1. I've dropped 2kg in a week to make weight. It wasn't fun. I had to weigh in at 7am on a Sunday so I started a water cut as follows: Monday - drink 4 litres of water - add 10gms magnesiom at one stage, eat 2 bananas and 3 apples Tues - 5 litres again with magnesium and 3 bananas Wed - 5.5 litres plus magnesium and 3 bananas Thu - 6 litres of water plus 15gms magnesium and 3 short black coffees. Cut all carbs today Friday - 7 litres of water and 20gms magnesium. Have some dandelion tea and reduce meal portions. No carbs today. Saturday - only 800ml of water to be drunk throughout the whole day. You basically just want to keep your mouth wet. Have a few short black coffees and another dandelion tea. Plus a light dinner. Sunday morning - weigh in.

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