1. Rifles? What rifles? All I got were empty cases. That is very concerning that rifles are missing from a military armory some where. Very concerning. I hope you find them Special Agent and or Officer.

  2. As soon as I wrote this I got a message from someone on here with a picture of a beautiful woman and account was created 28 August 2022........LOL. Alphabet boys going strong on this one.

  3. I would definitely have returned those eleven fully automatic rifles that were given to me by mistake. Eleven.

  4. If I where sent a box of military grade, fully automatic m16's I would lock them away in a safe untill I needed them

  5. You’d need better protection that a safe. A new addition to the house and pouring the foundation over them perhaps.

  6. My first thought too. That is a big F-up to go unnoticed in an armory during supplies mandatory vault inspections. There is no, oops. Can’t find these. Just order 6 more it’s ok.

  7. Let me put it this way; if I just put the crates away in my shop like I do most of the stuff I order, and say I never opened any of them, how would the government ever prove I opened the one crate with the guns in it?

  8. When they search your stuff and find the guns, you're getting charged. Doesn't matter if you knew about them or not. They're on your property.

  9. Whatever you plan to do, don't talk about it online and don't talk to the police if and when they show up. Just stfu and call a lawyer.

  10. No I wouldn’t keep them. The second someone reports that those cases weren’t empty the atf is gonna come assfuck whoever ordered one from that website.

  11. Just like the inert mines that got sold on gun deals only for one to have a training fuse go off in an airports freight area. Everyone who bought them got knocks from their local EOD.

  12. I would’ve given them to someone else kept the box, idk what y’all are taking about the storage box came empty idk how my neighbor Jeff got 12 fully auto ARs it wasn’t from me

  13. Five years, twenty, forty years down the road, some O-4 is going to be doing a very thorough inventory, and openly admit that he doesn't have the rifles he signed for.

  14. Oh Someone knew. Just someone didn’t plan on them being sent to auction or didn’t win the auction. Military Armors don’t not check inventory. Someone right now is pealing potatoes or cleaning latrines with a tooth brush.

  15. Bullshit. Hundreds of empty plastic cases and you can’t tell the difference in weight when one has six M-16’s?

  16. First mistake was not contacting a lawyer first. Call a lawyer, develop a plan to surrender the eleven rifles

  17. One thing being missed on all the comments, the full crate will weigh heavier than the empty ones. Unless no one moved them separately and it was moved pre-palletized. I would be hesitant to keep them figuring the alphabet boys bugged it just to screw with someone.

  18. It would be the same as when cops sieze ̶5̶0̶0̶ ̶4̶5̶0̶ ̶2̶5̶0̶ ̶1̶0̶0̶ ̶5̶0̶ ̶2̶0̶ ̶5̶ ̶ 1 pound of pot

  19. If you wanted to keep everything "legal" could you technically strip the guns down to to just the lower before and hand in the full auto lower only since it came inside something you own. Or does the entire gun still count as government property?

  20. Would you risk that? Then they’d probably get you for tampering as well as possession. If you’re going to return them, IMO it’s best to just turn them in completely untouched. If I was going to strip them, I’d melt down the lowers and burn any evidence.

  21. That padlock design blows and can easily be bypassed open. Worst case, it's only 10,000 possible combinations if you're feeling lucky.

  22. I can guarantee that if I had bought those, the rifles would have gone someplace safe away from my residence (that only I know about) and the cases would have stayed at my residence. “The fuck are you talking about? Missing rifles? I don’t know shit about missing rifles. I have some rifle cases. You telling me someone bought rifle cases that had M-16’s in them? Seriously? Select fire huh? Damn. Someone fucked up bro. Nah, I don’t know a thing about it.”

  23. Yes I would. Leave them in the case at the bottom of the pile in the barn and if anyone realized they were missing claim we hadn’t gotten to that case yet

  24. They should've also called their congressional, and senatorial representative to figure out how something like this happened. If it happened to the rifles, what else is inadvertently getting into the hands of people who shouldn't be getting them?

  25. I like to play this game with kicking a seemingly empty suitcase in a trash heap and finding it's full of cocaine. it would be helpful to get some of this kind of extra mail in that scenario.

  26. At least the dude should have been like, “There happened to be some parts kits inside.” Then should have had them on semi auto lowers and hit the auto bois somewhere.

  27. Weapons/other sensitive items aren't tracked by their nsn numbers, they're tracked by their individual serial numbers. I could be wrong but I think any M16s still in use would be M16A2s which are three round burst in lieu of full auto. Maybe these were slated for destruction or whatever else they do with weapons when they retire them but I find it highly unlikely that some arms room is missing a dozen full auto weapons. 🤷

  28. I would have turned them in but asked to keep one or two as a reward for turning it in. If I’m lucky they would agree to it.

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