Well if i get it i will replace my laptop with it. I have been saving for a new pc for a long time now. And this will be a great way towards finally getting it done!

  34. I wanna Build my first PC with an RTX 3070 FE so i wanted to buy the V1, singe its the only sff case with proper cooling support for the FE, but didn‘t chance to do it

  35. I’m moving to Ireland - where the apartments are smaller and the desks too - and am starting my first SFFPC build!

  36. If i win the t1 v2 then I’ll finally have some space for the quick disconnect combined with full sized fans. The thought of a performance difference t1.1 vs t1 v2 is killing me already. Save me! 🙏

  37. I have been wanting to make the move to the SFF world and the FormD T1 is the case I'm wanting to use. Building in such a smaller format looks more challenging, but I'm sure it will be a blast!

  38. I had an eye on the FormD T1 basically since it first released, but never got the chance to buy one. Could build my first sff PC if i were to win one.

  39. I would probably take my mATX rig that gets way too hot and somehow cram it into the T1 Sandwich Titanium - probably gotta buy a few new parts for that.

  40. Currently using an old node 304 case with a bunch of modifications that barely holds together. A T1 would make an awesome successor for it :)

  41. I've slowly gathered enough parts to to build inside a formd t1 v1.1, but if I win this, it'll be the v2.0 and in white or two tone!

  42. I usually visit my family that lives miles away. This case could be great as my companion everytime I visit them. I've always been a gamer, formd case would be perfect so I'll have my rig with me everytime, and anywhere.

  43. I'll do a custom Loop build with external cooling. Looking forward to display the GPU waterblock, and keep it as portable as possible

  44. My FormD T1 v1 is my favorite case to build and carry around as my portable gaming setup during travel. I hope to purchase the V2 In Titanium when it is available to continue the trend.

  45. I would use the case to create a mini-ITX set. I tried to choose components to keep as many of the mini-ITX options as possible. Unfortunately, but with graphics cards it starts to become a problem. More specifically, the high TDP of the chips makes it impossible to use reasonably small heatsinks and single fans. To make matters worse, the current situation in the GPU market is downright disastrous.

  46. I’d love to move my build of 5900x and 6800 reference from v1.1 to the V2.0, one build for my desk and the other for the living room!

  47. Anxiously going to attempt an air cooled T1 build based around the c14s cooler, as it’ll be my first itx sized pc.

  48. I'd switch from my Velka 7 case, to accommodate a more potent cooling solution and gpu! I love the looks and especially all those different cooling solutions the T1 offers.

  49. If I win it, I will gift it to koen_777, because I know for sure he will build the best SFF pc you will ever see in your life

  50. If I win this, I will build my first true SFF pc, using the best SFF case so far and replacing finally my old broken Fractal Define Nano. On top of that I will probably make my first custom loop since I've seen so many good ideas and builds on Reddit with this case. Good luck everybody✌️

  51. I'll build a living room gaming and media PC that fits in nicely with my AVR and speakers! 🙏🙏☺️

  52. Ive had full tower ever since i built my first PC 6+ years ago. current have a Phanteks Evolv X but I'm tired of having such a large metal box on my desk that i rarely even look at. The T1 is a beautiful minimal SFF case that will pair perfectly with my 3080 and my 5800x 😍

  53. Have been on laptops for the last 8-9 years. Been busy with the salary grind so have made due with work laptops and an old mid tower. Though since corona started I've been wanting to get back with a SFFpc. So If I were to be one of the lucky ones I'd start a build that would get back into the virtual world with vigor :- ).

  54. I put as many frickin fans and radiators in it as possible to cool my 3080 Fe with Ryzen 7 5800. And to top my room heater i put 5m of RGB strips in it to get max fps!

  55. When I first saw this case gorgeous case, where Optimum Tech managed to fit in a 3090 card, the only thing in my mine was "Da...DAAAAMN, I NEED THIS SHIT". quickly got disappointed when found out this beautiful piece of art would not fit my ROG RTX3090.

  56. I would build pc for game development. Probably with AMD parts so it’s easier to cool for a given level of gpu performance and I have many extra cores for virtual machine stuff.

  57. I'll be downsizing my current system and then using my old case to build my father a work station.

  58. I am a student who is studying overseas and periodically fly home for months at a time. The 2018 MacBook I currently use for everything has serious thermal issues - it has been dream of mine for a while to build in the T1 and be able to just take it under my arm as a carry-on when boarding a flight. This would open up so many possibilities that are just currently out of reach.

  59. Have been gaming on an old laptop for a while now and I helped my brother build his computer in the first T1 so I would love to get a chance to build my own in the new one with him!

  60. I will finally be able to stuff my 3080 into a case that it fits in. I had it in a DAN A4 which I had to cut the frame and take the side panel off to fit my MSI 3080 Ventus. It looked jank but worked. I'm currently in a ~15L Lian Li Q58 and it's just way too big IMO.

  61. I'd finally build a gaming/productivity rig abroad, it would make my university experience much more enjoyable! First time going for sff and water cooling, sounds like it would be a very fun build.

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