1. 1/4 oz in silver, salmon egg and 🎶 black and yellow 🎶 are my top colors. Silver seems to work better on clear skies, darker colors better in cover.

  2. All good suggestions definitely what I would throw. Even a bobber and single salmon egg or waxie or Berkley trout dough on a egg hook. Or drift it with couple split shots

  3. That’s my go to. Red and gold. Not sure if I catch more trout on this lure because it works better or because I use it more often but either way it’s the lure I throw out first.

  4. No one here has ever caught a trout in their life. Lil Cleo. Only thing you need. Get that Mepps nonsense outa here.

  5. Gotta start somewhere, and sometimes it's best to go back to the basics before dropping the funds to build your lure and bait collection(s) for other options

  6. Fellow basic bitch fisherman checking in, other night I used a small piece of work to catch a small bluegill, then live lined him out on a drop rig and nailed a nice 5lb bass, wtf all these guys talkin bout lures?!?!

  7. Whatever the hatch is coming off and that depends where you are. If not flies panther Martin black or yellow with red dots. If legal, worms on the bottom or under a float

  8. What a beautiful river. I fly fish mainly so would go with a hopper dropper set up of sorts if I saw any risers or go with a bugger. What state is this in if you don’t mind my asking?

  9. This is in Montana at the Gallatin River. I fly fished there today and I got three bites in 7 minutes. It is an amazing little fishing hole

  10. I'd drift it. Drift bobber with bead stoppers above and below. Triple swivel with lead on the bottom, and a semi-floating bait on a leader. The lead should bounce the bottom. Start long, and if you're getting hung up too much start moving the top stop bead down a few inches at a time.

  11. I’ve had luck with spoons casting downstream and reeling against the current, but I have read the opposite advice on this sub.

  12. Bouncing in-line spinners and spoons off the bottom all day long. Looking for seams, current breaks and Eddie’s. Also if you can manage to hit the upstream side of deep holes and use the current to swing spinners and baits in there.

  13. Rooster tail or mepps spinner. Also if have a couple spinner baits handy. A small one and a normal size one both back or dark blue. Also the rooster tail I'd throw would be a white one and a multicolored one.

  14. I would fly fish it, if you know what’s bugs they’re hitting then fish an appropriate dry fly, but if not try to find out what nymphs they like and throw em in on either a dropper rig or with an indicator, however if the fish are more so feeding on smaller fish I’d fish a wooly bigger or similar streamer

  15. Panther Martin will catch fish but your line will twist up no matter how good a swivel you put on. I use a small needlefish. Frog pattern is my favorite

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