1. What a fucking lying bitch. Their are 300mill + guns in the US, if US law abiding gun owners were the issue you would sure as shit know about it. Fuck this POS.

  2. They want a reaction, they want everyone to finally tip, and to give in validates every claim, every action they make and take.

  3. Ha, she's trying to used the way the coward-ass Uvalde police did nothing as a reason and did she really say "their concealability"?

  4. It’s even worse since their putting the pictures of the victims in the backround just to hurt more peoples feelings and emotionally manipulate them into supporting this bill

  5. But conservatives would never stand on the graves of children to advocate 2a. Don't get me wrong, I'm pro 2a, i just think hypocrisy is funny.

  6. Speaking as a black man whose grandfather and grand-uncles used guns to defend our family and property from the radical operatives of the Democratic Party (aka the KKK) in the Deep South in the face of Jim Crow gun control legislation designed to deprive them of them right to do so…

  7. And I and every LAW ABIDING OWNER have done nothing to have you tell me I, WE, are criminals for wanting the same weapons you hide behind as try to take away our rights

  8. God the "weapons of war" thing pisses me off the most. The AR-15 has literally never been used by our armed forces and you already can't buy a M16 (unless you have fat stacks and it's pre 1986).

  9. "I am not against the 2nd Amendment..." Now that's some hypocrisy. I don't think the Second Amendment means what she thinks it means.

  10. Why isnt a solution from either side to hold the government agencies that dropped the ball on these mass shootings held responsible? Uvalde pretty obvious the police failed along with the stoneman douglas school resource officer who hid, Texas Church shooting 2017 when the Air Force never filed the dishonorable discharge paperwork that would prevent the gunman from purchasing a firearm, Sandy Hook, Stoneman Douglas, San Bernadino and many more all had numerous warning signs plus reports over a year or more from concerned citizens about these guys committing mass shootings and the FBI and LE dropped the ball, and many more incidents have shown that the government in some way shape or form dropped the ball. Yet neither side is holding the government accountable or asking why these systems in place aren't working.

  11. I wonder this as well. I'm no longer surprised and only disappointed when I see that a new shooter had been reported on to the relevant authorities with proof, way ahead of time and nothing was done.

  12. Approximately 440,000 Americans die every year from tobacco related products and 35,000 plus deaths of those are from secondhand smoke. If democrats truly carried about lives they would Ban "Assault Tobacco ".

  13. All I'm thinking about this is that if my child was in buffalo and there was a school shooter, my whole family would be there right away with the "assault" weapons you wish to ban and maybe then less children may have been killed, but instead guns are constantly are given bad press to the point that people are discouraged from owning firearms which means they wouldnt be able to save their children if it came down to it. I probably didnt phrase this all the best but my point is that if a person wants to fo a mass shooting with an ar-15, it doesnt matter if the hun is banned or not, they will find a way to get the ar-15 and shoot up the school. And by banning these guns you are prohibiting me from being able to defend my own and others while not changing the number of mass shootings. Just my take on it tbh

  14. Is it just me or is anybody else no seeing she didn’t even mention the right mass shooting? She is saying the Buffalo mass shooting but referring to the one in Uvalde. If she really cared about what the fuck she was saying, you would think she would at least have the mass shootings right

  15. You’re concerned about my weapons of war while a delusional Alzheimer’s patient has a nuclear arsenal...and the other large nuclear arms holder is actively invading and murdering citizens in Ukraine. Fuck those AR-15’s though, they’re the real danger…blind leading the blind

  16. If she thinks that everyone who owns ar15s would willingly give them up she is dreaming. Using her logic the military would have trouble trying to steal them from the people who have them without collateral damages.

  17. If any Democrat says to me that Democrats do like guns... I beg to fucking differ and here is just one peice of proof... the AWB passed the house today with well over 200 votes... if that's not indicative of Democrats intentions... I have NO idea what is...

  18. This is the same dumbass that wanted NASA to have the Mars Rover go visit the spot where the astronauts planted the American flag.

  19. If these type of guns are considered "military weapons of war" then why do police carry them? So, they can rule with an Iron Boot on the necks of the American people.!

  20. Speaking as a person who hates the government I'll take at least one cop if they try to take my shit there are more of us than there are of you. Fuck around and find out

  21. How about we spend some money securing the schools? Upgrade every school and day care with Metal detectors, high security doors and bullet proof glass, install cameras and hire surveillance teams.

  22. Yet per CDC in 2020, 91,799 overdose deaths. Of which 68,680 caused by opioids. 45,222 firearm deaths. 24,292 were suicide, 708 ruled justified and 535 accidental

  23. The cops in Uvalde did nothing because they probably figured the shooter had a 'weapon of war'... ahhh... so then take my gun away? You can't fix stupid, but you can vote stupid out of office.

  24. Its weird how shooters usually go to places where they know no one has a gun. Huh. Like that one dude who tried to shoot up a mall. Got stopped almost immediately by concealed carry. Words and laws don't get results, an armed populous where a shooter doesn't want to get shot is a perfect system

  25. I love how she recognizes the right to form a militia but then says they only want "manually operated firearms" to be allowed. SIG just made the deal for the Spear program which will arm the us army with the most advanced assault rifles chambered in 6.5 which would be absolutely no match for a militia with bolt action bullshit. Makes zero sense to me

  26. Saying the words “gradually remove these” means nothing will happen and this will have no affect just like the last AWB and she knows it.

  27. Why don’t you read the constitution before holding a judicial council… it’s actually quite short.

  28. These same people trying to take guns and rights are the same people uneducated om the subject, they give false statistics and false information about the subject at hand. They know nothing, they want to get rid of these in order to have more power and control over the people. They use the media to put out this false information as well and the media will find any idiot thats served thinking they know about firearms that's never touched an m4 or m16 for 20 years, and think just because they were in the military they know everything( ie some retired general that can make an ar fully semi automatic, that does not know how to properly hold). They send money and arm other countries, but want to disarm us. They just let the taliban have all our weapons and ammunition and vehicles like it was nothing, like we haven't spent over 20years over there. I was over there and felt betrayed after seeing this bs. But these people keep getting voted in because the people who vote for them know nothing. The left is getting away with everything because they can with no repercussions

  29. "We are reasonable people wanting to start a reasonable war with citizens who have committed no crime other than possession of a tool we have reasonably decided they are unfit to possess without any reasonable cause because any reasonable person knows that it is reasonable to disarm a populace to maintain reasonable control over their reasonable and manageable lives."

  30. She can stand there and yap all she wants…No one will take our rights. Especially when we collectively resist. The pen is mightier than the sword, so we need legislators with a backbone, but make no mistake, there will be no taking our rights. It’s not up for debate or compromise. NO COMPROMISE.

  31. Lol at this point I already know you are dumb as a bag of wet rocks and I feel kinda sorry for you. The world must be a hard and scary place for you hun. I hope the best for you tho despite your.. Shortcomings. Its been an honor to talk to you, sir! It's not everyday you meet folk that are the reason for all those warning labels on like.. Hair dryers telling you not to use them in the shower an shit. I find your survival.. Inspiring I think? Good luck hun! ❤

  32. I love how the only time these anti-2A Democrats can string together coherent and complete sentences is when they're reading from a script, even if everything they're reading is a load of emotional bullshit. But any time they are asked on the spot questions in interviews or reports it comes out as incoherent word salad that never makes sense.

  33. Once again, there are 300 million LEGAL firearms in the US. If legal,gun owners were the problem it would be wildly known and handled differently.

  34. 1). "We are reasonable people" lmao!! Biggest crock of Sh*t ive ever heard!! There are soo many more issues we could be working on that could help the american public but the democrats just want to divide the people even more than we already are!!

  35. The dems are either trying to spark a insurrection and they'll use it as a justification for all out ban. The difficult part in this scenario IMO is navigating their bullshit without giving up anything.

  36. taking a page out of the abortion handbook: there are not two sides to this subject, nor are there reasonable restrictions. just as the life and body of a woman are inviolable, so too are our right to military grade firearms. the right is absolute. No more concessions.

  37. Well well well, fellow democrats. You should tell your guards to leave their firearms at home. Oh wait, you wouldn't like that. We all agree that protecting our selves is important

  38. Just shows you how stupid and ignorant she is the AR-15 was created for the civilian market in 1950s the military did not start adapting it until 1965

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