1. Dude thank you so much!! I was so confused why I was miles quicker in training and then a lot slower another weekend in training. And I always changed my difficulty accordingly in fp3. But then I either got smoked in quali or I take pole with 1 sec.

  2. This is really cool that you did this but I was wondering how you created a formula to factor in all these times? If you don't want to share that's 100% fine. I was just more interested and intrigued

  3. I always have to go up about 5-10 from this chart. My race pace is much better than my qually pace for whatever reason.

  4. What makes me mad though, is that in qualifying in the slowest car on the grid, I get like 9th when my teammate gets like 19th, that's on 80-90 difficulty usually, but then I get in the race and my teammate walks all over me so I can't balance the difficulty.

  5. While I must say I appreciate the effort. I find it much simpler and faster to just change the AI according to your teammates performance after quali, with the general assumption that 1AI ≠ 1 tenth.

  6. I used to do something similar but wouldn't that only match you to your second driver? Would only work if your second driver was a championship contender quality? If he's the 22nd worse driver on the grid then you're just matching him?

  7. So i need to lower the AI? For example from 77 to 71? Or do i need to increase it to 83? The Devs stated that you need to increase the difficulty by 5 points but your comment suggests the opposite. What is correct now?

  8. Yes! Thanks! Now, I've noticed that the difficulty in practice programs in MyTeam was actually rebalanced fairly well after the patch 1.07.

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