1. Me checking the fictional class schedule for my fictional characters so often I consider putting it in my phone like it's my own goddamn class schedule

  2. The second one is so true!! Also: freaking out when someone tries to peek at what I'm writing, closing my notebook or locking my phone at once.

  3. I once put my arm in my mouth to hear how the words a character I'm writing would sound, whose talking while biting on a sword handle.

  4. I just spent 20 minutes researching the possibility of indoor plumbing in a medieval setting for a story about a girl who wets the bed.

  5. *Spends hours looking up cultural and time period things as well as a wiki for the fandom for intimate details like diets of characters, weapons, and appropriate titles of social hierarchy hoping to make my worldbuilding consistent with the world I'm writing it from*

  6. My favorite character in one of my favorite games is there for a grand total of 10 minutes tops, dies, and is never mentioned again. She's only given a name in the extras menu. I have written several fanfics about her.

  7. I'm not "playing with dolls!" I'm arranging these ball-jointed figures into realistic poses to figure out whether it's anatomically possible for A to get his mouth on B's dick while in this position. It's for my writing.

  8. "That character who just obviously died? No, it turns out they're fine. Oh, you'd like to know how? I am so glad you asked. *clears throat, and schedule for the next hour*"

  9. Moments after watching a new movie or show: "Well fuck whatever I'm currently working on. I'm now inspired to writing something with this show and setting!"

  10. Yeah, I know he attempted genocide, is a narcissist (and possibly certifiably insane) in canon, but in my AU he has managed to fix his issues and is an awesome brother and teammate...

  11. In my writing, I introduce characters without explaining anything about them but expect the readers to understand vague backstory references.

  12. Oh yeah, you're suppose to describe how someone looks and sounds when you first introduce them. God I hope I remember that when I writing my first original story.

  13. "I just looked up how long it takes to cut off a hand and how long it aousl take to cauterize it with a cast-iron fry pan..."

  14. The voices in my head are a Commander, warrior, alien, genius scientist and my normal grumpy everyday voice and they're all shouting at me.

  15. Talking to myself. Except it isn't myself, it's two (or more) people in my head, using my mouth to mumble through dialogue while I'm just trying to do the dishes and not look like a nutcase.

  16. A very questionable search history full of PTSD symptoms and how to write a fictional therapist decently

  17. I refuse to give my username out to anyone who I know irl. I use the same username for most accounts, including art and fanfic accounts. No way do I want my family seeing the kind of stuff I write, and god forbid my favorite stories. My aunt asked to read my stuff and I flat out told her no cause most of it is gay ships lol. She laughed it off but I will never give my username to anyone.

  18. I am writing a smutty , m/m , childhood -friends -to - lovers , romance between a fierce chef and a gorgeous , super feisty math prodigy, who get parted by circumstance and then reunited by a fictional k-pop band. I am twelve chapters in, and am gleefully posting a full chapter every week end. But are my taxes done? 😳😳😳😳🤔

  19. Look man, I don't what what it is, but it's telling me to write about these specific characters in this specific video game and I dunno how to stop it!

  20. Someone on the internet: ohhhhh that was so good, I hope the story takes a certain turn Me: yes yes, I have blah blah plans I can't wait for you to read them.

  21. I think it's easier to let strangers read my work because they don't owe me anything. If they think I'm nuts or my worrying is terrible, they'll tell me.

  22. I showed a friend this cool writing tool site I’d found. Once she learned it was for my writing, she asked me about what I write. Cue awkward silence once I panicked and answered “oh nothing”

  23. Me: I just spent five hours trying to figure out exactly what chemical reaction I need to have in order for one person to instill a second personality in another.

  24. My mother sat me down the other day to discuss my odd search history and to ask if I needed to get tested for ADHD.

  25. My brother was very worried about me the time I forgot to delete the search history after researching suicide methods.

  26. "This detail must be absolutely correct. I am prepared to teach myself theoretical physics for a two sentence fact in this sci-fi story I'm writing. Even though no one will notice except me."

  27. Ah yes, time to go back to the basics, would this character brain wash their darling with smothering affection, violence, or, my favourite one of all, giving them what they've longed for this whole time! (Ps. I write yanderes)

  28. Receives email with stylized red logo, hunches over it with a cup of coffee, rereads it a hundred times, and it makes my week.

  29. I fill in the void the author could not, I explore the unknowns the author forbade themselves from, I distort and rectify the truths the author set, I am a fan who desires more than what the author has given.

  30. Parents (Seeing my google docs): What are all these randomly titled documents. Me (Trying not to be akward): I write stories haven’t I told you that? Parents: May I read one. Me: No!

  31. i joined this sub to finally relate to people, now i wish i didn’t because all of these comments and this original one is calling me out a lot. i don’t even write often and i’m still very called out

  32. My friends hear about my wips constantly. Only one of them is in the fandom I write for the others just get my rambles fandom blind 🤣

  33. If your face twitches even a smidgen after someone spoke the word "knot" you just outed yourself as a Zootopia NSFW Reader/Writer.

  34. Enter a coffee shop. Imagine a full-blown romance with the barista. Get your coffee. Go home (or mull about the romance in one of the seats and then go home.)

  35. Oh uh, what's up with my search history? No in not planning on committing lots of crimes, I just needed to know how much blood the human body can lose!

  36. "Considering my search history, I'm probably on the shortlist of a few government agencies not limited to my country or continent."

  37. I know way too much about 17th century French underwear and also different types of sailing vessels, their layout, and how long it takes different ones to travel between various ports around the Caribbean

  38. "Sorry if I'm not all there today, I stayed up till 3am researching the hidden political agenda of My Hero Academia"

  39. I spend 30 minutes looking up which celebrities match my characters looks and personalities. Therefore, when I’m writing I can have an image of what they look like.

  40. I'm worried about scaring my FBI agent with my searches. I'm writing (well editing now, if I scared my FBI agent, oh well lol) a story with horror elements in it.

  41. Why I can relate to this post SO MUCH? God every time my mom asks me about what I'm writing and she says "a book?" I find myself in a very difficult spot...

  42. I be thinking of a certain action scenario in my head and my body is trying to replicate it to turn the 'video' in my head into words

  43. Me: I like to write. Them: Do you write books? Me: Not exactly. Them: Have you been published? Me: Kind of Them: Do people actually read your writing? Me: Oh yeah. I could tell you stories.

  44. Asking people random questions because you've got a dilemma playing out in your head and you need someone impartial.

  45. I like to overanalyze character interactions and I tend to focus on that one character that appears once in the entire show.

  46. "Oh come on, obviously these two are in love despite only sharing two scenes together. See, that one offhand remark she made three seasons ago was clearly referring to her crush. Yeah, I know they hadn't met yet back then. Who cares?"

  47. My search history is half mildly disturbing nonsense like "postmortem blood coagulation" and "how long does it take to skin a body" and the other half is me googling words like "swaths" to make sure, for the eleventy-billionth time, that I'm using the American English spelling and not the British English spelling.

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