1. Yes, but wouldn't that create some sort of weird polyrythm against the rest of the track? Possible but hard to make it work, imo. Genre dependent as well.

  2. I would just find a way to make one of your chords longer to fit the full measure length. It would make the loop easier. Or alternatively if you need to keep it like that put it in your playlist and chop off what you don’t need. Might cause some timing issues as ur song goes on tho.

  3. Unless you're writing in a weird time signature, you probably didn't write your melody in the same tempo as you have set.

  4. The bar stops at every time signature 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4. I get around it with stretching out the tempo, time warping the melody, and/or making the end of the melody hit the time signature so there are no gaps

  5. Yeah this would make a lot more sense in 3/4 now that I look at it. OP would still need to make it reach the 6th measure tho

  6. To actually answer your question, it loops at the end of a bar, which is where the red line is.

  7. Are you using a metronome? your melody should sound good in 2 or 4 bars if your tempo is right and you’re notes are where you want them

  8. If you use the select tool (little dashed line square icon) and select all the notes, you'll see a faint arrow at the end of the selection, drag that arrow to the end of the bar and it will stretch the notes equally to maintain your melody but align it correctly.

  9. My recommendation is to high light the entire melody and stretch it to the red point and then increase the bpm till it sounds how you want it

  10. Highlight all of the notes together, and there should be a double sided arrow that shows up to the right of the highlighted notes, grab the arrow and drag it until the notes extend to the red bar. This will basically time stretch your whole melody to be long enough to fill that entire space, but it will make the tempo sound slightly slower so you can compensate by bumping it up to 132 or so. You'll end up with a perfect 6 bar loop which is much easier than working with a loop that has 3/4s of a bar in it.

  11. You can fix it by adding a time signature change or time marker, once that't there you can move it to where you want the melody to loop. Just remember, stuff starts to get kinda tricky when you mess with the time.

  12. Make the last notes longer otherwise there will be a sound gap before it repeats itself. It ends because the bar ends there.

  13. right now your chords don’t line up with the bpm of the song and it’s reaching the end of the measure it’s made for sooner than the end of the measure in 130 bpm. not sure the easiest way to fix this other than just extending one of the chords. even then, the pattern would be 5 bars long and the vast majority of music is in a 4/4 time signature meaning 4 bars. next time you write midi, try turning the metronome on to get a feel of what your track’s bpm should sound like

  14. easiest way is to add a ghost note. just add a bit filling up the space you want filled and turn the velocity all the way down

  15. Nooooo. End you 4 count on the 5 and it'll loop by itself. Once u got years under your belt it's kind of simple. Just remember stopping at the 5 makes it a bar loop. Or u can stop 9 it'll make it 8 bars. Use the metronome to keep rhythm and on beat. Stopping at the 6 makes it 5 bars which is uncommon

  16. Use ctrl + a to select the entire thing and once its all sleceted (highlighted red) you will see an arrow in the middle of the notes right at the end, far right where the notes end, pull that towards the blue line (end of bar) once done that turn bpm up a little bit to compensate for the added length.

  17. You can shorten it in the playlist but you kind of want it to complete the bars and loop around. Your call tho it’s art and there’s no right way to do it just a suggestion

  18. I don't really see how this would fit a normal time signature, but I believe you could make it like 1/4 or something, then you can just ignore bars and cut on whatever quarter note you want.

  19. Bro don't listen to anyone else. if you want your melody to stop at that 4 and repeat on the 1 then create a "ghost note." Put a note on that last 4 beat and turn the velocity all the way down in the piano roll. It will extend the bar but cut out the 4 that you don't want to be there.

  20. not true, the chords can be in any time you want. it might be an uncommon voicing but you can definitely do this and have it sound good too.

  21. If you want to use 4/4, enable the metronome and you'll hear it is off. If you're actually using 3/4, you'd wanna go to menu in the piano roll, and go to time markers and set a time signature change marker for 3/4. If you're making anything EDM tho, 4/4 is the norm so.

  22. Erm, if your time signature is 4/4 then you have a problem. You need to strech your sounds to fit your time signature or else it will sound really off or polyrhythmic. You could cut the bar but it will sound like a total mess, unless thats what you intended and then I appreciate the Jazz.

  23. The melody that starts in the middle of bar 3 (I don't know if I'm referring to it correctly), push the 2nd half of the rest of the melody forward to the end till it reaches the red line.

  24. U need to sync it to the bpm, but to just answer your question, press and hold the right mouse button on the timeline above the piano roll to select the part you want to repeat

  25. Make the note longer or change the bpm and adjust the notes accordingly. Anything else is just doing to much to achieve what you want.

  26. Bro it’s either Alt or Command, but try either one and click with your mouse at the same time. (If one don’t work, try the other one I named) and it’ll highlight the section you want. I do this cuz you can have your melody notes longer than the initially Intended. Also your whole track isn’t on bpm, it should be restarting at the 5 (the numbers on top). By ear just adjust the notes to give you the same thing but organize it to fit in 1 through 5.

  27. This is because you are in a 4/4 time signature. if you mean to be there, your melody is incorrect and FL Studio is looping accurately.

  28. A lot of people took their time to help, but OP doesn't seem to be around to thank them or answer any of them. Which is why I will withhold my answer to their problem, and thank all the commenters for their time instead.

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