1. Thanks for the contributions yet again - can you relink the Excel file by any chance? It's not working for me like it did with your other posts.

  2. I dunno whether I got shitter or it's just that the skill level of the average player has gone way up but it's crazy how uncompetitive I am these days compared to the F12011/2012 era.

  3. I went from being pretty even with my teammate at Silverstone, and once I got to Hungary I was two seconds behind on a perfect lap. This sort of stuff is what puts me off playing anymore

  4. I'm a complete noob to F1 games so this is very helpful getting me into the ballpark of appropriate AI difficulty. Thanks!

  5. Question. Would this still work just the same if I use my times in career mode practice sessions to set the difficulty for qualifying and the race?

  6. Hi all, the -5 ticks recommendation seems to wrong! Unfortunatly I cannot edit the post and remove the description 🙈

  7. Pick a track, pick every car, drive 5 laps. For me there is clearly a difference. I also prefer the player car, because this is what I use online.

  8. In the TT the tires are always on the optimum temperature but In a race after a pit stop they are cold and you lose a lot of time. The lower pressure help the cold tires gain temperature quicker.

  9. This does not work for me, because the AI still even after the new patch just pull away out of slow corners no matter the difficulty. But when I set difficulty to 85 or something I gain over a second in other parts on the circuit and that just looks silly.

  10. This is neat and all, but they should just make the difficulty scale with the track. If we can figure thus out they can too…

  11. I think the problem with that is it's hard to scale the difficulty when performance varies per track on an individual basis. If 70% of players are weak in Singapore, but solid in Japan then it might seem like Singapore AI needs to be dropped down but then that other 30% is now racing what feels like weak AI in Singapore. Then maybe half that 30% sucks at COTA and the other half have it mastered. Dealing with all those variances across 22 tracks and having AI scaling work for even a good portion of the player base doesn't seem possible. Like I've been using these difficulty guides and have had the difficulty ranging from 70-85 while others say they've pretty much found the sweet spot that works everywhere.

  12. Great table! Although, I ran a few laps, checked my time and found that I’m exactly where I should be already 🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. I wish this helped. I was racing on 88-90 last year at all tracks and even after the latest patch, I'm getting my doors absolutely blown off at even 65. I only managed to get 3rd at Spa on 60.

  14. Genuine question - isn't it better they extended the max difficulty? What's the issue with playing on 65 if that's your new ideal difficulty?

  15. Is there any way to calculate what the difference would be for each track, ie if 75 at Spain need to increase 79 for Bahrain or reduce to 73 for Belgium? Or do you have to do a time trial for each track?

  16. Thanks for this info. I'm new to F1 2022. I set my AI level at 50 and can't get pole position during qualifying because they always lead me by at least 8 sec but I can win the actual race even I started last in pole. So must I down the AI level or up?

  17. Do you have adaptive AI turned on? Mine somehow got enabled after my game crashed and ruined the race weekend for me. Adaptive AI doesn’t work in Practice or Qualifying. I qualified a little higher than I expected but that wasn’t too weird. But then in the race they were just sitting ducks and I pulled ahead by 30 seconds in a few laps.

  18. This is just perfect I wish I could have find this before Just one question, why is it recommendable to do -5 clicks on difficulty for career mode? I thought the op straight line speed was fixed

  19. You are right, the -5 is wrong. If then you have to go up a little, assuming that you‘ll get better duri g the weekend.

  20. OP said they tested the AI in GP and career mode and they were around five ticks faster in career mode so you need to compensate for that. Personally I’ve had good results just sticking with the difficulty it says

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