1. Captained Cancelo, didn’t have salah, took a hit for a player who blanked and somehow still did better than last week lol. Awful, awful season

  2. Tiny green arrow but it could have been so much better. Alas, Pep and Cancelo conspired to prevent my Salah(VC) bald cunt and weird square cut headed prick.

  3. Somehow ended up making up grounds in my ML even with Cancelo captain...Gabriel and Zaha saved my GW

  4. Got KDB this week and was planning to return to Salah next week for the Southampton fixture but now people in the ML will just think that I'm just some casual chasing points based on last week's performances.

  5. The goal of this game is to get as many points as possible. Nobody cares whether you do it the casual way or the sophisticated ‘elite’ way; as long as it works.

  6. Safety score for top 10k is 58. Safety score for me at 1.2 million is 59. This is the first week in 3 weeks that it has been lower than the legendary manager's safety score, and several weeks longer since it has been lower than the top 10k safety score. FPL is frickin' weird this season.

  7. 23 points for me in 4 games I've started him since GW5. Not even an avg of 6 points a start. For 4.3m what a SHOCKING transfer it has been. I would go one step further and call Dalot owners clowns 🤡

  8. Salah with 80 points in 13 games this season despite Liverpool in the worst of form. Such levels of consistency will probably never be seen again; he’s simply the FPL GOAT.

  9. Kane has been a consistent 6-7 pointer every GW and I applaud his efforts but I think it'd be better to bid him adieu for Salah after the WC

  10. I think that might be the way to go. It’s gonna be tough to have 3 premiums after the break and he doesn’t have a World Cup to go to

  11. Ive had a decent gameweek all things considered but those 2 posts by perisic really hurt, such a big game player i was sure hed return

  12. I was furious when the servers went down ten minutes early because I couldn't change my weekly wildcard team. I still had Kepa, Mitrovic, and Toney in my team - they were all guaranteed to score 0 points.

  13. Deserves what? The players I was able to get instead of him have outsored him by a long shot. Of course he is going to return the odd time but 13m for inconsistent returns? No thanks. I don't have an ounce of regret getting rid of him.

  14. The last 3 gameweeks my midfield has had a whopping 1 return, and that was Martinelli last week. My stubbornness over holding Mount and Bowen has just fucked me over, whilst peeps like Almiron and Trossard are getting consistent returns.

  15. Last 2 Gws have costed me pretty much everything I was building. I was closing the gap between me and the first fucker on my mini league since I didn't start till GW 2, but he captained salah I captained Cancelo and that really demolished every progress I have ever made.

  16. Cancelo captain. Andreas White and Ward on the bench. Got Wilson for Toney. Sold Zaha for Almiron instead of Foden.

  17. Still seething about Haaland and Foden coming in late and blocking Andreas and Gabriel on my bench, fucking 23 point swing.

  18. Finally a good week with 83 points! Downvote me if you want I don’t even care now. I’m just happy to win one after falling off from 100k to 1m over the last few weeks

  19. Congrats! 52(-4)=48 here, that'll be 4 straight red arrows from 132k to about 535k... Salah(C)+Foden -> KDB(C)+Rashford(-4) really fucked me up... But the future awaits!

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