1. I think it’s really dependent on how long you want the story to be and how independent the arcs are. If each story can stand alone I’d consider posting them as separate fics. If they can’t stand alone then I’d consider making them one huge fic.

  2. Yes! I'm asking this question because the second arc of my fic will have more serious/darker topics than the first one and it might change the rating from M to E too

  3. I think what matters is an estimated word count per part if it were split, or for the whole thing if it was kept as one fic. I've read fics over a million that obviously could have had some splits but didn't see any harm in keeping it as one long fic personally.

  4. So, I was faced with a similar question. I ultimately ended up posting it all under one fic and the reason for that was: statistics.

  5. Depends on how long it is... I generally start reading a fix 8f it's 25-30 chapters long. More than that is a little overwhelming for me. So if ur fic is 50 chapters long... Maybe splitting it in 2 volumes of 25 chapters is a good idea

  6. Different work under one series. I managed to drag it up to 51 chapters before ending it for reals. Haha. First arc would be the one closer to the action Universe then the following arcs would be AU verse.

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