1. As a LGS owner, it stings when I see online retailers doing a sale where they're selling at below my cost. It's a weird dynamic though because online gun retailers literally can't exist without LGS's doing transfers. My solution was to focus more on pre-owned guns, do consignment sales, and stock more accessories.

  2. Local gunstores around me are garbage. Overpriced, insanely overpriced not oh i need to make a little money. .223 (not 5.56) just .223 fmj pmc is still $16.99 a box for 20 rounds, same stuff PSA is selling for $7.99 a box.

  3. Do you have to pass a background check every time you go to buy ammo in your area too? No matter what type of ammo?

  4. I can’t really afford the adoption fee, do you think they’ll mind if I come and pick up a bunch after hours? I promise they’ll be taken good care of.

  5. Wish it was do easy a 12 gauge rifle costs aporox 20000 INR last time i checked and the bureaucracy greasing palms costs over 100000 INR.

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