1. Man I moved to maignan because of chem. And now I’m seriously considering playing marquinhos tots instead of chillieni just so I can go back to Alisson.

  2. PIM Beckham. When I packed him in a PIM pack awhile ago I was pretty neutral since he’s one of my favorite players of all time but I thought he’d be shit in game, he runs the midfield despite the stats. Passing and shooting are fantastic and feels surprisingly strong and fluid on the ball. He does occasionally get caught out for pace but those are much more infrequent than you’d think with all these 99 pace players released

  3. Objective Simon card, I play him on 8 chem and he is the best LW I used this year. Short-Lean body type with almost full strenght with marksman. Just amazing

  4. PIM Koeman. He’s a monster. He’s fast, passes good and does his job as a defender good too. His free kicks are fucking incredible. To put it into perspective, I’ve only scored 3 free kicks since the game came out and he scored all of them lmao

  5. PIM Dihno. I full sent my entire club bench into a PIM sbc lottery a month or two ago fully expecting to quit after a shitty pull, got him instead. He’s not as fast or strong as all the new cards, but scoring with a good move + shot single handedly keeps me playing because it’s by far the most fun i have in this game

  6. Icon moments 92 Nedvěd. I love using that card so much. He doesn't really stand out much statwise and I haven't had him that long but his dribbling, agility, finishing and positioning feel way too good to be true. This dude is almost always in the right place at the right time, he can curl balls into the back of the net from the weirdest angles and sometimes he just dribbles through players. In 33 matches he has scored 46 goals and has 36 assists. He's almost crucial to how I play now.

  7. Also have had him in lack of a cheap CAM in serie A. He strikes the ball so hard it becomes a missile. Always takes nice deep cuts behind enemy lines

  8. Weghorst, my entire game plan is built around the guy, I tried every formation in the game and fiddled with the cross settings so many times just to learn how to put the ball on his head consistently, you can lob it to him from half the pitch away and he can either chest it or head it through or at times just control the ball and fire a rocket from outside the box, I'm all about wout.

  9. After TOTS the only card that survived and stayed in my first team from before is Mid Pele. Packed him in January and even though his stats are behind the power curve, I just know him so well that I can’t drop him.

  10. Toty Jorginho. After nearly 1000 games for my Team he's going nowhere. Even if there are better cm's by now than him i just can't let him out.

  11. TOTS Suarez. I've tried to sell him in favor of doing Butra, but the realization came when I remembered: In Div. Rivals, Butra will be almost useless because he's weak as paper. So every time I sell Suarez, I always end up buying him back. I've lost tons of coins because of the wishy-washying. And he's too good to constantly sell. Feels fast, has fantastic footwork, insane agility and Dribbling (he has one of the best left-sticks I've felt. The fact that he does marseille turns with the left stick is insane!) And finishes damn near everything.

  12. I tried all the available meta rbs and he is clearly the best out of them. His strength and pace combo is unmatchable, together with those crazy physical stats.

  13. Any version of Wirtz. Had him since his first POTM and he’s not leaving. I don’t care if tots modric, leao or chiellini have to rot on the bench due to links.

  14. Untradeable PIM Dinho for obvious reasons... but apart from him I didn't think I'd still be using FB Quaresma at this time of the year

  15. Pim lahm. Dude is there mainly for links but he played every position apart from striker and gk obviously. So versatile, high high work rates, does the job on any position.

  16. PIM Lahm,I have so many CDM's but he's just different you know?, he has that something that makes him amazing at defending

  17. TOTS Pedri for sure. He‘s just class at the CAM position and I have yet to find a card that has more influence in my game than him

  18. Mid Pele. Packed him ages ago and I haven’t really found an attacker as reliable. Played 1,300 games with him now, despite using almost every single one up to 4m coins

  19. FUT birthday Yuri Berchiche. He has the lowest rating in my 92 avg team, but he perform like a 90+ player. Cheap and reliable

  20. patrick vieira. I have eoae fernandinho, PIM mattheus, tots tonali etc. But no one can replace this beast for me.

  21. Prime R9, have Lozano and Everton upfront but I always seem to just miss something when he isn’t in the squad so now he plays cam.

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